The long road

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Being the Lead Doctor at Los Angelos Pracainc Hospital is stressful.

I always wanted to be a Doctor. Ever since I was little. I always treated my little sister’s wounds from our father. Who was or still is abusive. I left her with him, my own sister. It eats me up every single day, that I left her, I never meant to leave her. But, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take her being hit every single day and having to treat her wounds and act like everything was normal. However, She was my inspiration to become a doctor. She is the reason I am one today.

Throwing the covers off of me, I get out of bed. I walk into my bathroom and do my morning routine. I walk out of my room and head into the kitchen and grab a granola bar and an apple.

Taking my phone off the table and the keys off the wall I leave. Closing and locking the door behind me. I hop into my black truck and start it up backing out of the driveway.

The drive to the hospital is only thirty miles away. Which is good for me.

The hospital has many Wings I’m the trauma doctor of the hospital, but I help out with other departments if they need me.

I turn into the parking lot and park in my designated spot. It makes it easier for me to go in and out when needed. Getting out, I lock my car and go into the hospital.

Many doctors and nurses greet me when I walk in. Some, with genuine smiles, others with looks of grimace all the way to my department.

Heading into my office, I place my belonging in my safe beneath my disk.

Knocking on the door catches my attention and I look up. Ashley, one of the day nurses awaits at the door.

“What do you need Ashley?”

“Well, one of the superintendents wants to speak with you?”

“And, which one wants me” I cock my eyebrow up questionably while leaning back in my chair.

“Dr. Gridtson” she replies

“Okay, Ashley, Thank you”

“Your welcome Doctor.”

She closes the door quietly and leaves.

I wonder what he wants. He’s been on my back ever since I became the lead doctor.

I close my safe and walk out of my office closing the door behind me.

The walk to Dr. Gridtson’s office isn’t that far from mine. Its only two offices down and I don’t know why he can’t walk to my office himself. It would save my energy.

I approach his door and knock

“Come in,” His gruff voice answers.

Dr. Gridtson drops his papers and removes his glasses immediately when I walked in. I close the door and sit down.

“What did you want Dr. Gridtson?”

“Well, unfortunately, Dr. Collins, It comes to my attention. That your Patients are leaving the ER in worse condition than they originally come in,” he says placing his hands firmly on his desk giving me a mixed look of confusion and disappointment.

“What? What do you mean? That they leave in a worse condition than they came in?”

“Well, the hospital committee has looked at videotapes of you and your patients. The videotape only shows the before and after of your patients. We have no idea what happens in the time that you have with your patients. But, you’re being put under investigation. As, of tomorrow, you are suspended with paid leave until we get to the bottom of this?”

“Wait, what?” “No, I didn’t do anything wrong” “you can’t do this.” I stand up causing the chair to fall behind me.

“Yes, we can and we will. End of discussion. You are dismissed”

I am so outraged. I open the door and slam it. Earning the attention of a variety of patients and nurses.

I turn around and make my way to my office.

Something is going on and I don’t know what. I’m going to find out though.

With that thought, He goes into his office and slams the door.

Waiting for the nurse to confirm his first patient.

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