The long road

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Last shot

The last shot ended thirty minutes ago. We stayed in the basement another hour before going upstairs to check the damage. Taira laid Tiles back down to sleep, and we crept up the stairs together.

I open up the door to be welcomed with disaster. Holes decorated the cream-colored walls. I hear Taira softly gasping beside me. I hold on to her as hard as I can and we look around. Walking down the hallway, pictures have fallen. Photos of good memories, all destroyed. We go to the kitchen to see glass littered on the floor. The kitchen chairs were the only objects not destroyed. Taira sits Down and cries. I rock her slowly.

Humming a random tune softly.

“Taira, this is an obstacle we will have to face together. I will stay for a few more days. To help you clean up and rebuild your house.”

“Amanda, you don’t have to, but I appreciate it and I want you to stay too. Our beds are still intact, we will just move the beds in the attic and sleep downstairs. The couch isn’t coming so you’re going to sleep with me.”

She looks up at me and slightly smiles.

I have to help her, she doesn’t deserve this. Nobody does, but especially them.

“Taira, who would do this?”

“Amanda, it’s the gangs. I can tell by the gunshots that many people got shot. I can’t back up their actions but it doesn’t seem to be a turf war. The local gangs don’t shoot up people’s houses. Not caring if people are inside. They shoot at their target. This war was too aggressive.”

“What does that mean?”

“It was revenge. I have my suspicion about a rumor. Between the seahorses, Italian mafia, and the Mexican cartel.”

“What do the Italian mafia and Mexican cartel have to do with the seahorses? Who are the seahorses anyway?”

“The seahorses are our local gang. And supposedly, the seahorses were hired by the Mexican cartel to kill the leader of the Italian mafia’s daughter. I don’t know why they would kill a beautiful, sweet girl like her, but I guess they finally found who killed her after 5 years of searching. This information might be true since the seahorses like to brag about their achievements for a death wish.”

“Oh, okay, but, Taira how do you know so much about this?”

“Well, Amanda, five years ago, my husband was part of the seahorse gang. I didn’t know at first, but I fell in love with him, regardless. He told me about everything and I still accepted him no matter what. One day he went out and never came back. The same day the girl got shot. My husband died that day. Everything he stood for left me alone. Nobody cared and the same day I was going to tell him I was pregnant with tiles.”

She bursts out crying, sobbing uncontrollably. I run to the bathroom and grab some toilet tissue so she can clean herself up. I go back into the kitchen to give her the tissue and clean the house. I get the dustpan from the closet in front of the washing machine. I bring it in the kitchen and I sweep up the glass and debris around the house, putting all of it in a trash can.

That took a good four hours to clean all the glass and debris up. It took forever, but The cops just pulled up. What puzzles me is that Tiles is still sleeping through all this havoc. Maybe it’s an unknown coping mechanism. Taira called the window man an hour ago and he will be here tomorrow to fix all the windows. We would’ve called the landlord, but he wasn’t picking up the phone. He got picked up by EMS a few minutes ago because sadly he got shot. It was crazy that help was delayed. The police station is thirty minutes away from here, but it took them four hours to get here? What the hell type of EMS do we have? Taira’s landlord was on the brink of death by the time EMS came.

" Taira, do you think your landlord is going to be okay?”

“I don’t care about him. As soon as my husband died he was coming after me. He has no respect for the dead what so ever. So do I care if he lives or dies? Hell no.”

I was not expecting that answer, but it is what it is.

I look outside, and nightfall is approaching.

“Taira, it’s getting dark out. We need to move the beds into the basement.”

“Okay, let’s get it done,” she said

Taira gets up and we walk to the tiles bedroom. The bed is in the middle of the room so it’s easy to access without breaking our backs to get to it. I get on the left and Taira gets on the right. We pick it up easily because it’s a twin size bed. We walk in the hallway towards the basement and bring it downstairs. The trip was a little difficult considering walking down the stairs backward. We set down the bed in the attic’s corner and Taira picks up Tiles and places him on the bed, tucking him in the covers. We then go upstairs to get Taira’s bed. Which is queen-sized. It’s a little heavier than Tiles, but we can lift it. Taira gets on the left, and I get on the right. We lift the bed up and maneuvered it to the attic. We got the bed in easily and hopped in. Everything in the house is locked, but the windows are still damaged so we locked the attic door since it locks from the inside.

“Amanda we are not going to take our shower tonight. We will do it when the window man comes and fixes everything.”

“Okay tiara I’ll see you in the morning, Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Amanda.”

I turned over and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep.

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