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Kike and her sisters were in shock and the information were too much and difficult for them to process. It felt like different information was thrown at them and they didn’t know what to do with it. They were all in a situation where they are trying to put the events that have happened months ago together to get answers. They came to the hospital seeking for answers, but they weren’t expecting this type of answers. What was going through Kike’s mind is the reason why her mum said all that she said. Why did she lie and pretend? She wants to know a lot more but it seems like she won’t be getting any of her questions answered.

“Can you give us Mr Adesoji’s number?” Kike asked the nurses.

“Sorry, we can’t. That’s a confidential information” The first nurse replied.

“You just witnessed what happened. Please give it to us. Our mum isn’t answering my calls or replying my messages. This is our only hope”

“We can’t give it to you, but we can call him for you” The first nurse said.

“Okay. Thank you”

The first nurse gave them a sad look after dialing Mr Adesoji’s number and they knew it was over.

“I’m so sorry but his number is switched off”

“So you will watch us cry our eyes out helplessly and you won’t do one thing that will save my future? How heartless can you be? We don’t have money and it looks like I will be living with my dad who doesn’t care about my existence. My dreams just got broken and I don’t think I will be able to put the pieces together. My life is ruined and I’m officially not going to the university” Kike cried out.


“Please what are you doing here?” Abebi asked the bodyguard who stood outside their room wearing a black suit, standing straight and giving a straight look.

“Hello, I’m talking to you” Abebi said waving her right hand in front of his face.

“That’s the way most bodyguards are. They don’t say much. Let’s go inside. We will ask dad” Kike told her sisters.

“Dad, what’s the bodyguard doing outside?” Kike asked.

“There she is” Her dad said pointing at her.

Her dad is smiling which is really weird. Her dad hardly smiles and she can’t remember the last time he smiled. Her dad looks angry all the time and she hasn’t seen him in a good mood in years. For her dad to be smiling, whatever is going on must be over the top. She looks around the room and sees a man who looks older than her dad probably in his 60’s sitting on a stool beside her dad wearing a Yoruba traditional wear.

“So this is Kikelomo. She’s so beautiful like you said” The man said in awe while looking at Kike.

Kike and her sisters looked at each other confused and Kike asked, “Dad, what’s going on?”

“This is my friend Mr Ojo. He is here to see you”

“Daddy, when did you start having friends? Wow, I didn’t know it’s January 1st” Abebi said laughing.

“New year. New beginnings” Moni added laughing.

“What do you mean by he’s here to see me?” Kike asked her dad.

“Can you girls leave the room? I want to have a private discussion with your sister”

“You can say whatever you want to say to her in our presence. We can’t leave her here with you and a man we know nothing about” Abebi said

“I said leave the room. Just because I kept quiet when you disrespected me the first time doesn’t mean I’m a fool and I won’t sit down and watch you disrespect me the second time in front of my friend” Their dad shouted as he stood up.

“You shouldn’t be disrespecting your dad like that. I thought he accepts what you and your sisters did earlier on that’s why I didn’t say anything. He’s your father and you should respect him. I’m sure you know the saying that says show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Your dad is a good and responsible man and so am I” Mr Ojo told Abebi.

Abebi burst into laughter and asked, “Responsible? Is that what he told you? He can’t even take care himself talk less of his children----”

Before Abebi could complete her sentence, she was interrupted with a slap from her dad.

She touched her cheek and looked at her dad with tears rolling down her cheeks and said, “Times like this I really wish mum was here”

“She’s so rude. She lacks respect for her elders” Mr Ojo said as Abebi and her sisters left the room.

“That’s how she is. She’s very stubborn. I trained them very well but she doesn’t listen”

“Dad, you want to talk to me. What’s it?”

“Take a stool and sit down”

“I prefer standing”

“What’s wrong with you girls? I will tell you to do something but you will decide to do otherwise. Kikelomo, I’m telling you right now to take a stool and sit down. I have a guest over and you girls are embarrassing me”

“Lanre, calm down. It’s okay. If she wants to stand, let her stand. It’s no problem”

“Thank God” Kike muttered.

