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I stared at Lawson, unsure if he was joking.

My tummy did a weird fluttery thing as soon as he said the word “boyfriend”.

He’s gay, too?

“Play your boyfriend?”

He nodded nonchalantly, “Yeah. I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend if we run into my dad tonight.”

“O-okay.... Why?”

“Because my dad is an ass, and I love to piss him off.” He grinned deviously.

Hearing that made my chest hurt a little.

Why am I so disappointed that it’s just to piss his dad off? “You purposely piss your dad off?”

“Yup..... So how much to hire you for the night?”


He raised his eyebrows, looking at me expectantly. “Well?”

“I..... I usually charge $200 an hour, and have 2-3 customers on a Saturday night..”

He looked utterly shocked. “Damn.... You fuck that many in one night? Isn’t it exhausting?”

“...... Yes...... It’s not always just sex, either...” I mumbled awkwardly. I had never actually spoken to anyone about it before, and I now realised how embarrassed it actually made me.

Some of my clients were...... Well... Fucking perverted....

On the occasion, violent.... I charged double for anything really weird, but there had been a couple of occasions where things had gotten out of hand, ending in expensive hospital bills.

“..... They don’t..... Hurt you, do they?” He asked quietly, seeming genuinely concerned, his hands beginning to fidget at his side.

I looked away, refusing to answer.

If I said it out loud, it would make it even more real.

“I’ll tell you what, tonight we will hang out as friends, no charge. I’ll help you piss off your dad for free, too..... I can’t charge my friend to hang out.” I smiled, trying to distract from the topic.

In reality, I couldn’t afford to have a Saturday night with no income, but I didn’t want to charge Law. I didn’t want that to be how our friendship worked. I desperately needed the money I would make selling myself tonight, but I also wanted to spend time with him.

Truthfully, I was looking forward to being his boyfriend, even if it was pretend.

It suddenly hit me like a damn freight train.

I definitely had a major crush on Lawson Grace.

He looked down and rubbed the back of his neck, “Court, I know you need the money.... Just let me pay you. Please?”

I laughed it off casually. “No, it’s okay. My family is rich, remember?”

Not a lie, THEY still were.

“..... I’m paying for everything tonight then, at the least.” He sighed in resignation.

“... Deal.”

We ordered a few drinks, before heading out to explore some other clubs.

A few hours -and a lot of drinks- later, we stumbled into a very classy looking rooftop casino bar. It was filled with women in cocktail dresses, and men in sharp suits.

Lawson and I thankfully didn’t look too out of place. Me in my expensive brand name dress shirt and pants -that I had thankfully not grown out of since being kicked out- and Lawson, shockingly dressed head to toe in Saint Laurent, all black of course.

“This place is swanky as fuck! Ooh! I wanna play a slot machine! Come on!!” I bounced up and down excitedly, as I grabbed Laws’ arm, and dragged him over to the machines.

I was drunk as chips, and actually having fun for once.

“Calm down Court, you look like an idiot. ” He laughed at me, a brilliant smile lighting up his usually grumpy face.

“Sorry, I just can’t remember the last time I had this much fun!” I blurted out in my excitement.

I regretted it instantly.

His face dropped.

I was supposed to be a spoiled rich kid.


“-Hurry up and put the money in, Law! I want to play!” I tugged on his arm cutely, desperately trying to avoid him bringing it up.

He sighed, and put the money in the machine for me. I felt bad for putting a downer on his mood, until the machine dinged happily at me.

His eyes went wide with astonishment. “Shit, Court! How the fuck did you manage that!? I have never won a cent on one of these pieces of shit, and you win $750 on your first go.... That’s just cruel...”

“I did?” I blinked in surprise.

Sure enough, the screen confirmed what Law had said. That meant I wouldn’t have to take extra clients tomorrow.

Thank fuck. I could actually cry right now.

I collected my winnings, and we headed to the bar for more drinks.

“Give us two of the most extravagant drinks you can think of, and make them strong please!” Law called out to the bartender. “We should celebrate your luck, Court!”

