The long road

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Feeling the sun on my face. I slowly open my eyes. At the same time, my door is opened and Rachel comes in wearing a yellow sundress filled with white daisies, and she is wearing yellow sandals.

She closes the door questionably speaking ” Hey Amanda, What would you like for breakfast?”

“Oh, anything, it doesn’t matter to me,” I reply

“Oh, okay, um, well. How does strawberry pancakes, with eggs sound to you?”

My head shot up “anything but strawberries, I will die. Like, die, die, die”

“Really?” her eyebrows scrunched up displaying concern

“No, I’m lying, I just don’t like them”

“ Girl, I was about to say, but yeah, I got you I’ll make sure to put them in their”

Rachel said, plopping on the bed. Amanda sits up resting her back on the wall.

“Besides the strawberries, It sounds pretty good to me Rachel. Thank you for this. I appreciate it. ”

“Oh, your welcome girl. Us girls have to stick together. Were like a united front stuck like glue we all have our demons, but we stick together and solve them together.”

Rachel gets up and walks out of the room, closing the door behind her.

I feel like she knows what I’m going through. I don’t know what it is, but I know I can trust her, although I’m not sure about the others. I’m just gonna have to see.

I throw the covers off of me and get out of bed. Surprising the floor is warm, so I don’t need to wear socks or anything, however, I’m going to have to go to the store and buy some stuff. I walk to my door and open it. The smell of food welcomed my nose with greetings. I proceed to go down the hall to the kitchen. The hallway was long and small but the rooms add up for it by the looks of my room I would say. I round the corner and Rachel is cooking, humming a happy tune.

She turns and grabs a plate sliding the pancakes one by one on it. She turns, squats and slides the plate on the table like a bartender sliding a man a beer on a busy Saturday. The plate glides and stops at the end of the table and Rachel straightens her knees and looks up.

“Hey girl, that’s your plate. I didn’t put strawberries on it. I would have done unicorn pancakes, but I didn’t know if you would like them or not.”

" I’ve never tried unicorn pancakes, but if you like them, I will probably like them too.”

I sit down on the chair waiting for her to get done cooking.

“Hey Rachel”

“Yeah?” she replies, looking up at me

“Do you know any store I can buy a car and some personal stuff at?”

“Well, there’s a shopping mall not too far down from here, And a car dealership that I got my car from. I’ll drive you down to the dealership first, so you can buy a car that you like and go shopping.”

Rachel sat down at the table and we both began eating.

I finished my pancakes before Rachel somehow. I got up and washed and dried the dish.

“Hey, Rachel, where does this dish go?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, I forgot about that”

She gets up and walks towards me and I give her the plate. She walks to a cabinet beside the refrigerator and opens it. She turns towards me and says.

“This is the cabinet for the plates and cups, we personally use plastic cups because we hate the way glass smells, so if you want to get your own dish you can put the dish over here. If you need any forks, spoons other utensils it will be in this drawer.”

She opens up a drawer on the left. On the right side of the sink. It has forks, spoons, knives, just everything essential for eating.

She touches the cabinet beneath the sink. And looks at me.

“If there should ever be a mess the cleaning supplies are down here. We have bleach, Awesome, Lysol, Dawn, Oil, and other supplies that you can check it out later.”

She closes the door and sits back down.

“Hey, where are Luna and Riley?” I asked

Rachel gets up. Walking out the kitchen and I follow behind her. She grabs a coat off the hanger and turns around facing me. Replying back

“Oh, they’re at work.”

“Cool, What do they do?”

“Well, Luna is a model. She works for Fashion Dyre Incorporated, it’s a multimillion-dollar company that models popular fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada everything from earrings clothes to shoes. However, Riley is the complete opposite, she owns a gym called, Veteran 24 Strong its a Gym specifically for veterans who are struggling to adapt to their surroundings and its a rehabilitation center so two in one.”

“Wow, that’s amazing, I’ve always been passionate about veterans. They’ve been through so much and they are treated terribly and it’s amazing that she is making a difference in their lives. Luna has a pretty amazing job too. I don’t think I’m comfortable with my body to be modelled like that.”

“Yep, so you gonna put on your shoes because I’m ready to leave right now.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll be right back” I run to my room putting on some socks and grabbing my coat. I run back to Rachel and she’s already ready. I grab my shoes from beside the door and slip them on. Grabbing my money and slipping it in my front pocket.

" You ready Amanda?”

“Yep, let’s go”

We walk out closing the door behind us.

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