“Mr Ojo and I have discussed about some plans for you and we have come into a conclusion”

Her heart was beating fast because she had no idea what both of them discussed. She was scared of what her dad and his friends planned on doing to her.
“You look sacred. There’s nothing to worry about. What your father and I discussed will be a benefit to both of you”

“Without wasting more time, Kikelomo, Mr Ojo is now your husband”

She laughed so hard that she got to her knees.

“Daddy, that’s the funniest thing you’ve said in years. So daddy you’re still funny?” She asked as she stood up.

“Your dad didn’t crack a joke. He’s serious. I came to take you home”

“I’m leaving. I won’t stand here and watch you talk about me being your wife. I’m sorry if my dad wasted your time but whatever you both discussed isn’t happening”

“Mathias. Don’t let her go anywhere” Mr Ojo shouted as she left the room and suddenly, she saw herself on Mathia’s shoulder.

“Let me down. What are you doing?” She asked Mathias as she hit him on his back.

“Kike, what’s going on?” Her sisters asked walking towards her.

“I’m Mr Ojo’s new wife. Him and daddy have spoken about it so that’s why he’s here to take me with him” She replied with tears.

“What? That’s not possible. He can’t do that” Abebi shouted walking towards their room.

“You can’t go in there” Mathias told Abebi while standing in front of the opened door.

“Excuse me. I live here and I’m entering whether you like it or not. I don’t care whether you’re bigger than me or have a deeper voice, I’m not intimidated by you so please move out of the way”

Mathias pointed at the door and left the front of the door for Abebi to enter inside the room. As the others apart from Kike who is still on Mathias’ shoulder tried to follow after Abebi, he stopped them.

“This is so annoying. Look at what daddy has caused” Moni said.

“Daddy you can’t do this. Please just do this good act for the family” Abebi.

“I wish I could sympathize with you, but I can’t. The deal is done and can’t be reversed”

“Mathias, let’s go” Mr Ojo ordered.

“No, no. Please no. Let me down” Kike screamed.

Kike glared at her dad said, “I hate you. I never want to see you again”

“He just got money today. Steal it and run” Kike whispered to Abebi and that was the last thing she said before she was thrown into a car.


Kike got out of the car as they got to Mr Ojo’s house and looked at the house in awe. The house has a large compound with flowers, five cars and a three story building made of gold.

“I knew you will like it. It’s beautiful right?” Mr Ojo asked.

“I won’t lie. It’s beautiful, but I don’t like the idea of living with you”

“As time goes on, you will enjoy your stay here. My wives don’t complain”

“I’m different from your wives. I have a question. You have three wives and eight children, what are you looking for in a young girl like me. I’m not legal for Christ’s sake. You’re a pedophile”

“I like my wife young and beautiful as you are” He said coming close to her face and she took three steps back.

He laughed and said, “I married my third wife when she was sixteen and now she’s twenty 22. She was once like you when she first came here. Shy, scared and unsure of how future events will turn out to be, but she ended up adapting and now, she’s living the good life”

“Good life? You must be joking. She was sixteen and you coerced her into marrying you”

“It’s not coercion if the family agrees”

“It isn’t worth it to argue with you”

“Welcome back dad. Who is this?” A tall guy with wide dimples as he speaks and shaved hair said.

Mr Ojo glared at him and said, “Don’t look at her that way”

“Oh! Sorry” He said with his hands up. “So this is your new wife so when next will I get a third step mum?”

“Dare, go to your room right now” Mr Ojo ordered.

Kike laughed at Mr Ojo’s facial expression and said, “I really like Dare. I think him and I will get along so well”

“You don’t need to thank me. Come here” They both hugged and the woman rubbed her back as she cried.

“I’m not going to tell you to stop crying. You’re sad and you wish you weren’t here right now and I understand that so do whatever you can to make you feel better”

“I hope I’m not disturbing anything” Dare said holding a cup of water.

“You are not. I was just making sure she feels better”

“That’s so nice of you mum”

“I brought this water for you and I want to let you know that if you need anything, just let me know”

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate it”

“I will leave you two alone and Dare, take her to your dad’s room when you’re both done talking”

“Dad’s room? You know Aunty Shalewa sleeps there”

“Your dad would want her to sleep there. Shalewa can’t do anything about that”

“Mum, you like trouble” Dare said laughing”

“Did I lie?”

