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“Moni, what happened?” Kikelomo asked.

Monioluwa sat on a mat in front of their house with her head in between her laps. Kikelomo sat next to her and wrapped her arms around her small body, comforting her.

“They don’t stop fighting” Moni said in between sobs.

She raised her head up and asked, “Do you think they will ever stop fighting?”

“I don’t know about that but we could just hope that the situation will turn around. I’m also tired of them fighting, but you need to be strong. We can’t have them fighting and we will be crying. I’m not saying you shouldn’t cry but they need to see how strong we are and how we want everything to be the way it was”

“Okay. I will be strong”

“I will be right back. Just stay where you are and don’t go anywhere. I will talk to them”

She was scared just like the other times she had the courage to walk up to them to let them know her and her sisters’ thoughts concerning the situation. She was scared of their response, she was scared of the words she would use that may end the situation or not. As always, her choice of words didn’t end the situation but made it worse. She watched with embarrassment as her parents exchanged words at each other. People living around them knew her parents fought every day, they can’t go a day without fighting and it broke her. She was tired of being referred to as the child whose parents fought every day. She has heard some people say her parents disturb the peace of the neighborhood and they weren’t the only ones living in it.

They would point at her making it obvious that it’s her parents they talked about and her head would hang low in embarrassment as she walked. She would go to a corner and made sure no one was heading her way and sit on the floor. She would cry until the tears couldn’t come out and go home. She entered their one-room house without her parents noticing. She saw her three younger sisters, Ireti, Abebi and Temiloluwa sitting on the mat crying and she signaled to them to come to her, making no sound.

“Stay with Moni outside. Don’t leave there” She told them and they nodded their head.

“Mummy, daddy. Can you two stop fighting for once?”

“See what you’ve caused. My daughter is crying because of your misbehavior” Her mum shouted at her dad.

“Your daughter? It’s our daughter. You won’t have had if not for me”

“Please it’s okay. Aren’t you tired of shouting at each other? Every single day, you both are always fighting. You keep embarrassing us every day. How will you be fighting with your daughters in the room? Your conscience isn’t even telling you that you’re hurting us? I don’t understand how you feel comfortable fighting in our presence without thinking about our feelings. Do you ever think about us before throwing words at each other? Do you? You’re married for Christ sake you should be able to settle your differences without raising your voices. We are tired of all this. We want peace to reign in this house”

When she was younger, she admired her parents’ love and wished for a love like theirs when she grows up, but now she realized it’s not very love story that has a happy ending. Her parents met in University and her mum was in a level lower than her dad. Her mum told her and her sisters that their dad was the most handsome man she had ever met during those days. Her dad made her mum’s heart to skip a beat whenever she saw him. Her dad said he liked her mum because she was beautiful and intelligent. Her mum was the best student in her class and her dad was known around for his rebellious and playboy ways but he was willing to change just for her mother.


“Hi. I’m Lanre” He said smiling with his hand out for a handshake.

She looked at his hand skeptically wandering why he was talking to her. He is very popular in school and she has heard a lot about his playboy antics. Any girl in her shoes right now will be happy but she isn’t moved. He is really handsome, has nice a facial feature, but she doesn’t think the way he moves around with girls is cool.

“Not a fan of handshake. I see” He said withdrawing his hand.

“Sorry. I’m Ayomide”

“Ayomide. A nice name for a pretty girl”


She looked at him and chuckled. So this is how he gets girls? Talks to them with a smile, use corny words, gets them on his bed for a night or more than and leaves them for another girl. He tried, but that can’t work on her. She isn’t that girl.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while now but I was scared of how you will respond”

She burst into laughter and said, “Scared? You? Lanre Adesina scared of walking up to a girl and talking to her?”

“I know that seems unusual but you give off a different vibe from what other girls have given me?”

“What kind of vibe?” She asked intrigued wanting to know more.

