The long road

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After a while, He left my room, leaving me to myself to my thoughts.

I can’t move. No matter How hard I try. Everything in my body is not cooperating. This pain is too much.

What did I do to deserve this? I did everything he asked. I gave him everything he wanted. But, It wasn’t enough. It never was.

Finding the strength, I throw my covers off and I grab the bat, I keep hidden under my bed. Every movement sent excruciating pain through my body. But, I push through the pain. Waddling to his room. I hear his snores. Opening up the door slowly, I approach his bed. He looks so peaceful like he did no wrong. Like he didn’t just rape his daughter repeatedly awhile ago.

I stand over him. Lifting the bat, I swing. Hitting him as hard as I can. His eyes shoot open as he lets out a letting out a heart-wrenching scream. I’ve never felt so alive. I keep swinging and swinging, remembering every punch, kick, and slap. Hearing his bones crack gives me a sick and twisted satisfaction. I don’t want to stop. But, I’m not a murderer. I’m not a monster like him.

His body laid beaten and bloody on the bed. Barely taking in oxygen.

I go back into my room and take a shower. Cleaning off the physical remains of his presence, that was forcefully placed upon me.

The Hot water numbed the pain. It made it bearable. A major relief is that I have birth control. But, Soon I must go to the hospital to see if I caught anything from him. Stepping out the shower I dry myself off and walk back into my room. I grab some clothes and slip them on and I grab my duffle bag.

Packing all the essentials that I need. I go downstairs, into the kitchen and get some food. I then reach in the cabinet above the refrigerator to get a box.

You’re probably wondering why, but my Father keeps a box filled with money, and it’s enough to get me by for two weeks. I stuff the money in my bag and put the bat on the counter. Thoroughly washing it off. Walking around with a bloody bat isn’t a good idea.

I walk out of the kitchen and put on my shoes and coat. I open the door and walk away.

I walk away from despair, heartbreak, abuse, and destruction.

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