“No, Ma”

“So what’s your name? I’m sure you’re tired of being called the third wife” Dare asked.


“Kikelomo, if you need anything don’t hesistate to let me know”

“Thank you so much. God will bless you abundantly”

“Amen. Like my mum said, I need to take you to your room”

She shook her head severally and Dare looked at her worried.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you take me to another room?”

Dare smiled with realization dawning on him and said, “I will not lie to you. Aunty Shalewa will be angry that you’re here and she won’t like you for a while. I’m just letting you know this so you won’t be surprised when she get angry at you. None of this is your fault but my dad’s. Dad will want you to stay in the room with him, and there’s nothing Aunty Shalewa can say or do that will change his decision”

“That’s a little bit comforting. Thank you”

“Dare” Two small boys shouted running to hug him.

“How are you two doing today” He asked them playing with their stomach.

“Stop. It’s ticklish” One of the boys said laughing.

Kike looked at the boys with a smile as they ran away happily and Dare said, “That’s aunty Shalewa’s children. Ezekiel and Kayode. They’re twins”

“They’re so cute. Where are the other children?”

“They live in the UK with their mum. That’s a long story, but I will fill you in on everything once you’ve settled in”

“Alright. Thanks”

“So, we’ve gotten here” Dare said with a sigh as they stood in front of Mr Ojo’s room. “Remember what I told you. It will be a surprise if she doesn’t react, but everything will be alright”

“I really appreciate all what you’ve done for me since I came here. Thank you so much”

“It’s no problem. You don’t have to thank me”

Kike stood in front of the door and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

“Who is there?” A female asked.

“Oh my goodness” Kike muttered repeatedly panicking.

“It’s Kikelomo”

“Who is Kikelomo?” The female asked

“Kikelomo, iyawo mi (my wife). Come inside” Mr Ojo said.

She could hear the joy in his voice and that irritated her.

“Good afternnon Ma” She greeted the lady.

The lady stood wearing a long floral dress, with a sandals and her braids was tied in the middle of her head. She was slim, tall, and dark-skinned with her skin glowing and she immediately felt inferior.

Shalewa looked at her from head to toe with disgust and said, “Please save your greeting and go back to where you’re coming from”

“Shalewa, you’ve started” Mr Ojo said sternly.

“I’ve started what? What did I do? Isn’t it me that should be saying you’ve started? You brought in a new wife and you expect me to be cool with it?” She laughed and looked at Mr Ojo shaking her head. “Ojo, o jo rerin pupo, nigbati o mu mi wa si ibi ti o wu mi ni odun meta seyin, bawo ni aunty Mojirade se se? Se ko fesi ni ona kanna ti Mo n se? O ti se ileri fun mi o si fo. Gbogbo re nitori pe o fe opolopo awon omode… (Ojo, you’re very funny. When you brought me here against my will three years ago, how did aunty Mojirade react? Didn’t she react the same way I’m reacting? You made a promise to me and you broke it. All because you want a lot of children…).

“Shalewa, stop this pretense. Stop pretending that you’re in love with me”

“I’m… I’m in love with you” She said reaching for his hand and he took a step back.

“I know that when I came here I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in you, but I later realized that you’re everything. It’s you that I want and I’m not bothered about the age difference and what people will say. I gave birth to twins for you. Boys” She said the last part softly with tears falling down on her face.

“You’re in love with me, but you’re cheating on me?”

Shalewa looked shocked and asked, “How?”

“How did I know?” He laughed. “At first I believed you when you said you were visiting your friends. You’re young so enjoy yourself, but when I told you to invite the friends over, you refused. You gave different excuses that they’re busy with school, exams or their parents won’t allow them to come over because they’re strict. I thought about what you said deeply and I realized that you could be lying. You were probably meeting someone else, but I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt. I woke up at night and saw you whispering on the phone. I could have pretended that I was asleep but I decided to move on the bed to see your reaction. You didn’t disappoint. You ended the call when you noticed my movement. The next day you said you were going to visit a friend and I told one of the men working for me to follow you. He followed you until he had enough information about what you’ve been up to. I told him to stop following you when he saw you two kissing in a restaurant”

Mr. Ojo reached for his phone on the dressing table and showed her pictures of her and the person she was with in a car, in the restaurant, and a mall which made her to gasp.

