The Dawn's Kiss

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Tiger Lillie is a young half breed vampire who has never been in contact with a human since she had always been raised in the Blood Moon Manor. She escapes into the night and runs into two vampire hunters those of which are seeking revenge for the death of their family and while the other is in search of their kidnapped sister. One is human while the other is werewolf. It could become a love triangle as Tiger Lillie is soon faced with a huge responsibility is placed on her shoulders as the Blood stone chooses it's new crown ruler.

Drama / Romance
Holly V
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Introduction of a wild flower

With a name like Tiger Lillie, you would know that a girl with a name like that would be wild like the giant feline and beautiful like the flower itself. This is the story of her life and as well as her death. Now the story has some happiness along with some nightmarish themes as well as some love story vibes. The story will first start at the age of sixteen. Though little miss Tiger Lillie wasn't the only vampire child in Blood Moon Manor.
She has an elder brother just by four years his name is Benjamin and he is very much like their father Sheppard though he had long forgotten his last name since it had been centuries since he had last used it before coming to the manor. So he just simply used Moon as a last name, though he doesn't have the extremely high anger issues. His job is the caretaker of the manor teaching the younger and new vampires the ropes of being one. Thus as the dos and don'ts, of course, like never kill a human, only save a human and have them turn if they would want a second chance in a new life. Though some vampires take a darker turn and kill hundreds for their blood lust.
The two Moonchildren have a mother though sadly she had gone missing after the birth of Tiger Lillie, she has hundreds of aunts and uncles who helped Sheppard raise his two children. Though the ones who do tend to help out with the Manor often stay in one of the hundreds of rooms at the manor. The manor was built in 1804 in Victorian times. Though Tiger Lillie and her brother Benjamin aren't full-blooded vampires, they're otherwise known as Dhampires or in simpler terms half-blooded hybrid human-vampire children.
A few answers that will be given are that vampires don't sparkle in like those stupid twilight stories. They burn pretty badly a few vampires will be in the infirmary getting those burns taken care of by the nurses. Vampires can often change their eyes colors once after they change but it is best that they would wear sunglasses or color contacts. Though that ain't the case with the dhampir children one eye is red and the other remains blue. Stakes through the heart will kill a vampire so will cutting the head off and burning the body will give you a sure done deal that'll keep them down and dead.
And here is things that you can learn, something new. Dhampirs are a rare case, in reality, they are the offspring of a vampire father and a human mother, with the traits of a vampire and with none of the weaknesses. Once again coming across another dhampir is pretty rare, they would often be hired by underground operations and become hire hitmen for that matter. Though vampires that are apart of the region take down any vampires that go on a blood lust hunger that could practically drive them insane. Garlic is just a myth, salt helps for humans that are terrified and can act as a repellent, soil from the vampires home country helps a vampire sleep better with some of it sewn into the lining of their mattress or coffin if you're into that stuff.
Iron, silver just burns just a bit so stainless steel, or gold is the man's choice for vampires jewelry. Holy objects are kind of useless, though they are highly used in homes, churches, and some graveyards. And now let's begin with a rather pissed off father and a brother who is trying to get his sister's attention before she gets in trouble.
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