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Chapter 5

I woke up the next morning and came down from my bed which was quite big, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I took a quick shower since I didn't want to catch a cold. I got dressed in one of the clothes Anita bought for me, it was a T-shirt with a short beanie and a pair of sandals although I would prefer to walk barefooted but Santiago warned me to never do that so I had to obey.

I dried my hair quickly and took the comb from the drawer attached to the massive mirror ready to style my hair to be ponytail, I was about to start combing before Santiago knocked on the door " Clara, can I come in?" "Sure" I replied.

"Good morning Clara, hope you had a wonderful sleep because today we're going to run some tests on you and some scanning. He said looking at me straight in the eye as he talked "But I thought we already did that?" I asked. " Yes but we only did some few test so we 'll do the rest today to make sure we know what you suffering and not suffering from.

"Ok then, I'll be downstairs right after I style my hair.

"Ok then, meet me outside, I'll be waiting for you."

I was actually really confused about styling my hair, I guess I also forgot how to style my hair which was a result of the condition I was dealing with called "amnesia". So I just combed my hair down like I usually do and came downstairs, I took the sandwich in the fridge and quickly came outside because I didn't want Santiago to wait for me outside while I comfortably sit down and eat my breakfast.

I quickly entered the car “Are you ready to go” he asked

“I guess I am” I replied not knowing what I was actually going to do at the hospital. Speaking of hospital, I think I forgot to take my medicine, I just hope he doesn't ask me about it

"Clara" he called

"Yes Santiago"

"Did you take your medicine?"

I remained silent hoping he gets distracted by something but that didn't happen

"Clara you haven't answered my question"

"Well Santiago, I did forget to take it because I was in a hurry and totally forgot about it" I said as fast as I could"

"Clara, you can't be careless with these kind of things, especially since it concerns your health."

"But you did have your breakfast didn't you?" He added

" I did" I say hoping he wouldn't ask more questions

"What exactly did you eat" he asked

What would I tell him, that I ate a piece of sandwich that I found in the fridge,that won't be the right thing to do, and if I do tell him that he might get angry at Anita and probably the chefs as well.

I finally spoke " French toast with milkshake" .

After that we didn't talk again, which was starting to bore me although staring at him kept me busyfor a while, his face is perfection, the style of his hair suits perfectly, his blue eyes are so captivating , cute and fierce at the same time. His strong arms is the beginning of his handsome structure. For a moment, I felt like touching it but I quickly wipe away that thought and switched my attention back to the window.

After a while, we reached the hospital and that was where I noticed that the name of the hospital was hospital de Santiago. So that means this is his hospital just like that Italian restaurant.

We went inside the hospital, took the elevator and walked to a room. There was a doctor in that room, he looked a lot older than Santiago.

" Good morning Diego" Santiago said to the doctor in the room

"Good morning Santiago"

"Good morning Clara"

"Good morning sir"

He was wearing glasses, he has white hair and he was wearing the regular doctor's uniform with a pair of gloves.

"Clara, hope you are ready for the scanning"

"Scanning? what scanning?" I asked before Santiago replied " you are going to be scanned to be sure that you are not sick with something else and so that we can start your operation as soon as possible

I am so scared by the fact that I might die, I looked all over the room with tears rolling down my cheeks,taking in the fact that I might not live for a long time

" Don't cry Clara, nothing's going happen to you"I wasn't sure anymore, but the fact that he was with me gave me the courage I needed to continue this battle of life and death.

"Yes doctor I am ready" referring to doctor Diego"

" Let's go then, the sooner the better".

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