The long road

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Hospital 3

The paper in my hand suddenly felt heavy and the atmosphere felt eerie.
I finally left my father only to have this feeling again. The feeling of dread. Isn't a hospital supposed to make me safe? Or was it a police station? Everything was fine until I picked up the paper. The room suddenly got cold and I am so thankful I left my hair down. Because I don't want to see whose in the room with me. It can't be the Doctor. Doctors don't hurt their patients. They don't hurt the people they are trying to save. So why do I feel dreadful.
The slam of the chair hitting the window was deafening. Forcing Amanda to look at the chair thrown. The window rattled and shook. The force of impact wasn't enough to break the windows, or raise awareness to the other nurses. But it was enough for her to realize that she wasn't safe. Taking her eyes from the chair she focuses on what's in front of her. An angry male. Not a caring Doctor, not her father, but an angry random man wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck. What could get worse than this. Who knew going to a safe place would gamble her chances of getting in the same situation she fought her way out of.
His heavy breathing overpowered her shallow ones. It was slow but powerful she didn't notice the change in his demeanor. He was fine until she picked up the pen, and Frankly, she did not know what to do. Should she make a break for it or wait for someone to help. She didn't want to look up. She's too frightened to look. Even If she tried to get out of this room its easy for him to Subdue her.
Moving her hair away from her face Amanda looks up. She turns her head, keeping her eyes on the doctor watching his every move. What was more strange it was like he was here, but wasn't here like he was looking through me. Not accessing that he was rageful or that someone was in the room. His breath was quick his jaw was clenched along with his fists. Amanda took her eyes away from him eyeing the door. Assessing if she could make it. A table stood in between her and the door. If she managed to pick up the table and throw it in his direction. She'll have a chance. This is the only chance she has.
Her eyes met the doctor again and she jumped, she picked up the table and threw it at him. Completely missing her aim. She runs to the door and shakes it. Pulling it and it didn't budge it's locked from the outside and a key was needed to get out from the inside.
He grabbed her hair, slamming her into the wall. Causing black spots to invade her vision. He picked her up as she weighed nothing but a feather and threw her against the door. She heard something crack followed by pain and she cried out. Nobody could hear her scream of pain. Nobody came to see what was going on. He grab's her throat, squeezing hard. making it hard to breathe
Every second it gets harder and harder to breathe. She can feel her body turning cold. She feels her heart race, beating a thousand times faster. She feels herself fading. She, however, finds enough strength to fight. Claw at his hands, kick his shins. But she wasn't creating any damage he wasn't budging.
With one last burst of energy she kicked. Kicked him right in the balls. And he immediately lets go to carcass them. Leaving no room to discuss she kicks him in the face. And his hands leaves from his privates to his face and she brings her leg back and kicks him harder than she could ever muster.
Now it's time, to find a way out. I look frantically around. While he's still on the ground I can get out but how? Still keeping a close eye on him. I notice the table. Still laying against the glass. Jumping over his body I retrieve it and run towards the window with it in my hands. Putting my body weight against the chair. I clashed on the window.
The window cracked a little. After three tries it finally made way. By this time he was getting. I grabbed nothing but my keys in my pocket and ran. I ran five doors down. Anywhere was safer than this. Opening the door. I slammed it closed.
Breathing heavily Amanda begins to cry. Not knowing she had an audience. Falling to her knees, she locks the door and turns around. To be met with a familiar face. The man from the grocery store.
Amanda stands in shock. Her face in disbelief that she picked a room he was in. She turns her head back towards the door. Violently shaking and she runs into the bathroom. Locking the door behind her.

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