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Contains sexual violence and blackmail. May not be suitable for young readers.

I panicked.

As the memories of the night rushed back to me, my cheeks began to burn.

We had fucked, and I had actually enjoyed it.

That was a first.

I didn’t know how to react. I had never felt anything like that before.

Obviously, sex generally felt good, but it was always just basic, unsatisfying, physical pleasure.

Not the full body and mind explosion from last night.

Lawson looked like an absolute god with his messy bed head, sitting on the bed, with the sheet just covering his lower half.

I got out of there as fast as I could, resisting the strong urge to snuggle up next to him.

I couldn’t afford to have feelings. I sold my body for a living. I couldn’t risk my only source of income for someone who probably didn’t feel the same way.

It was just a drunken fuck. I knew how common that was. Most of my customers were lonely, drunk men I found in bars.

On Monday, I skipped the first 3 classes, only going to the last class because I had to hand in an essay.

I tried my best to avoid Lawson in that one class, sitting at the very front of the class while he sat at the back. I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my head the entire time, and it took all of my willpower not to turn around.

The bell rang, and I packed my things as fast as I could to make a speedy exit. Of course, I dropped everything as I tried to hurry.

To my relief, I was alone in the class by the time I had gathered my things. I was a little disappointed that Lawson hadn’t even tried to talk to me, though.

I guess I was the only one who felt something.

Just as I walked out of the classroom door, a hand balled in my hair, and dragged me back inside.

“Ouch!” I yelped in pain and shock, “What the!?.... Law?”

“Would you stop avoiding me?!” He growled, clearly frustrated.

“I-I wasn’t...”

His stern gaze was aimed directly towards my avoiding eyes. “Don’t lie. You dashed off yesterday before we could talk, then you skip every class, and sit as far from me as possible. You haven’t exactly been subtle, Court.”

Fuck. “I..... Sorry, I just didn’t know what to say.” I mumbled.

I put on my best act, trying to seem like what had happened was no more than just a drunken accident.

He sighed, “Look, about the other night-”

“-Yeah, sorry about that... I guess I had a bit too much to drink, and things got a little out of hand.... It was a mistake... It won’t happen again...”

His face dropped a little, seeming slightly hurt by my words.

No, I must be imagining what I want to see.

O-Oh..... Okay... I guess... A mistake.. ” He muttered meekly, as he stepped back, and turned his face away from me.

I could feel tears beginning to sting the corners of my eyes. I needed to wrap the conversation up and get out of there before I burst into tears in front of him.

“I’ve got to head home now, but I’ll see you tomorrow. Are we cool?”

He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed once again, still refusing to look at me. “...... Yeah.... Sure...”

I gave him a quick half smile, before turning around speed walking out of the school.

I managed to keep my tears inside the entire bus ride home, only to explode into a puddle of emotions as soon as I shut my apartment door behind me.

Everything that I had pushed down over the past two years came bubbling to the surface.

I was so angry.

Angry at what I had said, angry that Lawson just went with it so easily, angry at my father, the world, my life.....

But mainly just me.

Of course Lawson agreed it was a mistake. I am a disgusting whore, who would want to be with someone as broken as me?

The tears suddenly stopped, and I felt numb.

It was getting late, and I still needed money. I robotically went through the motions, cleaning up my face, making myself look presentable in order to attract customers.

Then I headed out.

I knew that after actually feeling something for the first time, it was going to be difficult to pretend. Especially seeing as I desperately wanted to feel anything at that moment.

“Well look who it is. Your body guard off tonight?” A smug sounding voice called from behind me.

It was the seedy guy that Law had scared off that night.

“Ah, Sir... I apologise about the other night... My friend was a little drunk, and didn’t fully understand the situation...”

He rubbed his crotch, clearing his throat roughly. “So.. Can we pick up where we left off? Still the same hourly rate, right?”

“Sure.” I stated emotionlessly.

The man grunted, pulling out his wallet. “Take the cash first kid, less chance of customers running off without paying.”

