The long road

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Hospital 4


I am so damn confused and furious. Everything was going fine until she comes in frantic.

I wasn’t expecting her to be here, especially in the condition I saw her in. The bruises on her skin and glazed over eyes, shook him to the core.

Will was confused, he was scared to see Amanda frightened, scared for her life. Connecting the dots made him more scared than anything.

What the hell happened? He gets up from the examination table and opens the door leading towards the hallway. The room was soundproof so whatever happened in the room wasn’t heard outside.

He noticed because his doctor spoke extremely loud for some odd reason. In fact he didn’t see his doctor in the hallway, no doctors, no nurses, except one crazed doctor. Will knew it was him who caused Amanda to run. He knew those bruises and god knows what else was caused by him. Gosh, he’s in no position to fight a crazed doctor, but shit he hurt her. An amazing woman and he doesn’t take lightly on something so major.

He closed the door silently. Causing no awareness that he and she was not that far from him.

Looking around the room, he found nothing but an armchair and a table. Both hardwood and with enough strength it can bring some serious damage.

Will walks back towards the door and opens it slightly. He grabs the table and throws it out the room and the chair soon after. He walks out the door facing the doctor. The doctor crazed with rage was alerted by the sudden sound.

Shit, I really didn’t think this through, but I’m here now.

He took this time to talk to the doctor. To talk some sense into him.

“Hey, Doc you okay bud. I noticed your a little angry over there. Why you mad Doc? ”

Will waited for an answer and received none. The Doctor just stood there. Heavily breathing. No recognition that Will said anything to him. He was just a predator ready to strike. Which made Will uncomfortable. To protect himself and Amanda he needs to bring this man down. He looked down the hallways again and received no evidence that people were anywhere along the strip.

Well, I guess I’m going to have to fight him.

The doctor closed the gap and threw the first punch. Catching Will off guard. Shaking his senses. The assaults continued leaving no room for Will to defend himself. No room for him to throw any punches. All he could do is block until he notices a falter in his assaults. Will did notice the doctor’s hits were messy and unexpected; making it even more dangerous, but an easy ending if he had the chance. Each hit struck his body and Will let out a groan. And then he saw it, the falter, the opening.

Will smile’s, making his first punch to his abdomen. Another to his face, snapping his head to the side. And a horse kick to the head. He stumbled struggling to stay up. And Will turned around to grab the chair and swung it. The chair made contact with his stomach throwing the doctor down knocking him out.

Will stumbled. Slightly swaying. He shook his head while walking toward the doctor and kicks him. Receiving No response. He opens a random door in the hallway and drags him in. Closing the door behind him.

He walks back to his room, closing the door and grabs the hospital phone calling 911. It’s so ironic really.

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“Hello, my name is Will and we have a doctor in Psychosis with the intent to kill. My friend has been hurt physically and I had to deescalate the problem, however, I don't know how long he's going to be unconscious.

“Okay, sir, what is your location?

“I’m at Los Angelos Pracainc Hospital"

"Okay, I’m sending help to your location. And where are the doctors?”

“Hell if I know, all taking a damn lunch break. Like shit doesn’t go down in the hospital. Security is crap. Nobody came to help and my friend is still in my room in the bathroom. As a fellow soldier, I’m not good at these things, but she really needs help.”

“Okay, sir, do whatever you have to do to comfort her. You can put the phone down, but let me stay on the line”

Okay then

Will puts the phone down and approaches the door. Knocking lightly.

"Hey, Its Neanderthal. You remember me. Well, if you don’t, it’s okay, we bumped into each other in the supermarket the other day. I Know that you are scared, but you have to be brave. We have to be brave. Can you be brave and open the door for me?"

After a long pause he heard a small whisper of defiance.

“And why not sweetie?”

“Because you might hurt me too?” although barely heard he could hear every word.

“I know your scared, okay and I would never hit you or hurt you in anyway, My parents raised me better than that. Real men cherish their women and they protect all women from the dangers of the world. Including you. I will not hurt you in anyway, I can promise you that."

" Promises can’t be kept. that doctor.... Hurt me I can’t. " She begins to Sob loudly and it broke his heart.

He wanted to comfort her. Not be locked on the other side of the door while she’s hurting. God knows what she is thinking, what her body has gone through.

“Okay, I’ll be right back” Will turns to leave to be stopped by a small defiance.

A protest so small you have to listen closely. The words "don’t leave me” left her lips the words of vulnerability.

He was giving her the strength, by just standing by the door. Talking to her. Soothing her worries that everything will be okay.

While Will was standing at the door contemplating rather to leave and find help. The door opened suddenly, and Amanda grabs him, pulling him into the room locking the door afterwards.

Amanda used all her strength to get him in. She felt so exhausted. She shouldn’t trust him, but this once she needed someone and the girls weren’t here for this one. Will was here.

Amanda drags herself into the corner and balls up into a fetal position. She hurt so much and Will saw it so clearly. He knew that pain. He crouches and sits down beside her. Lifting her up gently placing her on his lap rocking her. Humming a tune his mom used for him to calm him down when threatened.

He saw the effects. Her back began to relax, she wasn’t so stiff, she wasn’t shaking as much, and her eyes were closed as she was at peace. Her everlasting beauty took his breath away.

Looking at her something began to emerge. A foreign feeling he never felt. Hatred, jealousy, envy. Those were the feelings he has felt throughout his life so far. This was unique and strange. But not an issue to be pressed about.

Amanda finally began to relax when someone began Banging on the door Frantically. The sudden noise shook Amanda she felt so weak at the moment she hated being a woman. The faultiness of strength. She had no strength of a thousand men, but the courage of a million soldiers, but what could courage do when fighting to survive.

Amanda gathered her courage and got up. The process was slow but she wasn’t wobbly. She had the support and Will was that support at the moment. Somehow she knew it was the doctor at the end of the door. And she looked around the bathroom. She spotted a shower rod. “Hey Neanderthal help me with this.”

Will got up tearing the rod from the wall. Taking the shower curtain off. He hands the rod to Amanda.

If she wants to fight, she can fight I will not keep her from fighting her battles, however, she won’t be fighting alone I will fight alongside her. Will Pushes Amanda behind him and opens the door. Will catches the first punch the second and third. Amanda tries her luck by sneaking between the two sets of legs. Getting stepped on wasn’t an option considering the bruises she all ready had.

She gets to her feet slowly and lurches on the doctor back, placing the shower rod on his throat she falls back pinning him down also. She broke his fall. She heard the sound of her ribs crack, but she didn’t let go. The pain came but she didn’t let go. The pain was so strong, but her fear overcame it. She still held the rod.

Will noticed he has been dead for a while but she still held on not once losing her hold. The cries of anguish were heard loudly in the room and echoed down the halls of the corridor.

Will knew Amanda was scared, and angry. She de-escalated the issue with the doctor.

Now it’s his turn to de-escalate. The situation in front of him.

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