He grinned happily at me as the bartender handed us our drinks, which looked like some kind of colourful, fruity explosion with sugar around the rim of the glass. They tasted absolutely amazing though.

“You should smile more often Law, it looks good on you.”

“I mean, not that you didn’t look good before, the cold bad boy thing is sexy as fuck already, but-” I began to ramble, but stopped myself midway, realising exactly what I was saying.

Why did I say that to his face? Thinking it is one thing, but COME ON Court!

His cheeks flushed pink as his smile widened at my rambling, while my face burned red with embarrassment.

He set his drink on the bar and slid closer to me, bumping his hip into mine as he spoke. “You think I’m sexy?”

“....” I didn’t want to risk opening my stupid mouth again.

He had his eyes glued to my lips.

His tongue swept across his bottom lip as, I nervously took another sip of my drink.

He slowly moved even closer.

I could already feel myself becoming far too hot, just being this near to him.

My breathing became shallow and fast, as my eyes locked on his soft looking lips.

A smirk pulled up at the corner of his mouth, as he reached his hand up, and slowly wiped his thumb across my bottom lip. “You had a bit of sugar there...”

God, I thought he was about to kiss me. I need to calm the fuck down.

He slowly stuck his thumb in his mouth, his eyes locked on mine. Either I was so drunk that I was imagining things, or the way he did that was extremely sensual.

I found myself involuntarily leaning in closer to him, until I felt a presence behind us. Law must’ve noticed it too, because we turned around at the same time.

“Oh, dad! What a coincidence seeing you out tonight.” Lawson grinned menacingly.

His father knotted his brow, his face becoming dark. “Lawson.... Didn’t I tell you not to go out drinking tonight!?”

“Hmmm, I think I might recall reading a message along those lines...”

“Why do you never listen to me!?” He growled angrily.

A man in a nice looking suit came to stand next to Law’s dad, cheerfully placing a friendly hand on his shoulder. “Alfred! Who’s this you are talking to?”

Before his father could say anything, Law introduced himself confidently. “You must be Mr. West. I’m Lawson, his son.”

“Oh! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lawson! Is this your friend?”

He gestured to me, as I sat there completely dumbstruck.

Lawson looked absolutely nothing like his father, who was short and stocky. He wore the same grumpy look that Law usually had, though.

“Ah, this is my boyfriend, Co-.... Cole.” Lawson stated, a satisfied smirk on his face as he slid his arm around my waist, and pulled me against his side.

Lawson’s dad looked furious.

Like, he actually looked ready to kill both of us.

My heart skipped a beat.

“Hi, it’s uh.... Nice to meet you both.” I stammered bashfully.

Law gave me a gentle, playful squeeze. “He’s a bit shy. Aren’t you, baby?”

I gave them an awkward smile. Hearing him call me baby made me tongue tied.

Law’s father gave a forced, awkward laugh, “Ever the jokester, my son. He’s kidding sir, he’s not gay. He just enjoys playing pranks on me from time to time.”

“He’s right sir, I’m not gay. I identify as pansexual, meaning I love based on the person themselves, not what’s in their pants.” Law explained.

He is? Or is this part of the pissing his dad off, too?

Mr. West looked thoughtful for a minute, “Good for yo-”

“-Just another joke sir!” His father interjected quickly, giving another overly forced laugh.

I couldn’t believe how hard his dad was trying to deny it.

Law rolled his eyes, and scoffed under his breath.

The next thing I knew, Lawson had gently pinched my chin, turned my face to his, and pressed his lips to mine.

They were so fucking soft.

The world around us melted away, as we moved our lips perfectly in sync.

I couldn’t help it, I wanted more.

As if he was thinking the same thing, our lips parted, as our tongues entwined hungrily. His hand slid down to my ass, where he pulled my hips hard into his.

I let out a light moan as our bodies rubbed together.

Apparently we were so into the kiss, that we hadn’t even noticed that Lawson’s dad had already stormed off angrily, and his boss had decided to follow.

Law finally broke our kiss, both of us panting hard.

His eyes flicked from mine, down to my lips, and back, before he grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the bar.

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