The long road

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Turn left on begramer st.

Okay... Siri, do not... get me lost...

I’m approaching a four-way. The Only thing about driving that wasn’t discussed with me. I learned nearly everything on my own since my teacher wanted to read and pick his nose the whole drive. Not paying attention if I was doing anything right or not. I nearly ran into a ditch that night, and he was still digging for gold.

I slow down gradually and stop.

Three cars are already in the intersection, and I don’t even know who stopped first. Good going Amanda, nice job. A gray car from my left proceeded straight along with the red car from my right. Now it’s just me and silver across from me. The silver beauty has no signal light on. So, they have the right of way. I guess I have no freaking clue. Creeping my car across the line the silver beauty goes past me. Leaving me to turn left.

In 10 meters Your destination is on the right.
Shops are beginning to surface the more I go down the street.

Turn right, and you’ve arrived. Los Angeles supermarket

Slowing down. I turn in to be met with a huge supermarket. Crowded with hundreds of people.

You have arrived at the Los Angeles supermarket.

“Yeah, thanks Siri,” I begin looking for a parking space.
After roaming around for 10 minutes a parking space finally opened. I swerve in Putting my beautiful banana in park.
Leaning back, I get the money from my pocket. Unraveling it and counting.


I split the money up. Separating 400 dollars to take inside. I open up the dashboard and put the remaining 800 dollars in. Closing the dashboard softly. I lean back and tuck the 400 dollars in my front pocket. Taking my keys out of the ignition I open the door and step out. Closing the door and immediately locking it after.
My car wasn’t that far away from the store. However, hundreds of people walking in and out of the supermarket doesn’t really help. It’s so amazingly diverse. People from different cultures interacting with each other is admirable.

The grocery store had 4 double doors, two said enter, the two said exit. I walk into the store and grab a grocery cart. I grab a sanitary wipe next to the door and wipe the cart down. Throwing the wipe in the bin on the other side of the door and I walk-in.

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