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I stood in the classroom by myself after Court left.

I felt so fucking awkward.

“A mistake? Fuck my life.” I groaned, softly hitting my head against the wall.

It didn’t feel like a mistake to me, but I guess that was different for him.

I finally left, heading to work early instead of stopping home to change clothes. I didn’t feel like I could deal with my mum and her never-ending “optimistic motherly wisdom”.

Monday’s were slow, so I spent most of my shift wiping down the counter over and over again.


When I saw Court in class on Tuesday, I was horrified. Something must have happened with a customer the night before, because he looked like complete shit.

I quietly moved to sit next to him, as everyone whispered and shot strange looks at him.

“Court, are you okay? What the fuck happened to you?” I whispered.

“Nothing. I’m fine Law..” He replied quietly, his face emotionless.

I leant in closer, my whisper turning into more of a quiet growl and I grew frustrated. “Bullshit!”

There was a red, raw graze up one of his arms, and nasty looking split in his bottom lip, which also looked a little bruised.

“Just leave it... Please?” He said quietly, his voice wavering slightly as he refused to look in my direction.

I held back the urge to scream at him.

Even if he needed the money, there was no way he should have to put up with that kind of shit.

We finished the rest of class in tense silence.

Lunch went by the same way, save for Leon blabbing on continuously, seemingly unaware of the tension between Court and I.

“Court, can I talk to you for a minute.... In private?” Marcus had seemingly come out of nowhere, and placed his hand firmly on Court’s shoulder.

Leon glared at Marcus. “Since when were you two close enough to talk in private? Don’t you hate each other? ”

I eyed the guy sceptically. He had an annoying, smug grin, that made me want to punch him in the face.

“Court and I have recently become....... VERY close. ” His grin grew wider, and much more devious.

Court still hadn’t turned to look at him. I couldn’t quite read the look on his face, but it didn’t seem like a good one.

“Court? Want me to uh.... Come with?” I offered, not being able to shake the horrible feeling in my gut.

This was a bad situation. I wasn’t sure exactly how, but I just knew it was.

“....No” He stood abruptly and grabbed his bag, before walking off with the asshole, leaving both Leon and I staring after them.

Leon looked as worried as I felt. “I hope everything’s okay...”

“What do you mean? Who was that?” I panicked. If Leon, Mr. Oblivious, was worried, then there was definitely something wrong.

“I forget you’re new.... Marcus Tate, Court’s biggest rival. Always comes in second to Court, complete asshole, son of multibillionaire CEO of a multinational conglomerate business etc.” He rambled.

“Court didn’t exactly seem pleased to go with him, either.... Should I go check on him?”

He thought for a second before answering, “Nah, I’m sure it’s nothing.... He said he didn’t want you to follow, either...”

Ughh... I hate this.” I groaned in defeat.

Leon glared at me suspiciously, slowly eating his lunch. “What’s going on between you guys anyway? Don’t think I didn’t notice..”

I just stared at him in shock.

He widened his eyes, still waiting for me to answer.

“It’s.... Complicated...I uh.... Kind of think I have a little crush on him...” I admitted.

“You like guys?” He gasped, dropping the food that was on his fork.

“I’m pan.”

He picked the food he had dropped onto the table, and quickly popped it in his mouth. “Oh, that’s pretty cool! I get why it’s complicated then.. Got to be hard just being friends... ”

“Fucking tell me about it!” I groaned heavily again.

My mind wandered to Court, trying to imagine what he was doing, and what had happened to him. I didn’t want to cross any lines and ruin our friendship, but I wanted to make sure that he was safe all the time.

Seeing him hurt like that make my heart ache.


Court had been avoiding me again.

Him and that Marcus guy had been hanging out a lot, and I really didn’t like it.

Court wore his usual fake smile, pretending everything was okay, but I knew it wasn’t.

On Friday, I’d had enough of being ignored.

I went full stalker on him.

Between 3rd and 4th class, Marcus and Court headed to the back of the school.

I followed.

I could hear noises just as I went to round the corner. Noises that were pretty unmistakable.

My blood boiled, my fists and my jaw clenched.

I slowly poked my head around the corner, and saw exactly what I never ever wanted to witness.

Marcus pushed the side of Court’s face hard against the brick wall of the building, while he fucked him roughly from behind.

Before I knew it, I had run over and punched Marcus in the side of the face, knocking him to the ground.

“Law!?” Court yelled in shock.

“What the fuck!?” Marcus growled angrily from the ground.

He quickly put his dick away and stood up, swinging his fist at my jaw, too fast for me to dodge completely.

“Marcus, stop!” Court yelled, his face filled with panic and fear.

We grappled and shoved each other, before Court squeezed in between us, and pushed us apart.

“Seriously! Back the fuck off, both of you!”

“What the fuck is going on, Court!?” I practically screamed in his face.

He stayed silent, looking at the ground.

“Yeah Court, what the fuck is going on?” Marcus sneered, an amused grin spread across his face as he cocked an eyebrow at us, clearly enjoying himself.

“You wipe that slimy grin off of your fucking face before I do it for you, asshole.” I started again, going to move towards him again, but being pushed back by Court.


“Court-” I started, but he cut he off.

“- I..... I already told you I like to fuck around, Law.”

He did.

I had forgotten that.

Marcus chuckled heartily at my obviously hurt. “Come on, princess. We’ll pick up where we left off later.. We have classes to attend.”

He grabbed Court’s elbow and led him away, a self satisfied smirk on his annoying face.

Court kept his eyes trained on the ground, refusing to meet mine, as they left me standing there on the verge of exploding.

As soon as they were out of sight, I let loose.

My fists and my feet met the brick wall where Marcus had pinned Court, the solid, rough bricks tearing at the skin on my knuckles until they were raw and bloody.

I felt so fucking stupid.

Even stupider for getting so fucking angry.

I had skipped the rest of school, unable to face Court -or anyone- in my state.

Mum was thankfully out having afternoon tea with her newfound friends when I ducked home to give my wounds a quick clean, and change out of my uniform.

I made my way to work, where my boss happily allowed me to start early, leaving me the keys before pissing off.

At 6:30PM, the bell above the door dinged to signal the entry of more customers.

I quickly finished putting the freshly cleaned trays away, before heading to the counter.

My face dropped as I saw who was waiting.


And his girlfriend.

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