My patient My lover

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Santiago, a rich doctor that doesn't know the meaning of love until he met the lives of Clara, a cute and sweet spirited girl that has been through lot of hardship.It gets worse when she finds out that she has an outrageous life threatening disease, so it's up to Santiago to treat her. In the process of treating her, he fell in love with her. He fell in love with Clara but is this necessarily a good thing, his behaviour towards Clara changes drastically, he becomes very possessive over Clara like she was some kind of property. Clara gets annoyed and irritated by his behaviour. Will Clara ever love Santiago or will she find love somewhere else? Will their love ever become a reality. Find out on My patient My lover

Drama / Romance
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My patient My lover

It's not been long before the day started, people running helter skelter to admit patients with different ailments and issues. This where Dr. Santiago comes in.

"Doctor Doctor, someone needs medical assistance" yelled an anonymous person from the background, so he quickly admitted her and went away.

Dr. Santiago was in a haste, he quickly took her to the operation theatre and began to operate. Soon after the operation started he found out what was wrong with her, he found out that she had a disease that could weaken one's body over little things, she had allergy to a lot of things and was also an asthmatic patient, this disease was very rare.

He gave her the proper treatment and waited for weeks to see any of her family but no one came."The only thing I can think of is to take her to my house" he said to himself. The next day, He had already planned to take her but before He did, he asked her some questions.

What's your name? My name is Clara.where is your family Clara? "I don't know" for some reason she couldn't remember anything which was something caused by the accident."I see" said the doctor in astonishment

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