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Chapter 3

I quickly got dressed after Ms. Claudia helped me get up, I combed my hair down rather than it being so messy, I wore the pair of shoes that was sent with the cloth and rushed downstairs.

The hospital was really huge and would take me time if I used the stairs so instead I used the elevator.

When I reached the parking lot, I saw Santiago leaning on his car, it was a matte black Lamborghini, which was actually impressive. He was on his phone before I came up to him "hey" I said trying to get his attention. "Oh, are you ready to go?" he asked keeping his phone away, "Yes I'm ready"

I said still feeling pain all over and feeling my tummy grumbling for food."Are you hungry Clara" he asked as if he heard my tummy grumbling. "Yes, I am really hungry Santiago" I said. "Ok, on our way home, we'll go to a restaurant" he said unlocking his car and he started the car.

We reached an Italian restaurant and the name surprised me, the name of the restaurant was Santiago Din Republic. For a moment, I wanted to ask him if it was his' but I just couldn't bring myself to ask him that not because I was shy, but I didn't feel the need to ask that. It was a really big restaurant, we reached for the door, I saw some people walk up to him to ask him some questions so I saw it as a chance to look around, it was really huge, and the interior design was very welcoming.

He finished talking to his "clients" I suppose, and I had a great look around the restaurant. We sat down and made our order, I was really starving so I wasn't in the mood to pick so I told him to give the order, when the food finally got to the table, I pounced on the food as if I was some kind of predator feeding on its prey.

I ate till I was full, which was probably not a good thing because now another part of my body will ache, I had to deal with a little stomach ache, but eventually it stopped on the way to Santiago's house.

It was starting to get dark, we finally reached a street which was pretty much lively than the rest, we moved straight, then turned left and finally, we reached his house, did I say house? Scratch that I meant mansion. It was surrounded by a lot of body guards. They looked so huge and fierce, they looked like they were ready to take action at the swift click of Santiago's fingers.

The massive door that stood before us was a unique sight, it was golden in colour with the reflection of the sun, we opened the door and just as I thought, the interior was much more impressive, the style of the house felt italianized, the passage was really beautiful, we went to the sitting room which was really huge as expected, there was a really huge chandelier right in the middle of the room that added to the beauty of the room.

I saw a lot of man and maid servants working and cleaning, they were in a uniform, they quickly assembled when they saw Santiago, they assembled in a way that they faced each other, the maid servants were on different lines with the man servants.

Then Santiago called for the chefs, when they came out, I saw them wearing the regular chef's uniform and the same colour, white, I saw at least twelve chefs come out of the kitchen. The whole room was filled with silence before Santiago started talking.

"This is Clara everyone, she is going to be living with us from now on, so I want you to treat her as best as you can" He said with his mascular voice. "Clara" he called softly, "I want you to have your personal assistant, her name is Anita" he said pointing her cause I obviously didn't know anyone. I suggested to him that I prefer to not have one then he gave me a stone death glare.

I had never seen this side of him before, his eyes was locked with mine, I tried standing on my decision but I gave in to his demand, he quickly directed me to my room and gave me the keys to the room, I entered thinking it will be dusty and untidy because it was locked up but to my surprise it didn't have a spec of dust, the colour theme of the room was blue and pink with a queen sized bed and a massive window just across the room that gave me a perfect sight of things going on outside, the bathroom was big as well but not as big as the room. The bathtub was pretty huge, and quite impressive, I had a huge mirror in the room, the room spoke royalty.

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