The long road

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Los Angeles

Looking at all the trees pass by is so calming. It’s never been so peaceful. Suddenly, there was a jolt and the bus stops. It nearly threw me out of my seat. What in the World. I look to the woman beside me and she was as scared as me. I shake her shoulder and ask “hey, do you know what is happening?”

“Yes, honey I do, it’s the signs,” she whispered

“The what?”

“The signs”

“I’m not understanding what you are saying. What signs?”

“It’s the Signs of total annihilation sweetie. It starts off with the jolting and then it’s the ocean falling apart. Sorry to break it to you , honey. But, We’re gonna die. I’m okay because I’m in good graces with the lord. Hopefully, you are too.”

“Oh, okay, thank you for the information”

With that information, I turn my ass right back around and looked out the window. The bus has completely stopped in the middle of the road. We’re surrounded by trees and if anything would happen, it would take EMS forever to get here. I mean, a good 20 miles back. There was a sign that said welcome to California. So, I know we’re in California. The question is where? And why are we stuck on the side of the road in complete darkness?

In between my thoughts, the speaker comes on

“Ladies and gentlemen. We have a flat tire. It’s gonna take some time to fix it, but we will be on the way as soon as we can”

Okay, that sounds good.

Little did I know it is gonna take 3 hours until roadside assistance comes.

All I can do is look out the window while everyone else talked and gossiped about their daily lives. I mean I listened to their conversations, but I know I wouldn’t fit in.

I grab some Doritos that I took out my duffle bag and began to eat them.

I was about to put the last chip in my mouth when the conductor came and said. “Ladies and gentlemen. Sorry to disturb you, but we need to get you off the bus. The bus is too heavy to lift up with so many people.”

That being said I was the first to step off the bus. The wind made my hair dance energetically. Although It didn’t make me cold, it actually felt nice. I followed the conductor thirty meters away from the bus and we stayed there for thirty minutes watching the bus go up and down. The tires are what caught my eye. It reminds me of my mom when she was alive. She always used to take me to the playground and watch me play and have fun. Even though she died five years ago I feel like she is with me every day. She was with me when dad got drunk and depressed about her death when my dad started the beatings and so many other challenges. But I feel like she’s with me more than ever. Looking down on me. Guiding me slowly through a path of the unknown.

“Good news everyone the tire is fixed and you all can get back on their bus. If you all haven’t realized we have fifty more miles to go until we reached Los Angeles.”

We stand in a line stepping on the bus one at a time. I go to my seat and seat down. A few minutes later. The woman that was talking about the total annihilation of the universe was sitting beside me. With a smile on her face. I guess she realized the world isn’t ending, or she doesn’t care is she dies or not. those possible thoughts scared me a little. So, I kept to myself and looked out the window.

The road was dark, but I began to see lights. Beautiful lights.

I mean I can’t believe we are in Los Angeles already.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are in Los Angeles and we are at our final destination.”

After that, the bus stopped and we all proceeded off the bus. The conductor already had the bags out so I picked my duffle bag up and walked away from the bus station.

Los Angeles at night is beautiful. I walk along the sidewalk passing so many stores, one more expensive than the next one. The crazy thing about it. Is that after all these expensive stores there was an Mc Donalds down the street. I go in and order.

“Hello, welcome to Mc Donalds what would you like?” a woman behind the counter said. She has blond hair and blue eyes. Her nose has a few freckles but nonetheless, she is beautiful.

“Oh hey, um can I get an Mc double, A large fry, a large fruit punch, oh and a cherry cream pie.”

“Yes ma’am, it’s going to be eight dollars please”

I go in my duffle bag and grab a ten-dollar bill and give it to her. She releases the cash drawer and gives me my receipt and three dollars back. I look down and see my order number is 231. So, I take a seat and wait until my order is done. All this time I can’t help but think. I made it here and I need to find a place to live, get a job and get a fresh start in life.

I pick up my phone and connect to the wifi. I look up some places that I can stay at and it’s not looking too promising. A lot of the apartments that are for rent cost nine hundred dollars a month. A keep strolling down Rentaroo it’s a website that shows you all the places that are renting in your specific area, and nine the apartments are nine hundred to one thousand dollars. I can’t afford that. I look one more time and an AD caught my eye.

Four-bedroom apartment. Three tenants live in it. A fourth tenant is needed. The rent will be four hundred dollars A month. The first month will be free. If interested call 802-738-8957.

I think this is a sign from God


I mean I never did this before I’m pretty sure this is a deal. Everything else is too expensive.


I mean I should totally go for this. This is a once in a lifetime thing


“Oh yes, that’s me, sorry.”

The cashier makes her way towards me and places my order on the table.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome, Enjoy”

She left, to go behind the counter to help another customer and I was left to dig in. I ate all my food and I picked up the phone to call the tenants Of the apartment.

“Hello, who is this?” A woman answered

“Oh, hello, my name is Amanda and I was hoping that. That room that was posted on Rentaroo was still for rent?”

“Oh, yes it is. Can you come here in 30 minutes so we can get to know you?”