“Sandra has told me a lot about you though and it seems she’s right. You’re quiet, intelligent and you have this snobbish look that makes it difficult for someone to approach you. I’ve noticed you hardly smile”

Snobbish look? Her friends have told her about how she should smile a lot more because it will seem hard for someone to approach her. She gets annoyed whenever they mention it that they stopped talking about it. That’s the way her face is and people just have to deal with it.

“You’re right about me being quiet but I actually smile, but that’s how my face is”

“I understand. Can I have your number?”

“Sorry, I can’t give you my number”

That was a shock to him. No girl has never said no to him. It bruised his ego but that still made him to smile.

“We can be friends right?”

“Just acquaintances”

“Okay. I will take that”


“So you’ve been talking to Lanre about me. Why?” She asked as she entered into Sandra’s room.

“Hello to you too. He has been asking questions about you and you know he is my friend so I told him what he needed to know”

“Questions like what? And why is he asking”

“Too many questions at once. Sis, calm down”

“I’m calm”

“You’re calm? And you aren’t even sitting down?”

She sat next to Sandra on her bed and looked at her expectantly waiting for her to explain what she’s been talking to Lanre about.

“He asked about your name, personality, the course you’re studying, and your hall of residence. He likes you” She said raising her eyebrows at her.

She spat out the drink she was drinking upon hearing that Lanre likes her.

“Likes me? You must be joking”

“I’m serious. Why do you think he has been asking questions about you? He wants to know you but he has been scared to walk up to you”

“He told me that. I was so surprised”

“Hope you didn’t snob him”

“Oh my Lord” She said in exasperation. “Why are you making it look like I’m a snob?”

“I know you aren’t a snob, but you give that impression to strangers and it may seem to them you aren’t friendly when you are one of the friendliest person I know”

“You’re so sweet. I actually ignored his handshake” She said with her head down, afraid to look at Sandra’s facial expression. “It wasn’t intentional” She quickly added.

Sandra laughed and said, “I believe you”


Ayomide and Lanre have been seeing each other a lot lately and it may seem as though he might be stalking her or he knows her schedule. Lanre has been trying so hard to be her friend, he has sent Sandra to give her food multiple times which she doesn’t feel comfortable with. Anytime they meet, he offers to buy her food or a drink but she declines. For some days now, she has been thinking of the moment when Sandra told her that he likes her. She thinks there might be a probability that he actually likes her because his persistence to being her friend is really serious. She has come to a conclusion which she’s really scared of how it might turn out to be. Will it be to her advantage or disadvantage? You never know until you give it a try.

“Sandra, I want to ask you a question”

“Okay. What’s it? Hope it’s nothing I should be worried about?”

“Probably, but in a good way”

She took a deep breath and said, “Can you give me Lanre’s number?”

Sandra looked at her surprised, her eyeballs bulging out and said, “Now, I’m sure. Hope nothing is wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong. I just decided to give this friendship a try. I realized that I’ve been too hard on him”

“Someone has a crush”

“I don’t have a crush on him. You know I can’t like him in that way because of how he frolicks around with girls”

“Lanre has changed to be honest. He really likes you and wants to change for you”

“I don’t believe in that. He’s still going to be sleeping with girls. I don’t think he can change”

“Let me tell you something. If a guy really likes a girl and wants to be in a committed relationship with her, he will do whatever it takes to get the girl and make sure the relationship lasts regardless of his past”


It seems like she’s falling for him and she’s trying so hard not to fall but it’s so difficult not to. What’s there not to like about him? His brown eyes that lit up whenever he smiles? How intelligent he is? The way he dresses and smells like strawberry? There are lot of things she could talk about that she likes about him and most of it took her by surprise. She keeps asking herself if it’s true. If she’s actually falling for him but it’s too difficult to stop herself. Anytime she looks at him, her heart beats faster than normal and she just wants to run away from the moment because it feels like a way of escaping without him finding out about her feelings.

