The long road

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Hospital 2

The hospital is so complicated, especially finding the place where I really need to go to get the best care. I probably look lost considering that I am. But this hospital is like a maze. I mean I took so many turns and I went into three surgical rooms on accident.

Literally all the rooms and Hallways look exactly alike. The signs help somewhat, but I was never good at following directions. I mean, if Siri could help me in this situation, it would be very appreciated.

I close my eyes briefly and reopen them. I look around observing my surroundings. Patients were in wheelchairs getting rolled around, some were in robes walking around in their gowns and I finally spot a receptionist desk at the end of the hallway. I walk towards it and suddenly I hear a patient crying. I mean in hospitals you're going to hear people crying, but it was like when you hold a baby and they have that cry and you recognize that something is wrong and it's so heartbreaking. This cry broke my heart. It holds agony and sadness. Something I know all too well. I hesitate I want to find out who's hurting but I know I couldn't do much but hug them and watch them cry. I already know I wasn't made to work in a hospital or care for the patients that so desperately needed it. How can I care for someone and I don't even have my life straight.

I turn around and glance down the hallway. One of the rooms I passed, an individual is crying their heart out. It's so sad. I know who I'm going to pray for. I just hope that person will be okay.

I turn back around and I walk to the Receptionist's desk. Placing my hands on the counter. The receptionist was a beautiful brunette. She had a bob cut, her eyes were sky blue and she has cute freckles all around her face. I look at the name tag on her shirt. Figures her name would be Ashley.

She looks up and smiles.

"Good morning My name is Ashley How may I help you?

"Good morning Ashley, I need to see a gynecologist. I checked to see if any was in the area but there wasn't so I decided to come here."

"Yeah, It's really disappointing to have all these buildings, but a limited amount of room for health services. Well, we don't have a gynecologist department, but we do have a doctor who does Odds and Ends," she says while typing on her computer.

"Okay, I guess that will be fine." I mean what choice do I have The nearest gynecologist was four hours away and I'm not going that far. To get lost and kidnapped.

"Okay, so what service do you need today?" she continues to type

"Well, I need to get tested for STDs," I say, and she stops typing.

"Oh, okay, for this particular issue we only have one doctor on call his name is Dr. Collins. Just sign these papers and we will get to you as soon as possible."

She twirls her chair around and gets up, walking to the printer behind her. She collects a stack of papers. And places them in a clipboard. And walks back towards me and hands them to me. Taking them, I turn around and sit in the lobby that I didn't see before. I sit down on a comfy yellow sofa. Collecting the papers I Look them over.

The first three papers were basic information. What was my name? When was I born? Who do I contact if anything goes wrong? Just the basics. The last three are complicated. I mean it will take an hour to go through all these questions. All the papers have questions on both sides. I put them back in order and start from the beginning. Picking up the pen I begin to write.


Through the period of time of filling out these sheets. The Lobby began to fill up to full capacity somehow. From ladies young and old. All beautiful in their own way, but I hope they're not here for the same thing as me. I know the world is a horrible place, but people shouldn't be touched for other's selfish and disgusting gain.

Straightening out the papers. I get up and give the papers back to Ashley.

"Thank you Ms..." she looked at the clipboard assessing my name.

"It's Collins."

"Oh, yes, Ms. Collins. Dr. Collins will be with you shortly."

I turn around and sit back down. Taking out my phone it reads 12:40 am. It's hard to believe I've been signing papers for half an hour.







"Mrs. Collins? " "Mrs. Collins?"

"Yes" my irritation seeps through intentionally as I continue to flip through a magazine and look up.

A blond, blue-eyed man in a white coat is standing in front of me. His eyes glistening with excitement, but I'm going to rain on his parade for making me wait so long.

"Mrs. Collins. I'm going to evaluate you?"

"Oh really. You know I could have been dying in this Lobby. I've been waiting for...." I pull back my sleeve revealing my clock. Gazing at the time unbelievably in shock "I've been waiting for six hours. Where are your priorities there is nobody on this wing all the people have gone and left that were in this lobby? I was the first to arrive and The last one to get assistance. Like what?"

"I'm so sorry, well my main priority is on you right now."

"It better be.

I'm just ready for this day to be over with." I mumble softly.

while looking past him down the hallway.

we walk through the ER and he brings me into a room.

I sit down on the examination table. sliding back and placing my back against the wall. He closes the door and sits down on a stool looking through a chart. adjusting his glasses while he flips through each page.

"So, Mrs. Collins what brings you in today?" he sets the chart down on his lap looking at me directly.

"Well, I had sex and I don't know if If m Pregnant of if the guy had an STD or not so I'm here to get checked for that," I replied looking around the room. I hate lying through my teeth but I can't tell anyone. I'm not ready.

"Okay, Mrs. Collins I'm sure that the nurse told you that this hospital doesn't have an OBGYN but I'm a doctor who is qualified to help. do I have your permission to help you?"

"Yeah, you do."

he nods his head and takes out a form and a pen. "Well, Mrs. Collins to get started all you have to do is sign these papers, and I can examine you," he says smiling at me.

he gives me the piece of paper And I begin to read it.

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