The long road

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No chains

“Come on, big bro, please slow down,” nine-year-old Amanda said. While running to keep up with her big brother hunter.

“I’m not running fast Ama you’re just slow.” he slowed down to a walking pace so Amanda can keep up.

“Bro where are we going,” she asks

" Dad is taking us to see this lady. He said she is our mom so we have to get home.”

They approach the house and dad’s truck is there with an unfamiliar car next to it. Walking towards the door. The door was swung open by dad; he pushes us in the living room, forgetting about our shoes and coats. We approach the kitchen and he spoke “kids, I want you to behave. You will meet someone very important and she wants to be a part of your life”. He pushes open the door, and a lady is sitting on a chair. She stands up and approaches us and gets down on one knee. Saying “Hey, I’m your mother”.

Memories in the shape of dreams always wake me up before my alarm does.

I always stay in bed for a few minutes. Because I hate getting up so early, but I got to get up for him and make his food.

I throw the sheet off me and get out of bed. Looking at the clock that read 6:45 I drag myself towards the bathroom to freshen up before heading downstairs to cook breakfast. I pass by my father’s room to see if he was still sleeping. I didn’t have to open the door because I can hear his snores. I felt like knocking on the door and waking his ass up, but I don’t need any more punishments. I turn and make my way downstairs through the living room into the kitchen. So, I can start making breakfast. I took out the batter to make waffles and syrup. By the time the waffles were done cooking, I hear my dad coming downstairs. So I set down his food and drink. I washed the pots and pans I used. Then The door slowly opens.

I know it’s him. “Good morning,” he grumbled in a rugged, edgy tone. He looks awful this morning. I mean, usually, he looks good, but today he looks rough as hell. His gray hair is all over the place, and his shirt and pants are all wrinkled. I mean the shirt and pants still fit him since he is average weight, but he looks terrible. “Good morning,” I say back.

He sits down and eats. I’m so astonished he ate all of my food.

Well shit, that’s a first. I’m scrubbing the last few plates and put them in the dishwasher. When he finished eating, I grabbed his plate and put it in the dishwasher. I made my way to the door, and he spoke. “Amanda”

" Yes, father"

" I want the whole house cleaned. I might have a guest tonight” with that statement he got up and left. He puts on his shoes and jacket and leaves. Hearing his truck drive away, I begin the cleaning. Our house has five rooms and three bathrooms. Father and I take up two rooms, And one room was my brothers, but he’s gone now, so it’s vacant like the other two rooms. My father bought extra furniture for each bedroom except mine, but I don’t mind because when it’s time to leave I won’t have a strong attachment to this house.

I find thinking makes the cleaning faster. Because I’m already done with four rooms. I walk into my brother’s room and sit down on the bed. He was amazing he looked the entire opposite of me. He had blond hair and blue eyes. His room used to have FFDP posters everywhere. I guess that rock band helped him escape the reality of me being beaten for years. The sad thing about it is that he left me.

One night I just walked to his room to see if he was okay, but he was gone without a trace. Without a goodbye. I don’t even know if he is alive.

I wipe my tears, and go downstairs and I make dinner. I take out the pots to make Baked Ziti, and I open up a jar of Prego and put it in a pot and warm it up. I boil the water and once the pasta was done, I drained it and began cooking the ground beef. I put everything together. Preheated the oven and put the Ziti in the oven to bake.

I set the table and watch a little television in the living room.

I sat on the couch and turned on the television. The living room wasn’t much. It just had a TV in the corner, two chairs, and a rug.

Switching through the channels, I settled on Lucifer. It’s a good show, an amazing show, actually.

When the commercials come on. I go into the kitchen and check on the Ziti. I open the stove taking the Ziti out and placed it on the counter.

I turn around to pick up the plates from the dinner table and place some Ziti in them and set them back down on the table. After all that the Ziti was gone, I washed the casserole that the Ziti was in. Suddenly, my head was yanked back. I was thrown to the ground, and my father was standing over me. “AMANDA, you know I don’t appreciate disrespect. When I have a guest, you get your fat ass out here and introduce yourself”.

When he said guest I looked behind him to see a skinny blond woman with a miniature black dress barely covering anything.

“Hi, my name is Amanda, it’s nice to meet you,”.

She looked down at me and smiled.

My father punched me repeatedly and left me on the ground. He proceeded up the stairs, taking the woman with him, and he slammed his bedroom door.

I put the food in the toaster oven and climb the steps silently. I open my bedroom door and lock it immediately.

I hop in bed not caring about anything and fall asleep.

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