She’s scared right now thinking about him finding about her feelings. What will be his response? How will he react? Sandra has told her he likes her, but she believes she isn’t his type. She received a message from him saying he has something important to discuss with her and she should meet him inside one of the classrooms.

“Hi” He said as he saw her.

She noticed he isn’t his usual self and his eyes didn’t lit up when he smiled.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah. Why are you asking?”

“You look nervous”

“I’m alright” He replied giving her a reassuring smile.

“So what do you want to talk to me about?”

He took a deep breath and asked, “Hope you won’t freak out?”

“Now you’re making me to freak out, but go on”

“Before the first time I spoke to you, I’ve been seeing you around and what I couldn’t get out of my mind is how beautiful you are. I was too scared to walk up to you because you were always with a straight face and it looked like you hardly smile, but you have the most beautiful smile and when you smile, it makes you look more beautiful. When we became friends, the crush I had for you deepened and right now it feels like….”

“Feels like what?” She asked while wiping the tears with the back of her hand.

“Don’t cry. Why are you crying?” He asked wiping her tears and engulfing her in a hug.

“No guy has ever said those words to me. Sometimes I feel like guys won’t have any interest in me because they think I’m a snob”

“You’re not a snob and that’s their loss if they don’t want to talk to you. I’m very privileged to be friends with you”

“Thank you”

“Uhmmm” He said clearing his throat and she gave him a questioning look.

“I have a question to ask you and that’s the reason why I sent a message to see you”

“You know you could have told me on phone”

“It’s more than that. Mide, will you be my girlfriend?”

She was in shock. It was as if her eyeballs were about to pop out from its socket.

“Mide, are you okay?” He asked poking her.

“Yes, I am. You just dropped a bomb on me”

“So” He dragged. “That’s a no?” He asked with his face dropping.

“No, no. I will love to be your girlfriend”


“Kike, I’m so sorry” Her mum said with tears and held her hands.

“I want you two to stop fighting. We love you and we want the best for the family”

“I do too and that’s why I’ve made a decision”

Her mum took a step back and looked at her dad.

“I’m leaving today” Her mum said.

“What do you mean by you’re leaving today?” Abebi asked from behind Kikelomo and came into view.

“What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you all to stay outside? I have gotten it under control” Kikelomo shouted at her sisters.

“Oh, really? You’re gotten it under control and mummy is leaving?” Abebi asked with her hands crossed over her chest.

“Stop that attitude, Abebi. I’m your elder sister and talk to me with respect”

“How dare you talk about respect when their marriage has officially ended? You think you can fix everything but it’s not everything that can be fixed. I’m out of here”

One after the other her sisters left, leaving her with her parents.

“See what you’ve caused. They’ve all walked away thinking I’m the bad guy. You need to apologize to them” She said to her mum.

“I’m sorry but I have to leave. It’s the best for the family”

Her dad laughed and said, “Let her go if she wants to. She’s going to see the man she’s sleeping with”

It’s like someone shot her heart and it dropped with a bang.

She looked at her mum in shock and asked almost in a whisper, “Mummy, is it true? Are you cheating on daddy?”

Her mum cried and said, “I’m sorry”

“Don’t come closer” She told her mum as she walked towards her.

“So you both are cheating on each other. Wow, this marriage is a joke. So all those times you would come home late and apologizing with gifts you were with the man. Who is the man?”

Her dad didn’t hide he was cheating on her mum. He would send her and her sisters out of the room to do whatever he wants to do with the girls. Sometimes he will bring two girls to the room. She didn’t have to tell her mum for her to figure it out herself. Her mum and dad have been fighting for six months and one of the issue was him cheating on her. He would always deny it, but she caught him with a girl. She sent him and the girl out of the room and stayed inside. Kikelomo told her sisters that they should wait outside until their mother came out. They had to give her space. When her mum got out of the room, she hugged them and told them she loved them and they shouldn’t let any man treat them the way their father treated her. She told them a man should treat them with respect and if he doesn’t, it isn’t worth the stress.

