The long road

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Rest Stop

Amanda’s dad “Tom” comes into the emergency room. Frantic, he runs to Amanda checking for wounds.

“Amanda, are you alright baby girl? How’s your mom?”

“I don’t know dad. She was unconscious and the woman said she might have brain damage”

“Brain damage? What were you guys doing out there. You know it’s dark why would she do this.”

“Dad, she wanted to take me out for my birthday.”

“Amanda I don’t think I can live if anything happens to her. I can’t.”

Amanda looks at her father teary-eyed. She can’t believe he would say a thing like that.

“You’re not the only one suffering dad. And where is hunter? He needs to be here to support her.”

“Hunter is at the house. I left him there.”


Amanda’s dad left that question hanging in the air. He got up and paced. He paced for hours until the doctor came out in a white coat.

“Alex Collins”

“Here” Amanda and tom approached the doctor.

“I’m sorry, but we tried our best. She past away in surgery. The swelling in her brain interrupted the blood flow, And we pronounced her brain dead. I am so sorry for your loss.”

Amanda falls down to her knees. Sobbing uncontrollably. While tom leans against a chair holding it tightly.

Tom stops crying and grabs Amanda holding her up. He drags her down the hallway into the parking lot. He opens the car door and throws her in not caring if she gets hurt or not. He starts the car and drives away.

“Amanda how could you do this. I can’t see her dead. No, I can’t nope. You did this, why Amanda huh? She died because of you. You’re nothing but an ungrateful bitch.”

Tom parks the car in front of the ABC store and goes in.

After a few minutes, he comes back with a bag filled with liquor. Tom untwisted a cap and took a long swig.

I’m being shaken awake.

I open my eyes and see a beautiful elderly woman sitting beside me.

“Ma’am, do you need to go to the bathroom?” She asked

“Oh, I guess why? "

" Oh sweetie, we’re at a rest stop. It’s best to go now before it gets crowded.”

“Okay, thanks”

I get up maneuvering myself around the woman and get off the bus. The restroom area actually consisted of gift shops and fast food areas to eat and it was pretty big.

I step off the bus and walk towards the door and open it. It’s so big in here a person can get lost. I look to my left and I saw a map.

The restroom is listed to be beside Taco Bell and Mc Donalds. I walk around for a few and I finally found the restroom. I go in to pee and come right back out. I make my way out the building, passing by so many shops. I step onto the bus and into my seat.

The door shuts and the speaker came on.” Good afternoon y’all after all this driving we have one more stop until our final destination. We’re making this trip as quickly as we can so buckle up and relax. I will inform you guys when we will be stopping. Enjoy the ride. The bus begins moving to leave the area behind.

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