My patient My lover

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Chapter 1

Clara's POV

I was walking down the Street with a slight feeling of headache and dizziness at the same time. The pain didn't seem stop instead it grew to an extent that I could barely see anything anymore, my sight became more blurry than ever, my body ached in pain, I saw myself crumbling down.

I was at the verge of passing out before I heard someone shout, And just before I could look back I got hit by a car and passed out.

"Where am I" I asked myself still in a state of confusion I was in a hospital bed, I woke up with my eyes still feeling hazy. I had a nose mask on my nose, a tube in my arm and I was wearing an extremely uncomfortable blue cloth, which I guessed was the patient's uniform in the hospital. But the question is, how did I get here?

Just then, I saw a doctor holding a clipboard and talking to the nurse right beside him. The doctor was really tall, and you could really see how mascular he looked, he has a lushful mousy hair that suited his face, his beard didn't make him look less handsome than he already is. Another catchy thing about his appearance were his eyes,a perfect pair of ocean blue they were the fiercest eyes I ever saw.

I saw him coming to my direction, the way he walked was quite impressive, he is quite charming. "how are you, my name is Dr. Santiago what is your name?" His voice matched his charming appearance. "My name is.... my name is Clarabelle" I stuttered. "You've got such lovely name Clara" he said pronouncing my name with the sweetest tone . I never thought my name could sound as sweet as that.

"So Clara, do you have any family?" He asked with so much curiosity on his face. What he asked was quite interesting and something I was struggling to remember. Apart from the fact that I knew that I was in the hospital, I couldn't recall anything else. My head was really starting to ache, I saw a vision of a woman that was old enough to be my mother, but the vision was not clear enough. I was feeling really dizzy but he told me to calm down. He took me by surprise when he asked me if I was aware about my health condition. "What condition?" I asked with anxiety written all over my face.

" you are very ill" he stated very clearly "and I'm afraid your body's immunity against diseases is low, and if it doesn't get treated, the outcome might not be good. I couldn't hold the pain that I was experiencing at that moment. Am I going to die I thought to myself, my eyes were filled with tears that rolled down my cheeks.

He quickly wiped my tears off with his incredibly soft hands.

"Clara don't worry, I will help you to fight this terminal disease and you're coming with me to my house" he said with a stern look on his face as if he was feeling what I was feeling. It was really nice to know that someone in this world was still there for me even if it was a stranger. I have been through a lot lately to not appreciate the help I could get.

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