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His hair looked so fucking soft.

I wanted to run my fingers through it.

I need to stop being weird.

I had just finished discretely paying for the box of chicken I had cooked up for Court. I had lied about it being a slow day with too many leftovers.

We cooked to order.

Lately, I noticed that he hadn’t been eating anything at school, and his cheekbones were slightly more noticeable.

Not that I was paying THAT much attention to him...

I could see him watching me out of the corner of his eye, before he suddenly scooted his chair over.

What the hell?

Wait... Does he think I’m checking out his girlfriend?... HA! Idiot! I’m checking HIM out, not her.

Oh shit.... I’m totally checking him out.

With that annoying thought in my head, I quickly made my way back out into the kitchen.

There was nothing wrong with checking out guys, but I was checking out Court.... I had no idea who this guy really was, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself from staring at him all the time.

They finally finished eating, and dinged the bell on the counter.

“Can I help you?” I basically grunted at them.

Gaby piped up, her wide eyes almost sparkling at me. “I need water. The freshest bottled spring water you have.”

“... Best we got is some cheap ass brand that we mark up 200%, will that do?” I smirked at her.

Her face fell at my answer, but she didn’t reply. My guess was she didn’t actually understand what I had said.

“How much for a milkshake, then?” Court asked, plastering on that damn smile again.


He gave me a confused look, “Are you sure? The sign behind you says $10.00...”

Damnit, why did he have to notice that? I was trying to be subtly nice..

I had already figured that he wasn’t as well off as everyone thought. The patched up tear on the side of his uniform kind of gave it away.

“Ah, yeah... But I thought seeing as you seem to think we are friends, that you would want a discount. I mean, I don’t have to give you one, but.....” Fuck, but what?

Thankfully, he didn’t notice my struggle to come up with a reason, and continued as if I had already given one. “Oh! Ah... Thankyou, Law. That’s really cool of you. You can’t deny being my friend now, though.”

“Whatever, just pay up, pretty boy.”

I tried to hold back the smirk as I recalled the first time I had said that to him. The smile on his face told me he was thinking the same thing too.

Completely oblivious to our inside joke, Gaby clicked her hands in my face to grab my attention. “Hey, Lawson. I’m Gaby! I totally just checked out your instagram! Can I just say, WOW!”

“Y-You.... Um... Cool....” I stuttered, slightly terrified of how creepy that sounded, and unsure how to react to her statement.

I was just hoping that Court hadn’t seen it too. I had a few budding photographer friends that I had done shoots with, and some of the photos were borderline explicit.

“I showed Court, and he was shocked at how many followers you have! Like, his jaw almost hit the floor.” She gushed.

Fuck my life, he saw.

Court had his eyes trained on his feet, while I suddenly found the till much more interesting to look at.

“Anyway,” Gaby broke the awkward silence, “We’re going to head off for some netflix and chill.... Heavy on the chill... See you at school, Lawson!”

I was rather uncomfortable with the amount of information this girl liked to share. “....... Um.... Okay..... Bye.”

I didn’t wave.

Waving was awkward, and to me, looked stupid as fuck.

There it was again, that smile that didn’t reach Court’s eyes.

Gaby basically dragged him out the door, towards her expensive looking car.

I had managed to make a pretty decent amount in my first week of work, and decided to celebrate by going out on Saturday night.

Thanks to my fake I.D, I was able to get into the clubs. Unfortunately, Leon didn’t have one, and his parents wouldn’t let him out anyway.

After some pre drinks, I headed for the most fabulous looking gay club that I had ever seen.

Pretty much everything inside was covered in either glitter, jewels or fluff.

It was still early, not even 9PM. I liked to start early, and stay late.

I went straight up to the bar and ordered myself some ridiculously named cocktail, before walking over to the side to find a table to sit at.

A row of booths lined the wall, and there were smaller tables dotted around the perimeter of the dancefloor.

I picked a pink sparkly booth, because why the fuck not?

I could hear the couple in the booth behind me getting really hot and heavy, and it was starting to get on my nerves. I get that people get horny when they’re drunk, I myself was notoriously slutty when I was wasted. But that’s what bathroom’s, dark alleys, and hotels were for.

I turned around and looked down at the people behind me, with the intention of telling them to get a room, until I saw them.

I know that soft hair.

A large, seedy looking man in a suit, had his double chins nuzzled into Courts neck, as his hands roughly groped every inch of his body.

They hadn’t notice my presence, so I watched for a few minutes to see if they would.

As soon as the gross guy began to undo Court’s pants, I leant over, hooked my arms under his, and dragged Court over into my booth.

He lay awkwardly sprawled in my lap, as he stared up at me in shock.

“Hey pretty boy, funny seeing you here.” I said nonchalantly, as I had a sip of my cocktail.

“L-Lawson? Y-You... What...?” He stuttered, obviously still confused and in shock.

The seedy man got up from his booth, and approached us, steam basically spilling from his reddened face in anger.

“What the fuck is going on here?! That’s mine!” He bellowed, pointing his stubby finger at Court.

“That? THAT is a person, sir.”

He slammed his fist on the table as he barked, “Not while I’m paying good money for him!”

I wanted to reach out, and rip his blob of a head off of his fat little neck, but I did my best to seem cool and collected. “Have you paid yet? ”

“Well, no... Not yet, but-”

“Then consider what you got as a freebie. You can go now.” I cut him off, waving my hand at him dismissively.”

“L-Law!” Court finally found his words, and began to protest, but I put my finger on his lips to hush him.

The seedy guy looked like he was really about to explode now. “Excuse me?”

“Sorry, are you hard of hearing? I know sign language if that helps?” I gave him a cocky smirk.

“YOU PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!” He roared, grabbing the front of my jacket, and yanking me to my feet.

Court fell onto the seat as I was lifted from underneath him.

I guessed the guy hadn’t realised how big I was when I was sitting.

He definitely realised now that I looked down on him.

“You wanna fight me, old man?” I raised my eyebrow, widening the smirk on my face.

I could see him thinking it over, looking me up and down, and then looking Court over. “...... Whatever.... I’ll just find another whore.... That one’s not that great, anyway...”

As soon as he released my shirt, I punched him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

That one is too good for you.” I growled at him.

He stumbled away quickly, before I could punch him again. I turned around to Court, who was staring at me wide eyed from the booth.

“What the fuck, Lawson!? Why did you do that!?” He nearly screamed, looking absolutely mortified.

“Why were you DOING that?” I sat back down in the booth, across from him. “Do you really sell yourself?”


“Well?” I pressed, cocking my eyebrow.

“Fine! Yes, I do! Happy? You just lost me a good paying customer, asshole!” He exclaimed in frustration, throwing himself back into the seat.

I looked at him deadly serious. “..... Why would I be happy about that? If you need the money that badly, I’ll pay you.”

“I don’t want your pity, Lawson.” He mumbled into his hands, as he ran them over his face.

“I said pay, not give. I expect you to earn the money, dumbass.”

He froze, and dropped his hands suddenly. “Y-You want to-”

“No! Not like that!" I quickly interrupted, clamouring to explain myself. "I’m bored being out by myself, and I require a companion!”

God, now I’m making myself sound like a damn sleaze.

He went quiet, and thought about it for a minute. “You’ll pay me to.... Hang out with you?”

My phone dinged.

A message from my dad, telling me that I ‘Better not be out drinking again, he and his work colleagues are in town tonight and he doesn’t want to bump into his drunk son in front of his boss.’

I chuckled at my phone, a menacing smile creeping onto my face.

“New plan, I’ll pay you to play my boyfriend for the evening.”

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