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“Yes. We’re doing this together. Kike, we’re in this together”

“You need to open the door in order for us to do this”

The door opened and she was enveloped in a hug. They hugged for minutes with tears flowing their cheeks.

“I really need to say this. I’m sorry for the way I treated you. I’m disappointed in myself. It isn’t your fault that you’re here, but that of Ojo”

“It’s okay. I’ve forgiven you”

“So what do you have in mind for what we can do?”

“I don’t have anything yet, but before the week ends, I will figure something out. You should also be thinking of what we can do”

“I hope I can think of something we can do. That aside, how have you been in general?”

“I’ve been good. Dare and his mum have been super nice to me and I really appreciate it. I never thought anyone will be nice to me, but I was surprised”

Shalewa rolled her eyes and Kike laughed.

“Why don’t you like Dare?”

“I just don’t like him and he doesn’t like me either”

“You know you haven’t been nice to him. So Dare and I are going to the amusement park tomorrow, would you like to join us? You need it after all the days of staying locked up in the room”

“No, thanks. Dare won’t want me there”

“You’re coming and that’s final. Dare can’t do anything. I will drag you out of bed if you aren’t ready”

“Okay. I will go with you guys, but Ojo is monitoring my movements and I can only go outside with permission from him and the driver takes me to where I tell Ojo I’m going to”

“Don’t worry about that. I will speak to Ojo about it”

Two Days Later

“Kike, I have an idea” Shalewa shouted her bedroom door.

“Dare” Kike shouted. “Meeting in Shalewa’s room”

“You look so excited. What is it?” Dare asked Shalewa.

“Since I’m a social guru, I’m thinking we should make a video explaining what is going on, explain how it happened and post it on various social media platforms. We need a lot of people to see it. Once it has gone viral, the police will see it and they will know what to do”

“How sure are you that the police will see it?”

“There are have been situations were videos went viral on social media because that was their only means of getting help. On Twitter, the police were tagged on the videos and the police did their job” Dare explained.

“He is right” Shalewa said.

“Can we do the video now? I have a tripod and I will set everything up fast” Dare asked.

“We can’t do it now. We need evidence to show what we’re saying. Right now, we have no evidence just words and people will think we’re chasing clout. It will be like young girls are after a rich man and they’re staging this to get his money”

“You have a point. So what do we do now?” Kike said.

“First, we need to keep a distance between us. I’m sure Ojo think something is fishy and is monitoring our movements. If he asks why we aren’t close like before, you will tell him that I told you that I heard you gossiping about me and you were trying to explain to me that you weren’t, but I didn’t listen to you. Kike, you will tell Ojo you want to get married to him in the court. You will tell him you don’t want a lot of attention of yourself. You will need to make a photocopy of the marriage certificate and both of us need to get our birth certificate as proof that we got married to him at a young age.

“During or after the wedding, there will be apicture of you and Ojo taken but it’s only Ojo’s face that will be showing. I have a burner account and I will send the picture to the Peoples Blog through the account. No one would know it’s me. I’ve made sure that it won’t be traced back to me. Dare, make sure your mum goes for the wedding and she will be the one to take the picture that will be sent to the blog. She will send the picture to you and you will send it to me. Make sure she deletes the picture from her phone and also the recycle bin. Same goes to you too and I will do the same. When we’ve gotten everything we need, we can post the video”

“Wow. You’ve gotten it all planned out” Dare said.

“That’s such a brilliant idea. I don’t think I would’ve thought of this”

“I know you would have thought of something much better. I’m glad you guys like it”

“Shalewa, you need to start giving yourself more credit. Your idea is perfect and I can’t wait for us to execute it” Kike told her.

“I feel that before we post the video we should call the police. That will serve as more evidence that you guys aren’t lying. Once you call them, they may not believe you, but once they see the video, everything will add up. Let’s just pray they believe you guys when you call them” Dare said.

“They will believe us by God’s grace” Kike said.


“Everyone! To the sitting room now” Mr Ojo shouted.

“What’s going on?” Kike asked him.

