The long road

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The wait

Getting as far away from that house is my main priority.

The neighborhood that I lived in was the middle class. Nobody interfered with anybody’s affairs. Everything was quiet, and quiet is far from good. The house where I lived lay on Crooked Beacon Drive. And I have to go through the hood to get to the bus station.

As I’m walking down the road on the sidewalk. I observe.

I’ve never been in the hood before, but my father said its awful.

I continue walking when I see a little boy with a white shirt and black pants being pushed around by older kids. I’m in no condition to help anyone, but it’s in my nature to help those who need it. I walk towards the kids with the bat in my hands and Scare them off. I maneuvered to the little boy and bent down, holding his head in my hands.

“What’s your name,” I ask

“Tiles Brown. Thank you, miss. They are mean to me.”

I gathered him in my arms and walk. ” Where is your house” I say

“It’s the bright blue one,”

I trudge with him in my arms towards the house. The house is a good ten meters from where we were. I approach the house and knock three times. A minute after the third knock, the door swings open. Tiles jumped out of my arms and hugs his mom.

His mom is a replica of Tiles, but instead of tiles brown eyes. His mom has hazel eyes. Tiles must have got his eyes from his dad.

His mom looks at me questioningly. ” Come in,” she says.

“Tiles get cleaned up. Then come out here so I can help you feel better,” she told tiles.

“Okay, mommy,”

I walk in, noticing the shoes by the door. I kick my shoes off and place them in the corner.

“Come into the kitchen and I’ll make you something.”

I walk in the kitchen and sit down. Receiving a slight pain of rejection.

While she’s at the stove making tea she speaks. “I never knew a woman with so much kindness in her heart to help my baby. I am so grateful,”

“You’re welcome, I would do it for any kid. Oh, and my name is Amanda Collins. If you don’t mind me asking what’s your name?”

“Oh no Hun you can ask all the questions you want But my name is tiara wank”

We hear the sounds of small footsteps and Tiles come’s in, with his onesie on.

“Mommy, I got cleaned and got dressed all by myself. My face hurts a lot though mommy.”

When he mentioned his face. I saw black and blue bruises I didn’t see when I brought him here.

Taira bends down and puts him on the counter. “I’m sorry baby.” she says as she’s grabbing a rag and puts ice in it and gives it to him. “Tiles turn on the tv, and put this on your face so the swelling will go down”

“Ok mom” tiara lifted him off the counter and puts him on the floor and, not a second later he dashes across the floor into the living room. I look at Tiara and she looks at me and we both smile and two minutes later the tv was on.

She bought the tea to the table with a few pieces of cake.

We ate and drank in silence for a bit.

But I was the first to break the silence. “Do you know if the bus station is open today?” I say.

“Sorry, but it’s not. It opens back on Monday. But, Amanda, you are welcome to stay at my house if you would like. And I will drive you to the station tomorrow,”

“Thank you so much I appreciate it,” I said


She gets up from the table. Disappearing for a minute. And she comes back. With a towel, underwear, and clothing.

" I got you a pair of my clothing since it looks like we are the same size. The bathroom is the second door to the right.”

I get up and make my way to the bathroom, noticing every picture on the wall. Each one seems better than the last.

I go into the bathroom and shut the door. The bathroom was nice. The tub, shower combo, sink, and toilet were sparkling white. I don’t even want to hop in the tub or use the bathroom. It’s so clean I don’t want to mess it up.

Looking around, I finally relieved my bladder. After That, I washed my hands and I put the drain in and turned on the water. I undress, knowing that the water will need time to warm up. I hope in the tub and that water was sizzling hot. I jump my ass right out of the tub and turn the knob to the right to get some cold water in.

I stick my hand in the water feeling it was a little warmer than lukewarm, but it was hot enough to relieve my aches and pains without being sizzling hot.

I grab the bar of soap on the shelf and scrub. I scrub the hurt, pain, and grief away and I rinse myself off. I unplug the drain and hop out the tub. I grab the towel and dry off, then I slip on the clothes and put my dirty clothes in the hamper in the closet in front of the toilet. I open the door and walk out of the bathroom. I go the way I came and go into the living room and see her fluffing a pillow and laying down some blankets.

“I know it isn’t much, but if I had a guest room ill let you sleep in that, but the most comfortable thing I have right now for you is a couch”.

“Thank you so much this is more than enough,” I said

I climb on the couch and she tucks me in like a child. She kisses my forehead, Which I think that’s weird, but it’s comforting.

“You are a child of mine now and I will protect you,” she says

“Thank you,”

“You’re welcome now, get some rest. You will have a long day tomorrow.”

My eyes shut like a magic spell was placed upon me. I feel safer with a motherly figure. I haven’t felt like this in years and that comfort.

Drifted me off into

The darkness.

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