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He's supposed to be with me but all I'm good for is keeping him strong while he takes another to be his mate. Am I destined to be like all those before me or can I break this vicious cycle?

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Nicole Davis
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Janice, my best friend, can’t contain her excitement. Today the Alpha King and his sons Prince Lucian and Prince Lucifer arrive today. They are visiting all the packs under their rule for a minimum of two days to see where improvements need to be made and the Prince’s are on the hunt for their mate’s.

My father is the Delta and head warrior for our pack so he will be sitting down with the King and our Alpha and Beta for the meetings. We’ve all been warned we need to be on time for training and there is no slacking off.

Janice is talking to me but I’m not really listening. She’s been droning on and on for a month about Lucian. She thinks he’s the most handsome wolf to ever walk this earth. Personally Prince Lucifer is more my type but whatever floats her boat.

I’m hip checked and I stumble, “you should pay attention Colton, they will be here in ten minutes.” Jan squeals before she runs out of my room.

I follow her outside and run up the drive to the pack house where everyone is kneeling in formation the way we’ve been practicing since we heard about the tour. Janice is standing just behind her mother and her brother is standing just behind their father. As the Alpha’s children they don’t have to kneel but they do have to bow when the King or any member of the Royal family approaches.

Two black SUV’s drive up and six of eight wolves step out. A moment later a sleek black limousine pulls up flanked by two other black SUV’s. The King and the Prince’s start making their way towards the pack house while their guards grab their bags and another introduces them.

Almost immediately after Prince Lucifer exited the car I smelled the most tantalizing aroma. I looked towards him with just my eyes and his eyes snapped to mine. My heart rate accelerated, drumming in my ears. He looked away quickly and kept walking like nothing happened.

Was it just me?

The question echoes around in my head for the rest of the morning. Feeling insecure, I want to spend the rest of the day locked inside my house. I wish it was farther from the pack house but it’s just at the end of the driveway.

A while later the door opens and Janice comes inside, “Colt, what are you doing? I thought you were coming over?” she sounds disappointed.

“I thought about it but I don’t think it’s a good idea right now.” She looks confused but doesn’t press me.

She plops down on the couch “Colt, I nearly died when they greeted me, Prince Lucian is the sexiest wolf I’ve ever seen. Actually I wouldn’t mind a threesome with him and Prince Lucifer”.

I sit beside her and sigh. Janice is going to drive me crazy. I wish I could tell her about Prince Lucifer being my mate but I get the strange feeling I'm going to get rejected.

To avoid going to the pack house we watch movies until supper when we have no choice but to go have dinner with the Royal Family. I get dressed in a suit and Jan puts on a beautiful silk, forest green, mermaid dress. When we walk into the dinning room the Royal’s are the only ones who haven’t arrived.

Right as Jan and I reach our seats the Prince’s walk in with dates. Jealousy stabs at my heart seeing the Beta's daughter Megan attached to Lucifer’s arm. She’s a huge snob and faker than a blow up doll, this isn't even the first Alpha wolf she's been introduced to.

Lucifer whispers something to her and she laughs that laugh that screams ‘trying to hard’ making Jan and I both cringe. I look over to him again but he doesn’t even acknowledge my existence. Wonderful.

Megan doesn’t stop grating on my nerves, I can’t handle it any longer so I excuse myself before dessert. I claim I picked up an extra patrol shift. My father knows it’s a lie but thankfully doesn’t call me out, but I will have to explain later. I better think of something soon.

I head home to change into my workout sweats and run out to the lake. After a couple of laps around the lake I start doing some old training exercises. I’ve done them all enough with dad I have them all memorized.

To end a workout I always do stretches then speed walk home but before I’m done my stretches I hear someone walking down the path towards me. When I look up I’m surprised to see Prince Lucian standing next to me.

“He’s going to request you join our guard as his newest personal bodyguard. You can’t say no and you can’t say anything about your connection.” he runs a hand through his hair, “He’s also bringing that insufferable girl and he’s going to mate her so he can take the throne”.

“What?” I step back, my world spins around me, “why?” I ask as I sit down. Lucian sits down beside me and we just stare at the stars and listen to the wildlife for a while.

Lucian clears his throat, “Father, actually the Royal’s in general, have very high standards. Unfortunately for Lucifer if he wants the throne he has to follow father’s rules”.

“What rules?” I ask not really sure I want to know.

He sighs deeply, “I can’t say much but father’s true mate was our caregiver. She raised us because my mother couldn’t be bothered. She hurt everyday watching him live his life without her by his side”.

That sounds awful. I don’t want to watch him be with Megan. I turn to him, “why can’t I say no?”

“He needs you close because of the bond but nobody can know but our immediate family.” Lucian stands and dusts off his pants then holds a hand out to me, “I am sorry but since Megan is the Beta’s daughter she’s more suitable to be his mate in the eyes of father”.

Tears spill over my bottom lids, I knew it was too good to be true. Lucian reaches out brush my tears away which just makes me flinch away.

“I am really sorry that this is how it has to be. You seem nice and Janice hasn’t stopped talking about you. She’s going to miss you”.

“She won’t because I won’t do it. I won’t stand by and watch my mate live life with Megan.” I turn and run home. I can’t live that life, I refused to.

When I get home Prince Lucifer is standing on my porch. He turns when I make it up the stairs.

“You will be working for me. You will not say no to me and I will mate Megan.” he said it so forcefully I believe he was using Alpha tone.

Unfortunately for him as his true mate his Alpha tone bullshit doesn’t work on me. I push past him into the house slamming the door in his face when he tries to follow me. If he won’t be with me then he can go jump from a plane without a parachute.


The following morning my father announced my move to my mom. As far as he knows Lucian saw me training at the lake and him and Lucifer want me to join the Royal Guard. Unfortunately I know the truth, I’m going to be the future King’s dirty little secret, his invisible mate.

The rest of the pack is all a buzz with news that Megan will be the future Queen. If Janice was already eighteen I know she’d have been chosen over Megan and that actually would be preferable.

This girl is going to be the worst Queen since King Edward’s wife Queen Juliet. She massacred hundreds of wolves that didn’t agree with her before she was assassinated a few years after King Edward died.

I'm forced to spend the afternoon packing because it’s clear I can’t get out of this. It’s unfair to both of us, but more so to me. Lucian comes to get me but I’m still packing a few things. He offers to help but there is only one thing on my mind.

“Why is Lucifer taking the throne when you’re the first born Prince?” I asked.

He looks down to avoid my curious gaze. He sits in my desk chair and “My mate took her life when my father determined she wasn’t fit to be mine and without her I’m not strong enough”.

I look over at him, “what happens if I do the same?”

“Then the Crown gets passed to the next in line, my Uncle Seamus.” Prince Lucian then grabs a box and takes it down to the porch. We leave tomorrow morning but I wish I didn’t have to go.

I don’t think I will survive this.


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