These Inhumane Thoughts

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Chapter 2

March 16th, 1986, 21:52 PM.

I show up to my cousin's house, his mates are at the door to greet me in. I take a few slow steps into the hectic atmosphere of the party. I spot my cousin talking with a ginger-haired girl, it must be his girlfriend.


I walk up behind them with the slightest smile on my face, my cousin turns around as his face lights up.

"Bree, you made it! Anne, this is my cousin, Brianna."

My cousin introduces me to his fiancé, Anne, she was nice. But something about their relationship, seemed off. I'm not saying that I'm nosy, but the two look like a pair of sitting ducks. Maybe its just me, I smile as I head off to find my sisters.

Its getting late at the party, I see Anne skip off to my other cousins. She seemed happy, odd, where was her boyfriend? I frantically search for my cousin, I find him in the bathroom complaining quietly to a guy on the phone.

With no hesitation, I walk in there just as he looks up. The colour from his face drains as he sees me, I smirk at him. Bastard, now I've gotten him. My smirk fades as I see him grab something from behind the bathroom sink.

"What's that?"

I ask, I notice that he has locked the door and that the window was shut. My cousin grabs a heavy metal like object, its a baseball bat. He swung it at me, the pain hit the side of my head and I could feel my skull crack.

That's when it happened.

I could hear my cousin yells apologises toward me but the pain in my head makes it hard to hear. I can feel the blood pulsing down my forehead.


I look up at him, the slightest bit of satisfaction in my stare. My cousin starts backing up as I get back on my feet. He shouts for help as he begins to rattle the door lock, but its already in vain.

As soon as he turns around to face me, I latch both my hands onto his throat and tighten the grip. I laugh, it was funny to choke my cousin, to watch him desperately gasp for air.

I hear a loud knock on the door, its my dad. I quickly finish my cousin by twisting his neck, making sure that it snapped. I grinned as I heard the sickening click of his bones.

I settled my cousin gently on the floor as my father rushed in, I started crying as if to say that my cousin committed suicide and wanted me to join him. Humans will believe anything if you tell them dead on, that's why I never trust anyone.

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