The long road

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She heard the creak. The floorboards only creak when someone walks into her room. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know her father was standing there. She can hear his heavy breathing, smell his sweat.

Unraveling herself from her fetal sleeping position, she opens her eyes slowly. Analyzing his every move, unsure why he is in her room, but she knows it’s not for anything good.

She jumps out of the bed and runs for the door. And immediately he catches her by the waist. And throws her on the bed. She scrabbles off the bed and runs to the window, unlocking it. He already blocked the door, leaving no chance for her to escape that way. Her only chance of escape is the window. Looking down, it’s a three-story drop.

The drop could be deadly, but she will take that chance. She opens the window wide enough for her to fit through. But he grabs her, Slapping her. The sound bounces off the wall echoing throughout the room. Amanda’s head whips sideways from the force, leaving her dizzy and disoriented. He throws her on the bed once again and works his way between her legs, forcing his way through. His kisses, sloppy, making a stream of his saliva cascade down her cheek, coating her hair.

Using one hand to lift her hands above her head. His fingers yank at her pajamas. Ripping the clothes off her body, leaving her naked. Tears gather in her eyes. Falling immediately after. He removes the one thing keeping her protected and safe. He loosens his grip briefly to remove his boxers and throws them in the corner of her room.

Amanda gathers up her strength and she fights back. Even though there is not a lot of room to move. She shakes, screams, try to force herself up. But his strength increases Tri-fold. She pleads for him to stop, but he doesn’t.

Instead, he rubs her head gently. Whispering in her ear saying “It’s okay baby, I’m going to make you feel real good. Like the first day we met.”

Tears continue to fall, Sobs rack her body up and down the Jolts However, turn him on. He aligns himself with her front and suddenly slammed into her forcefully, stretching her painfully. Amanda releases a blood-curdling scream. A deafening scream that bounces off the walls. She turned her head to the window and shut her eyes and thought about the good times. When her mother was still alive, nurturing her under her wing. When her brother was with her, teasing her every day. The fun they would have altogether as a big family.

Amanda never understood the word hate, but she knows she hates her father and she’s starting to hate her mother for leaving her.

If she wouldn’t have died, leaving me. Maybe he wouldn’t be thinking I’m, my mom. He wouldn’t be Raping me Repeatedly. If she wouldn’t have been so selfish, maybe I would have grown up like I always wanted. We could have had the perfect family. me, Dad, Hunter, and Mom,

Concentrating on memories and wishes are becoming harder. The pain still excruciating. With one powerful thrust, he released. His Body fell on Amanda, nearly crushing her. Making it even harder to breathe through the pain.

The night continued like this over and over, like a videotape pressed on rewind. Him releasing and building back his strength in minutes for her to be raped over and over and over. Her thoughts and wishes are no longer a place she can go to. To drift off from the pain. The Window comforts her. The stars glistening in the sky are beautiful. Too beautiful to witness her pain.

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