I am Kaspar

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The dark memoir of the most powerful king to cross the battlefields. The barriers that have kept all realms and dimensions separate for eons have fallen and tensions rise between the beings of different worlds, leading to the Final War. Being reborn into a world of chaos, madness, and abuse, the Prince grew to rise to the top of the food chain, bringing his Kindom and Realm with him in triumph. But with the demons lurking in the back of his broken mind and brothers coming back from being banished, many begin to question who the crown belongs to, who will win the war, and who will survive as the ward's end dawns just over the horizon. This is his story. This is Kaspar. (This story contains gore, abuse, murder, corruption, the topic of prejudice, drugs, insanity, intense scenes of loss, and is meant to be a tragedy that is completely fiction. Any relation to any person either alive or dead is completely coincidental. Also, it is unedited, so there may or may not be many spelling errors.) DISCLAIMER: If you are reviewing this book, please, read up to at least Chapter 5 (not including poems).

Drama / Fantasy
Alicia D'Tourna
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Part 1: Death of Innocence

It was the year 2979 Anno Domini, October twenty-third, exactly at the strike of twelve Ante Meridiem when the Queen of the Realm of Ice gave birth to her first and only child: A son. The father of this child, however, was from another realm entirely. A realm known for its insanity and ludicrous ways: Wonderland.

Wonderland. . . .

A realm familiar to us through fairy tale stories read to us from a young age. But if only we knew from that young age that the stories were nothing. And that nothing is everything because everything is nothing.

All those stories we were told are real. All our predictions and conspiracies of how there are other worlds with life are as palpable as the fact that the newborn prince of the Crystallanian Kingdom of the Realm of Ice was born dead and without a heart. However, this didn't mean the boy was gone, either.

Perhaps, the father of the child, the outcast Prince of Hearts, could have told her instead of watching her bawl over a child in which she never intended to create nor keep, but, he was a cruel man, one that found the calming of his nerves to come from not the herbs in a tea, but the sorrow in one's soul. He didn't care for the boy. He didn't mean to impregnate his lover, the Queen of Crystallania, either. So, imagine the shock on the faces of all those in the nursery when the infant's limbs fell onto his mother's lap like blocks of ice before growing into three other children.

This is the part of the story where confusion begins to befuddle the mind, but this isn't a story, so it shouldn't matter since real occurences are the easiest to understand.

The left leg was the first to fully become the body of a baby boy, healthy and alive with sinful amethyst eyes and raven hair, both of which he inherited from neither parent. He was named, "Caspian", the eldest of the brothers. The right arm became, "Gasper," who was born with deceitful chrysoberyl eyes gifted to him by his father and smoke gray hair. The right leg grew into the third-eldest: Jasper. His hair was a daisy white with jealous sapphire eyes that matched those of his mother. As for the left arm, no one knew what became of it because it thawed almost immediately after the life given to the third and it was absorbed by the body of the limbless baby boy the other three had originated from. Soon, this body did grow arms and it did grow legs. It did open its eyes and it did take its first breath. This was the youngest brother, the most beautiful and powerful and rare, the one who gave himself the name, "Kaspar." It was this exact brother who was to inherit the bloodstained throne of his father, mistreated and abused and locked away to be hidden away from the world.

However, even the most patient soul grows tired and loses its sanity little by little . . .

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