The long road

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We are off

The door shuts behind us and Rachel locks it. We walk silently towards the elevator. Walking in, Rachel pressed the button to take us to the lobby. The elevator door shuts and it only took five minutes to get to the lobby. We step out of the elevator heading to the parking lot. We’ve been walking around for 10 minutes. I feel like we’re walking around in circles.

" Rachel where is your car? ” she turns around and points behind her and smiles

" It’s right here”

" Wow, what type of car is it?’”

“Oh, it’s a baby blue Toyota Corolla”

“Wow, it’s beautiful”

“Right, now get in the car”

Rachel unlocks the car, And we both slide in. I grab my seatbelt and click it in and we were off into the streets of Los Angeles

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