The long road

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The supermarket is so beautiful outside and inside. It’s easy to get distracted and lost.

Walking around the fresh produce. Amanda grabs all kinds of fruits and vegetables, putting them all in individual plastic baggies.

However, A certain sign caught her eye. The Bakery. Where most of the sweet things are. Leaving her cart briefly. She walks to the doughnut area.

My favorite is Boston cream and lemon pudding stuffed doughnuts. Looking at all the doughnuts displayed she found her favorites. Grabbing a box and a sheet to pick up the doughnuts and place them in the box.

I turn around closing the box and next thing I know I hit something soft but solid. I Stumble a few steps back.

Holding the doughnuts in one hand and stabilizing myself with the other.

I look up slowly and this Man is hot like hot, hot. His eyes are light green with auburn hair, his muscles bulge but not too much, and his jawline oh the jaw line. A man, made for perfection is standing in front of me

His lips are moving, but I hear nothing. Not a word. His facial features are out of this world.

He shakes Amanda softly, jolting her. Expecting a reaction. He received none. So, he flicks her in the forehead.

Amanda’s face shrivels up in pain immediately.

“That hurt, you jerk. You don’t start flicking random people in the head”

Amanda looks up to see his face to be met with confusion.

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were okay. You didn’t exactly say anything so I flicked you and you came back to earth” his baritone voice replies

“For your information, I was on earth. I just was caught in the moment.”

“Whatever you say alien,” he cracks a smile

“I’m not an alien you Neanderthal help me with this bread. Since you want to stand so close to someone.”

The bread was scattered all over the ground and one by one Amanda and Neanderthal picked them up. Organizing them perfectly. Before them stood a bread cart that didn’t look touched or harmed.

Neanderthal gets up, brushing his pants off, and proceeds to leave.

“Hey, Neanderthal, what is your name?” Amanda Asks standing up quickly.

He stopped for a moment. He’s back facing Amanda. He is contemplating rather telling her or not. But the inner battle won. He turns around giving Amanda a dazzling smile. Powerful enough to make any woman melt. Amanda felt it herself.

“Will, My name is Will.”

“Well, It was nice meeting you Neanderthal,” I said smirking

“And it was nice meeting you alien” and with that statement, he left. Taking his comfortable and safe presence with him.

Grabbing the cart I continue to shop, grabbing all kinds of essentials and treats.

My cart was full I got everything I need.

Amanda makes her way to the cashiers and strangely nobody was in any line so she chooses the first aisle she could find. The cashier scanned every item one by one placing them in bags.

She scans the last item.

She looks at me smiling” It’s 380"

Grabbing the money from my back pocket I place it in her hands.

“They’re 400 bucks for you.” I return the smile.

She hands me the money back and I’m off. Making my way out the building. It’s already dark outside. The parking lot cleared up a lot and my car was visible. Unlocking the car I put most of the bags in the trunk. The remainder of the bags I put in the back seat.

I lock my car once more and put the cart in the racks. Turning around I unlock the car and hop in.

I buckle myself up and start the car. Backing myself out of the parking lot.

Backtracking myself from Siri I managed to get back to Bob Dealership. Going into the parking lot I set Siri on course.

Turn Right And Continue straight for three miles and your destination is on the left.

Okay, Siri, do not, let me down.

Turning right. I see familiar buildings, but it’s different at night. Rich people don’t loiter the streets. Instead, Homeless individuals are scattered all around the area. On sidewalks, under bridges. It’s so heartbreaking.

I will help as soon as I get on my feet and that’s a promise.

Turn Left you are at your destination.

I turn into the parking lot. Parking in the closest parking spot to the building. I get out of the car locking it and go into the building. I grab a cart offered in the building and take it outside.

Unlocking my Gumball I pop the trunk, placing the bags on the cart. I grab the remaining bags from the back seat and lock the car. I push the cart into the building.

Waving at the clerk. I go into the elevator and press 3. It immediately closes and lifts off. The elevator door opens and I push the cart into the room. Knocking on the door three times.

Rachel opens the door Greeting me with a smile.

Smiling back, I push the cart in. Closing the door behind me, I take off my shoes. Unloading all my bags I put them all on the floor. I put all the food in the refrigerator and put the remaining bags in my room.

Closing my door. I head out again and put the cart away. Going down the elevator once again trudging through the lobby. And placing the cart right where it was when I got it.

I go back into the elevator and press 3 once again and make my way to the room. I knock one more time and Rachel opens the door again.

Walking back in, the final time and take my shoes off. While Rachel closes and locks the door. Riley and Luna were on the couch watching a movie. But, turned around to greet me. Each getting up and giving me a hug. First Luna than Riley and Rachel.

“Aw, thanks guys, That was really sweet.”

“Your welcome” they all spoke in unison

“Anyway guys I saw this hot guy today, but he was annoying as ever. But I don’t know. I just don’t know, you know what I mean guys?”

“No, we don’t,” Rachel and Luna said.

" I do” we all look at Riley. For some reason, Luna and Rachel were surprised she would even say that.

I’m internally jumping around right now “Well, Riley, if you don’t mind, It would be nice to talk about it with you. If you would like” I mean Riley isn’t a scary person. But she has a strength that shouldn’t be reckoned with.

“Sure, anytime Amanda, just tell me when?” Riley plops back down on the couch smiling at me

“Okay, how about tomorrow? Maybe we can go somewhere and talk”

“Yeah, I’m free for a couple of hours in the morning. ”

“Okay, thanks, Riley”

“Your welcome Amanda”

“Oh, yeah, since it was my time to cook dinner tonight. Your dinner is in the microwave all you have to do is heat it up.”

“Thank you, Riley,”

“Your welcome sis.”

I turn around and I walk into the kitchen and put the microwave on. I don’t like my food hot. Just warm enough to eat it. I take the food out of the microwave and place it on the table. I grab a Fork and eat.

Each bite I took was amazing. I never tasted anything like this. I might have to pay Riley to cook this for me. Because this is amazing. This stewed chicken and rice are fighting worthy this is definitely on my wish list. The dessert though, is a deep dished peach pie. The crust is thick and flaky. Every bite better than the last. This is going to be on my wish list also.

I get up and clean up my dish. Washing and drying it. And putting it away.

Walking out the kitchen I say Goodnight to the girls. Each replying Goodnight back. I trudge myself into my bedroom, turning on the light.

I unravel my bags. Emptying out the contents. I grab all my new clothes and put them in the dressers folding them neatly. Shorts, tops, undies, pants, jeans, dresses, coats, are all folded neatly. I fold the towels and washcloths placing then on the rack next to the shower. I place shampoo and conditioner in the closet along with soap and some robes. I place one robe behind my bathroom door so it would be easy to put on after a shower.

I put my new sheets in the closet. I place my lava lamp on my dresser. I place my radio on the dresser and plug the lava lamp and radio in. I put my toothpaste and toothbrushes in the closet alongside my deodorant. And lastly, my yellow beanbag chair. I place it in the corner of my room adjacent to my bed

I’m finally done.

Now it’s time to make a phone call.

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