The long road

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Pop pop pop pop pop pop

What the fuck. I’m violently shaken awake by Tiara.

“Amanda gets up, there’s a turf war outside. Our asses need to hide. I have a basement, we will be safe in there,” she says.

“Where is Tiles?”

“He is already down there,”

I get up and we run to the basement. We go downstairs and close the basement door. The candle lights are on so we are not in complete darkness but I’m frightened because this shit has never happened to me before. I’ve never heard the sound of gunshots. Everything is so foreign. I’m in a world that Tiara and Tiles shouldn’t be in. I am silently panicking, but a person panicking in a situation like this is never good.

But we have to wait it out.

The sound of glass breaking in the house was heartbreaking. Tiara was holding tiles, and I was holding tiara. All of us crying for different reasons, but we are all the same.

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