“Are you and daddy getting divorced?” Kikelomo asked her mum.

“No, darling. He will change. I believe he will change”

“If he doesn’t change?” Moni asked.

“Let the time come”

That was six months ago and he hasn’t changed.

Her dad used to work in a bank until he lost his job. The bank was in debt and needed lesser staffs, and unfortunately her dad was among the staffs that were sacked. That was the beginning of trouble for them. Her dad squandered all the money he had for alcohol and cigarettes. Her mum was working in a pharmacy and the little she got from her salary, she used it to take care of the house and pay their school fees. Her dad searched for jobs, wrote applications but to avail. Her mum pleaded with him to search for a job elsewhere apart from the banking and finance sector but he disagreed. He said since he studied accounting in the university, he had to work in a banking and finance company. After weeks of pleading by her mum, he decided to get a job at a cement factory but he didn’t last up till a week before he was sacked. He has done some minor jobs that he didn’t last long working there because of his drinking habit and insolence.

Everything that had been happening for the past few months dawned on her. Her mum worked during the day at the pharmacy but always came home late. She gave excuses that her boss needed her to work longer because there was an emergency or she volunteered to work longer because of the extra money that would be added to her salary. The nights her mum would come home late, she would bring expensive gifts for her and her sisters. Her and her sisters were happy with the gifts and it was usually books, clothes, and jewelries or shoes her mum bought. Her and her sisters would wear the clothes to show the neighbors that their lives isn’t as miserable as it looked.

“She’s sleeping with her boss”

“Mummy, your boss? He is married for Christ sake” She cried out.

“You shouldn’t blame me. I’ve done all I can to make sure this family is stable. I have to leave the house by 5.30 in the morning because I have to walk for about 30 minutes before I see a taxi that will drop me off at work. My boss saw me crying in my office and asked what happened. I explained to him all that has been happening in the house and he promised to send some money to me and increase my salary. So I got a raise in my salary from 20 thousand naira to 30 thousand naira. He even suggested I get a divorce, but I told him I couldn’t. I still held on to the probability that he could change even though a voice kept on telling me he won’t change. My boss frequently dropped by at office and we would talk for a while about various things and when I explain to him about the situation at home, he would always comfort me. It felt like I wasn’t alone and I had someone to lean on. From there, there was a spark between us, I felt something with him that I haven’t felt with your father in a long while

“I didn’t plan for it to happen, but it did. I love the man. He has shown me various ways a man can love someone like me. We are poor, no food, and no money. There’s no door, no bathroom, and no kitchen. We have our bath outside in a small makeshift bathroom that your father built with a pan and that’s the only good thing I can remember your father doing for this family. The worst things he has done has overshadowed the good he has done. I loved your father, but he is a drunk and a very lazy person. He doesn’t have a job, but he always wants out of my salary. Your father doesn’t know how to keep a job, he would always do something that will get him fired. All he knows know to do is demand for sex and I don’t even enjoy it. He is always aggressive. Adigun, I’m not a sex machine for crying out loud. I’m human and I deserve more than someone who treats me like a sex machine. I want someone to love me, cherish me, take care of me and treat me like a queen, but that man isn’t your father. He sleeps with girls that are your age mate.

“Girls that are not up to eighteen years old. Adigun, I haven’t reported you to the police because I don’t have any proof and the girls you’ve abused can’t report to the police because you’ve threatened them and there’s no proof against you. Don’t worry, a time will come that you will serve your judgment. I am tired of this life and I want the best for all of you.”

“Since your boss increased your salary, what are you using the money for? We’re still poor, we have to go days without eating and we end up falling sick because of lack of food. We beg for water from our neighbors to have our bath and brush our teeth. Our neighbors will insult us and let us wallow in our pain. Mummy, you know how far the stream is from our house and we would walk all the way there to fetch water. What happened to the money or did your boss tell you not to spend it on your children?”

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