“When you all get to the sitting room, you will know what the problem is”

“How did this picture from the wedding get to the internet?” He asked showing them the picture on the phone one by one.

“How do you expect us to know? I made sure that no stranger took a picture apart from me” Dare’s mum told him.

“Give me your phone. I want to check the pictures you took. Maybe out of excitement, you sent the pictures to your friends and from there, the news got to the blog who posted it”

“How did you see it?’ Kike asked panicking with her hands getting sweaty.

“A friend sent the link to me and said it was about me. I couldn’t lie that it isn’t me because my face is showing. Everyone knows it’s me. Now that I’ve explained how I got it, Mojirade give me your phone now”

“Oh Lord. This is what I was trying to avoid. Now, everyone will know it’s me” Kike said walking around the sitting room.

“Kike, please calm down. No one will know it’s you. We will figure out who sent the picture” Dare told her.

“Dare, I can’t calm down” She said taking deep breaths at a time.

“I’m going to take her to the room” Dare said.


“You’ve seen it yourself. That picture isn’t there”

“You probably deleted it”

“Ojo, you’re sounding crazy right now. I didn’t take that picture. I can’t believe you don’t trust me. You just got me annoyed” Mojirade said and stood up going to her room.

“Ojo, I really want to say something. I don’t like Kike but I noticed something not too long ago. You’re selfish” Shalewa said.

Mr Ojo looked at her in disbelief and she said, “You heard me right. I didn’t stutter. You couldn’t even comfort Kike. You know she’s young and everything going on will be difficult for her. You only care about your image, your businesses and business partners. People would not want to associate with you because of this new. Mr Ojo Jacobs, the multi-millionaire Engineer is a pedophile” She laughed and looked at him as he was foaming with anger. “That’s such a good headline. You know what you did isn’t good. If you know you want to have a lot of wives, why aren’t you marrying women in your age bracket?”

“So you did this?”

“I didn’t do anything. I’m not that smart to do something like this. Thumbs up to who did it. The person is such a genius”

“You will pay for this. I promise you OmoShalewa”

“Ojo, o mop e eyi n idea mi. Emi yoo soro nigbati mo se akiyesi nkan ti ko to. Oriire ni wiwa eniyan ti o fi aworan ranse si buloogi (Ojo, you know this is my personality. I will talk when I notice something is wrong. Good luck in finding the person who sent the picture to the blog”)

Shalewa made sure Ojo had left the house before she entered Kike’s room.

“What happened? We could hear you guys shouting” Dare asked.

“He thinks I’m the one who sent the video to the blog because I called him out on how selfish he is. He will send his boys to search for the culprit and only God knows what he will do when he finds the person. Most likely give the person money because he thinks money solves every problem. He won’t be able to trace it back to us because I’ve deleted the burner account”

“OmoShalewa the social media guru” Kike said giving her a high five.

“That’s me. The one and only”


“How are we going to get the birth certificate? You know Ojo is monitoring you” Kike asked Shalewa.

“So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and Kike, I hope you would want to do it” Dare told them.

“Why is it only Kike you’re bothered about?”

“I know you will really be excited when I tell you about it”

“So this is how it is now? I won’t be excited too?”

“You know how you are against crazy ideas and this best of all the ideas have thought of so far”

“How crazy is it from the scale of 1 to 100%?” Shalewa asked.


“Can’t wait to hear what you have in mind” Shalewa said rubbing her hands together while grinning.

“You know before we leave the house, we have to pass through the security guard. We will put chloroform on a handkerchief and place it on the security guard’s nose and it will knock him out for about to 20 minutes to 2 hours. When he’s knocked out, Shalewa will drive out and I will join you both in the car. What do you think?”

“Wow. This is real life action movie” Shalewa shouted.

“You haven’t said anything” Dare said to Kike.

“I’m just amazed. That’s such a brilliant idea. I can’t for this to be over”

“Can we do it tomorrow?”

“Of course, we can” Shalewa replied.

