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It was meant to be a peck.

Just a small, quick kiss.

That would have been more than enough to piss my dad off.

But it wasn’t enough for me.

By the time I broke our steamy kiss, I was as hard as a rock, and to wasted to control myself.

Court looked so fucking adorable, all flustered and out of breath. His lips were slightly parted, and a little swollen from the kiss, making them look even more enticing than before.

After dragging him out of the casino, we somehow ended up at a motel.

I could barely keep my hands off of him long enough to pay for a room.

We stumbled drunkenly down the hallway, our bodies a tangled hot mess, crashing into everything before finally making it to our room.

I pinned him roughly against the wall just inside the door, as I pushed it closed, and fumbled drunkenly with the lock.

“Any day now Law...” Court chuckled breathlessly.

My face grew red, as a smirk pulled at the corner of his lips.


I finally locked the door, before grabbing his hips and pressing myself against him again. “Where were we?”

He brought his lips down to mine once again, while his hands deftly unbuttoned my shirt, discarding it on the floor as he pushed me down onto the bed.

He took his shirt off, and nibbled at the tender skin just below my ear, making me let out a low moan as my body tingled all over. His hands rubbed up and down my torso, before stopping on my chest, where he gently rolled his thumbs over my nipples.

“Oh fuuuuuuck..” My body involuntarily arched up, pressing my solid bulge against his.

He smirked at me again, before trailing his tongue down my front slowly, stopping at the top of my pants. He began to undo them, when I quickly sat up, and flipped him onto his back.

The look of surprise on his face told me that he was not expecting that.

“What are you-” He stuttered between breaths.

I smirked at him deviously, “My turn to make you squirm, pretty boy..”

I undid his pants and pulled them down, followed by his underwear, his length instantly springing up upon it’s release.

I twirled my tongue playfully around his tip, before sliding his entirety into my mouth. Court’s fingers ran roughly through my hair as he moaned breathlessly, his hips rolling towards me with waves of pleasure.

“L-Law... Slow down... You’re going to make me.... Haah.... Fuck...”

His fist balled in my hair as his hips jerked up, warmth erupting from him and sliding down my throat.

I used my tongue to clean any remnants, before kissing my way back up to his lips, where his tongue hungrily met with mine.

I could already feel him becoming hard again, as our hips pressed against each other. He hastily fumbled with the fastenings on my pants, before pretty much ripping them off, followed by his.

He rolled me over onto my back, crawling on top of me, and straddling my hips.

He fished around in the pocket of his pants that lay on the end of the bed, pulling out a condom. He slowly slid it over my length, drawing a deep, guttural moan from my lips.

I sat upright as he took me in his hand, positioning me at his entrance. My hands gripped his ass as he slowly, sensually, lowered himself onto me, our lips grazing as we moaned simultaneously.

Our lips collided passionately, as he rolled his hips faster and faster on me.

I found myself constantly breaking away to look at his face, as it pinched and relaxed with pleasure. His cheeks were a rosy shade of pink, and his brown hair clung to his forehead with sweat. The way his plump lips parted with each moan, was driving me absolutely crazy.

I had never seen anything so fucking sexy in my life.

Mmm.. Fuck.... I’m close...” I moaned into his ear, before gently nibbling on his lobe.

He began to move faster in response.

I wanted to see his face when he finished for a second time.

I firmly gripped his pulsating shaft, and began to stroke him quickly.

“Lawson...” He let out softly.

He moaned my name.

Fuck me, that was hot.

It sent me over the edge, my hips pressing up into him as the pressure exploded from me. His fingers dug into my shoulders as his muscles contracted, and he let out a soft grunt, as warm ribbons of white shot onto my stomach.

“Fuck....” He panted breathlessly, his body enveloping mine, as we stayed wrapped in our embrace.

“Fuck, indeed...” I agreed, sweat running down my body as if I were melting.

I really felt like I would melt right then and there, in his arms.

I wanted to.

The sun offended my dry, hungover eyes, even before I opened them.

I cracked them a little, before raising my arm to block the glare, and letting them adjust to the light.

I could tell I had drunk far too much, by the way my head throbbed. It felt as if I had lay down on a freeway, and was being continuously run over by trucks.

I slowly sat up, taking a few minutes to look at my surroundings.

This was not my bedroom.

The crappy furniture screamed moderately priced motel.

I looked down at myself.

Naked. Of course.

I dreaded looking down at the bed beside me, praying I had hooked up with some random that decided to ditch before I woke up.

I slowly turned my head, to find Court laying next to me, the thin white sheet loosely covering his naked mid section.

“Oh, fuck...” I clasped my hand over my mouth, my words coming out louder than I had anticipated.

His eyes slowly opened, blinking a few times before noticeably focusing on me. We were both frozen, eyes locked on each other in panic.

“F-Fuck.... Did we?...” He asked, his eyes wide.

The memories rushed back to me like a scene out of a movie.

I turned my head away from him, unable to look him in the eyes. “............ Yeah......”

My heart was hammering in my chest. I had fantasized about being with Court, I couldn’t deny that... But I never wanted him to be a drunken hook-up.

Hah..... Well, I supposed you definitely got your money’s worth..” His mouth smiled, but his voice broke mid sentence.

My chest clenched at how easily he dismissed it, like I was just another customer to him.

It hurt.


“-I should probably get going... I’ll uh.... See you at school.” He interjected, quickly getting up and collecting his things, leaving the room barely dressed, before I could say anything else.

I sat in the middle of the bed, staring after him in shock and confusion.

I got that he might have panicked, but I didn’t get why him leaving made me feel like I had just been dumped.

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