“Oh, yeah, sure. Oh, see you in a few.”

“Okay, see you later”

“Okay, bye”

Oh, that went pretty well. I put the destination on my phone. The place was 10 minutes away. I get up and throw my trash away and make my way towards the apartment. As I passed, the area was getting slower and it seemed like the rich neighborhood. I look down and I have 5 minutes left on the route, and I’m really interested to see what this apartment looks like. Every house and apartment complex that I see is astonishing. Everything is all white. Like it’s the place God rested his head and blessed everyone on this street. It’s so overwhelming.

“You are at your destination. Have a nice day.”

“Yeah, Thanks Siri”

I turn the app off and enter the building. A Redheaded woman is at the front desk typing on her computer.

I walk up to the front desk and she lifts her head and I was met with green eyes.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

“Oh hey, I saw this AD and it said that a few tenants need a roommate.”

“Oh yes, can I see an ID, please?”

“Yeah, hold on”

I place my duffle bag on the counter and search for my ID. It took a while since it was at the bottom of my bag. But I got it and gave it to the woman. She took it and placed it in a scanner.

“Ma’am, I am only doing this just in case anything happens. So we just scan it and put it in the database.”

The scanner beeped and she took it out and handed it to me. I take it out of her hand and shove it in my purse.

“So can I meet them?”

“Oh yeah, sorry, their apartment number is 345. It’s on the third floor. You look to your left and there’s the elevator. You press 3 and you can find your way from there okay.”

“Yep, thank you”

“You’re welcome, enjoy your stay.”

I walk into the elevator and press the number 3. And surprisingly the elevator music was pop music. I thought it was gonna be some jazz or opera.

The elevator closes and I am off to the third floor. It wasn’t a long ride, but I’m very nervous. I’ve never been through this.

The elevator dinged and opened. I step out of the elevator and began to look for room 345. Every turn is so confusing. I’m so lost. I take a deep breath and try again. I look at the doors.


How long is this damn hallway gonna go? I’ve seen over a hundred rooms.


What the hell. Where is 345? How can a hallway, stop at 344? I backtrack and notice a sign I never saw before. The sign had arrows that showed the room numbers and which way to go.

“333,323,340,345, aha gotcha ok where are you? It says go right.”

Okay, right, it is then, I’m at the intersection of right and left. So I take a right and the first door I see says 345.

I knock on the door 3 times and I hear mumbling. The door opens and three women appear. A blond, a brunette, and a redhead

“Hey, you must be the new tenant come in,” they said in unison

Which is kinda creepy. They remind me of twins, but their triplets probably.

“Yeah, thanks.” I step in and take off my shoes and the brunette shuts the door. They all disappear behind the wall so I decide to join them.

When I turn the corner. I see a kitchen and all 3 girls were sitting down.

So I grabbed the fourth chair and sit down Also, pushing myself in. “So my name is Amanda it’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” The brunette said

“Oh yeah, we didn’t introduce ourselves well my name is Rachel. To my left is Luna and to my right is Riley.”

Rachel is mixed she has the skin color of perfect mixed caramel. She has short curly brown hair, brown eyes, with freckles on her nose and her lips are light pink.

Luna is on the left, She has a slight tan that is just right to bring all her features out. She has long blond hair with blue eyes with a birthmark beside her eye and her lips are heart-shaped.

Riley is on the right, she is a redhead with green eyes. Her skin is milky white and her cheeks and lips have a slight tint of red.

They are all-natural beauties and I’m so jealous.

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you guys. So what do I have to do?”

“Nothing for now. I will show you your room.” Rachel said

“Okay, but didn’t you say you wanted to know me.”

“Yeah, we don’t need that right now because we already like you. So here’s your room. We will go over everything in the morning. So get some rest. Also, Riley’s room is down the hall. My room is right beside yours, and Luna’s room is right in front of your room if you should need any help. Also, your bathroom is in your room. We all have our individual bathrooms.”

“Okay, thank you”

“You’re welcome we will see you in the morning okay”

“Okay, good night.”

Rachel walks into her room and shuts the door. I put my duffle on my bed and take out my pajamas and head into the bathroom. The bathroom has soup from the apartment so k should be good until I can buy some. I turn on the water and shut my bathroom door.

I take my clothes off and put them on the floor and I step in the shower.

Since I don’t have a washcloth yet I have to use my hand. Yes, it’s nasty, but I rather use my hand than not wash my body.

I soap my hand up to clean myself and I wash myself off.

I step out of the shower and dry myself off with my dirty clothes since a towel was non-existent at the moment.

I put my pajamas on and step out the bathroom all the light we’re out so I closed my bathroom door and hopped on my bed.

The bed was queen-sized and comfy. The room had two dressers, one by the window by the wall across from my room door and the other on the wall in front of my bed. The closet was huge meaning when I get a job I’m going to have to buy some clothes. But regardless my room was beautiful.

I cuddle myself into the pillow and shut the lights off. As the room gets darker I start to close my eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep.

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