“I got you a burner phone. You need to talk to your sisters. When you’re done using it, give it to me so my dad won’t find it”

“Thank you”

“We will give you space to talk to them” Dare told her.


“Kike, what’s wrong? What did your sisters say?” Shalewa asked rushing to her side to comfort her.

Kike held the phone in her hands, looking at the blank screen and sobbed uncontrollably.

“They didn’t say anything. I was unable to speak to them. The line was switched off”

“I’m so sorry”

“I miss them so much that it hurts. My dad isn’t a good person and I know he isn’t treating them right. When Ojo came to the house he gave my dad money. I don’t know how much, but before I left, I told Abebi that they should steal the money and run away. How do I live so comfortably here knowing that my sisters are in danger and with no way of escaping? I can never be so sure if they found the money and escaped, if they never found it or were caught in the act”

“You need to pray for them, tell God everything you want Him to do and trust me, He will answer your prayers. Have you sent a message to them?’


“What are you waiting for? Send it now”

“What if”

Shalewa interrupted her and said, “Stop with the what if. Think positively. Your sisters could have found the money and ran away. They could be in a safe place now”

“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me”

“You don’t need to thank me. That’s what sisters do for each other. Always remember that I love you”

Kike looked at Shalewa with tears and replied, “I love you too”

“Where’s Dare?” Kike asked as they got out of the room.

“His mum wanted him to bring some things to the shop”


“It has 5,000 views already on instagram. People are reposting it” Shalewa said excited.

“Wow. In just 30 minutes. That’s so fast” Kike said.

“She has 20,000 followers on instagram. It is expected”

Kike, Shalewa and Dare were sitting in the car in front of an abandoned building where they did the video. They had all the evidence the police will need and they sat in the car nervous and excited about the progress of the video. Since Kike isn’t on social media, Dare and Shalewa are checking the progress of the video. There has been something bothering Kike for a while but she didn’t want to let Dare and Shalewa know. She knew what their response will be and even though their response will make her not to dwell on it too much, she knows her mind will do the opposite. It never fails. She felt like in the process of getting themselves free and searching for methods for Ojo to be arrested, Shalewa and Dare have been doing most of the work and she hasn’t inputted so far.

Right now, she wished she was on social media and could assist in tracking the process of the video, but she can’t and that makes her sad.

“What’s wrong you? You look pale” Shale asked her.

“Nothing. I’m fine”

“Are you sure?” Shalewa asked.

“I said I’m fine” She shouted and walked out of the car.


“I’m sorry for the way I shouted at you. I’m just stressed and nervous. I don’t know what to expect and it puts me on edge”

“It’s no problem I understand”

“I was thinking that instead of sitting here and tracking the progress of the video, we could go to the police and report. We have the evidence to present to the police and we aren’t 100% sure if the police will see the video we posted” Kike told them.

“You are right. Let’s go then” Dare said.


“We’ve found the pedophile those girls spoke about in the video” A police officer said.

Shalewa, Kike and Dare looked at the police officer’s direction and their expression changed from nervous to happiness. Ojo was handcuffed and kept glaring at them.

“You will pay for this. It’s not over. I will be out of this cell faster than you could think of putting a tracker on my car” Ojo said to them.

“Your money won’t be able to save you. I promise you’ Kike told him with spite.

“You aren’t meant to say a word” The police officer told Ojo

“You girls are here. Thanks to you we were able to find him. Putting a tracker on his car was such a great idea” The police officer said to them.

“We did it” Shalewa shouted and she hugged Kike and Dare.

“Wow. Staying with him was such a roller-coaster” Kike muttered.

“I’m so happy for you two. You’re finally free” Dare said to them.

“So what will happen to him?” Dare asked a police officer at the counter.

“He will be hear for a while before he is transferred to prison”

“We are free to go?” Kike asked.

“Yes, you are. You’ve written a statement and that’s all”

“So our next mission is to save your sisters” Dare said to Kike.

“I can’t wait to see them. I miss them so much”

“There’s no need. They are here with me” A voice said.

Kike turned back and said, “Mum”

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