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Chapter 2

I slightly shifted and tried to sit up, removing the nosemask from my nose and continued the conversation with Santiago. "Santiago" I called, I had already started feeling comfortable around him and thought it was okay to call him by his name without addressing him as a doctor.

"Santiago, do you by any chance know who brought me here" I said with my tiny voice, I wasn't sure he heard me because it felt as if I was mumbling to myself, but he answered.

"Yes, it was a guy, he saw you lying helplessly on the road and decided to bring you here, he was wearing a tank top and a ripped jeans, he looked pretty much your age" he said. "Really? that was really nice of him." I said.

"The nurse is going to get clothes for you, and we'll be leaving this evening, okay" and I replied and said sure with my voice that made it feel as though I was scared or something, I guess I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of someone trying to favour my situation.

I was feeling sad about the fact that I might have people out there who are looking for me but I don't have the slightest clue about who I am and who I might be related to.

I finally laid down to rest because my body didn't seem to stop aching, I felt my whole body trembling in pain, my eye sight felt pale, my head ached more than ever, I felt my teeth clenching against each other but luckily for me I could still utter words.I felt feverish, I stopped thinking and slept

After a few hours, a woman in pink cloth came to my room, it looked like she was a nurse, because that looked like a nurse's outfit. She had a name tag pined at the left side of her cloth, her name was Ms. Claudia Maxwell. "I guess your name is Clarabelle" she said "how did you know that?" I asked.

"Well, Santiago told me about you" she said while giving me my medication, she had a blonde hair that suits her dark brown eye, she looked like she was in her early 30's. She was actually quite pretty and there was something about her that made me feel free with her, she was actually really nice." Have you ever felt that life is playing a hard joke on you? Have you ever felt like something in your life is too wrong to be true" I said with with pain in my voice that made it feel as if I was sobbing for a while.

"Well darling, life can be very cruel, but don't worry, I sense a good feeling about Santiago's insistence to help you, don't worry Clara, I see good things coming your way" she said with a smile on her face and an expression of seriousness.

"Anyways, I came to give you some clothes, Santiago said you should wear it quickly and come downstairs, he's waiting for you, he's going home right now, he has finished work for today" she said as she gave me the cloth.

I picked up the cloth, it was an indigo T-shirt denim jeans and a white snickers. "Just get dressed ok, and if you need anything just call me, I'll be in the other room" she said. "Sure, but could you help me get off this bed, I'm having a hard time getting off this bed" I said with my hands pushing the bed trying to stand up.

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