The long road

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Taira & Tiles

Grabbing my phone I bring up Tiara’s number.

I hope they’re not mad at me for calling so late. It has been four or five days since I left. I know they’re worried. I just have been doing so much.

I press the call button and bring the phone to my ear and she answered.

“Amanda, Honey is that you?”

“Yes, Tiara it is. I miss you guys”

“Aww, we do too, honey, I’m a little upset that you didn’t call us sooner.”

Hearing this response Amanda runs her hand through her hair. Playing with it.

“Yeah, I know, and I’m sorry. A lot of stuff has happened since I got on that bus.”

“Well, I can understand that. I’m just happy you made it safely. Now, tell how was your trip and what’s been happening?”

“Well, the bus ride was crazy, I was sitting beside a woman who was a little crazy. The bus had a flat tire and we had to sit on the bus for 3 hours. because we were waiting for road assistance. and during that time the woman beside me was panicking. I mean I’m not dissing her, but she was talking about some signs like a flood and then a fire and she was like I'm in good graces with my god. I hope you are too. after she said that. I turned my ass right back around and minded my own business.”

Loud hysterical laughter welcomed my ear and I couldn’t help but laugh along.

“Oh My Gosh, Honey, I am Weak, shoot I would have done the same thing. ”

“Right, but after that whole ideal everything was smooth sailing. I found an apartment with three tenants and they needed one more and they welcomed me with open arms.”

“I am so proud, hopefully, I get to meet them someday, what are their names.”

“Well, there is Riley, Rachel, And Luna they are all amazing people and I am so glad that I have met them you know. After all this bad luck. After all, my struggles. I feel like everything is looking up for me.”

“Yeah, I know, and you are making me proud.”

“I’m trying to Tiara. OOOHHH Guess what?”


“I bought me a yellow Gumball on wheels. It rides smoothly and it just caught my eye when Rachel took me to a dealership. But after that, I went to the store to buy myself some things and I bumped into this guy..”

“Okay, was he hotter than the Window Man, Cause the Window Man looked pretty damn hot when he came over. Matter of fact, he came over a few days ago wondering where you went and he said I quote.” Where did Aphrodite go?” I don’t know who Aphrodite is but girl he had the hots for you.”

" He was okay, but the guy I meet today was everything. I don’t know what to say. He irritated me a little since he stood in my way while I was trying to get my doughnuts and then he had the nerve to flick my forehead. And that hurt and you wanna know what he said after he flicked me.”

“What did he say, Amanda?”

“He said this. 'Well, I wanted to make sure you were okay. You didn’t exactly say anything so I flicked you and you came back to earth.′ he made it sound like I was far away, I mean, if you looked at him you would understand why I was looking at him the way I did. And then he had the nerve to call me an alien. An A-L-I-E-N. And then he smiled. Do I look like an alien to you Tiara huh? So I called him a Neanderthal since he wanted to stand in the way. And then a whole cart of bread fell because he wanted to stand in the way like the hulk. I made him pick up the bread too since it was his fault that he was so close to me. Making me stumble back and knock over the bread cart.

“An alien. I am weak, now that is funny. That right there is a keeper.”

“Tiara, did you not hear what I just said. Yes, he would be a keeper if I was looking for something like that, but I have to focus on my self for the time being. If we cross paths again, then we are destined for something. But right now he is a Neanderthal even though he told me his name.”

“Annnd, What is his name??”

“His name is Will and sadly I didn’t give him my name but If he was interested. He would be wondering what my name is for a long time until we meet again. I guess.”

“Well, you’re right, your not a girl someone can easily forget. It will toy with his mind for a while. But Tiles Wants to talk to you for a little before he goes to bed.”

“Okay, put him on” A full-blown smile creeps upon my face waiting for his voice.


“Hey, Tiles, How are you doing buddy?”

“I’m doing okay, I miss you”

“Aw, I miss you too, are those kids messing with you anymore?”

“Nope, not anymore Manda, they used to but after you came, they are scared and no one approaches me and makes fun of me anymore.”

“I’m glad buddy, Now Tiles listen closely”

“Okay, Tiles is listening”

“Okay, I love you, I always will, and I expect you to be on your best behavior with your momma, okay.

“Okay, Manda”

“I also want you, to take care of your momma, I love you both for all you have done for me. Okay, little bro. I’ll be back to visit you guys soon, but I need to get on my feet before that okay.”

“Okay, Manda, I love you too.” Tiles yawned softly

“Aw, It seems that you are tired buddy. It’s time for you to go to bed, okay.”

“Okay, Good night Manda.

“Good night Tiles, hand the phone back to your momma.”


The phone switched to Tiles to Tiara

“Yeah, I’m glad he got to talk to you. He’s been worried about you”

“Aww, I messed the bugger also, well I missed both of you, but I should be going to bed too Tiara, I’ll call you soon okay,”

“Okay, Amanda, I love you, Honey”

“I love you too, Good night.”


I cut the call. Letting out a huge sigh. I miss them.

I get up and take a shower. Doing my nightly routine before hopping into the bed.

Tonight however I’m praying.

I’m praying that everything will continue to look up for me, I’m praying that my father won’t find me if he made it through. I’m praying that I will see my brother again, I’m praying that I can find a job. I’m praying that I can keep this apartment with my friends. I’m praying that Tiara and Tiles will always love me and support me, as I do them. and I’m praying that Will and I might cross paths again.

Hopefully, my Prayer will be listened to and heard.

Now I can fall asleep with my shoulders lightened.

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