He may be gross, but he at least has a little bit of decency. “That’s a good point. I guess I’m lucky that hasn’t happened yet. Anywhere in particular you have in mind, Sir?”

I tried to seem like I was at least a tiny bit interested in what we were about to do, but I wasn’t able to shake off the cold disposition that had taken over me.

“Call me Daddy tonight... That alley will do, I’m rearing to go just looking at you.”

I cringed internally, before following the guy into the alley, where he pressed me against the wall hungrily, his hands roughly groping all over my body.

His hand slid down the front of my pants and stroked me, in an effort to get me hard.

No reaction.

“Baby boy, is there a problem?” He asked, gripping my length tighter, and rubbing faster.

Fuck, come on! “No, no problem... Daddy...”

I shut my eyes, and tried to imagine it was Law's hand.

Those muscular, long, calloused fingers wrapped around my shaft.

It worked.

It was nothing compared to the real thing, but at least it got me hard.

Just as the man spun me around to take me from behind, I heard a familiar voice from nearby.

“What the fuck? Is that really THE Court Daniels?”

The seedy guy slammed his fist on the wall beside my head, growling angrily. “Fucking hell, I can’t catch a fucking break from these damn punks. Keep the money kid, and sort your shit out. Your friends are bad for business.”

The man angrily trudged off, as Marcus Tate stalked confidently towards me.

Marcus was my school rival.

He always came in second, and he hated me for it.

“Money? Don’t tell me that the “golden boy” was about to sell himself to that fat old man?” He teased, a smug smirk pulling up his full lips, and revealing a glimpse of his perfectly straight, white teeth.

Marcus Tate was hot as fuck, but a complete asshole. His jet black hair was always slicked back so tightly that it looked as if his forehead might rip, but also made his ice blue, slender eyes look even more piercing than one would think possible. His sharp, high cheek bones looked as if they were carved out of delicate marble, his pristine, pale skin practically glowing in the dim light of the alley.

“Marcus, it’s not what it looks like-” I stammered, panicking as he slowly walked towards me.

“Sure it’s not.” He chuckled menacingly, as I pressed my back against the wall, his 6ft 5" self towering over me.

He roughly gripped my hair, pulling himself against my body and crushing me against the wall, making me wince slightly at the force.

“This is interesting. I could ruin you, and finally beat you.” He mused, obviously enjoying my pain and panic. “But this could also be fun..... I wonder what you would do to keep your reputation in tact?”

I already knew where this was going. I could see it in his eyes, as a devilish grin spread across his face.

“Let me guess, in exchange for your silence, you want my services for free?” I stated, trying to ignore the pain radiating from my back, as it rubbed against the rough bricks.

“You really ARE a genius, Court.” He leant down to my ear, nipping my lobe with his teeth, “When I want, where I want, however I want.”

My stomach dropped.

I didn’t want to.

I didn’t want him to touch me.

I didn’t want anyone other than Lawson to touch me.

Unfortunately, it seemed I had no choice.

I sighed heavily, tears stinging the corners of my eyes. “Fine. But no one can know, EVER. Got it?”

He pressed his lips roughly against mine, biting my bottom lip so hard that it drew blood.

“Perfect...... Now seeing as I have somewhere to be soon, we need to make this one quick.”

He shoved me down onto my knees harshly, before undoing his pants. His hand still painfully held my hair, as he yanked my face towards his exposed length.

I just kind of stared at it, semi shocked.

“Well, what are you waiting for, princess?” He laughed.

I reluctantly began, drawing a deep moan from his lips. He suddenly, and roughly, thrust himself continuously, forcing my head against the solid brick wall, as tears began to involuntarily roll down my cheeks from the pain.

Thankfully, it was over pretty quickly. He finished, put himself away, then threw me to the ground like the piece of trash that I was.

My jaw hurt. My lip was bleeding even more. The back of my head throbbed. The skin on my elbow was grazed from landing on it.

I just lay there in the alley for god knows how long, hoping that if I pretended I was dead for long enough, that I maybe I would just disappear.

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