“It was easy to catch you in the act because you saw him almost every day. I know about you and Tunji’s plan. He told me everything. You wanted to use me till you got all that you want and you will run away. You saw me as a seventy five years old man who is weak, tired and is always sleeping. ”

“Please stop this. Just stop this. Before I was coaxed into this marriage, Tunji and I have been dating for a year. He is the love of my life and we’re still young and have a lot of things to do together. He’s loving, caring, smart, and funny. He has all the qualities I like in a guy. Even though I’m married to you, Tunji believed I could leave you. Some guys would have believed that was the end road and I will be stuck with you or they would’ve moved on, but Tunji did the opposite. Since you know the truth, please let’s divorce so I will be with Tunji”

“Divorce? It’s impossible. You’re stuck with me. I’ve spoken to Tunji and he has agreed to stop contacting you”

“What? You can’t be serious. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to ruin my life” She shouted hitting him on the chest.

“You ruined it yourself. I can see you’re dressed up to see him. I’ve seized the key and the car. If you want to go anywhere, you have to ask for my permission and the driver will let me know. You can trick the driver to take you to a different place from what you’ve mentioned, but just know that I’m ten steps ahead of you”

Shalewa looked at Mr Ojo with tears and stormed out of the room.

“Wow” That’s all Kike said.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Mr Ojo asked Kike as he rushed towards her.

“I’m okay. I just miss home. That’s all”

“Don’t overthink the situation. You will love living here, I promise. I also want to apologize for what you witnessed between Shalewa and I. You shouldn’t have saw that, but some things are better said than not saying anything”


Living with Mr Ojo isn’t as bad as she expected. She thought she would meet all the wives angry at her when she came, they won’t like her and would look for ways to send her out of the house. Well, Shalewa isn’t speaking to her or anyone and she understands her reason. Her feelings her valid. Shalewa has been in her room since the incident happened and she only comes out of the room to get food or any item she needs. Mr Ojo has been extremely nice to her. Buying clothes for her before he gets back home for work.

“How are you doing?” Dare asked.

“I’m good. What about you?”

“I’m doing okay”

“You know we’ve been taking since I came here and I don’t really know much about you. What you do, why you’re here in your parents’ house”

He laughed and replied, “I’m 32 years old. I’m an actor. Not yet popular but I will get there by God’s grace. I haven’t seen my mum in months. 4 months to be exact so I decided to see her for 2 weeks”

“You and your mum are really close and it’s so nice to watch. I have noticed that you and your dad don’t really talk. What happened?”

He was quiet for some minutes and she said, “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I understand if you don’t want to talk about it”

“It’s a very touchy subject, but I will let you know what happened”

“The first wife, Aunty Ebun…”

Kike burst out into laughter and looked at Dare apologizing in between the laughter.

“I’m so sorry, but now you’ve said this, I really need to ask. Why do you call you call your step mothers aunty? Why not mum or mummy? I just find it weird and funny”

“When I was young, the first wife didn’t like me or my mum for 2 reason. The first one was that my dad got another wife and the second one was that my mum gave birth to a boy. My dad has always wanted a boy and the first wife gave him 4 girls. That caused a rift between them and everywhere was chaotic. The first wife told me severally not to call her mummy that she isn’t my mum and she hates me. I cried to my mum about it and she told me to call her aunty instead. Since then, I’ve gotten used to the word”

“Wow. Do you think about what the first wife said to you?”

“Once in a while, the event appears in my mind, but I just laugh sabout it now. I understand now where her emotions are coming from. My mum felt exactly the way she did when Aunty Shalewa was brought in here. She didn’t say anything bad to Aunty Shalewa but she spoke to my dad. To be honest, I don’t see the point of talking down on the girl he brings home when it’s clear that he’s the one at fault. Aunty Shalewa was young and it was very obvious that she didn’t want to be here”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all that from a young age”

“Thanks. I’m going to continue what I was saying from where I stopped. No interruptions”

“I won’t interrupt. I promise”

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