These Inhumane Thoughts

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Chapter 3

September 5th, 1986, 13:07 PM.

I told you, it hadn't been my doing, the voices in my head explain everything.

If two days had passed while my cousin had been alive, he would've dumped Anne and gone to join terrorist forces overseas. They sent me to kill him, to prevent him from killing hundreds. See? What good will do if you let the bad people live?

Right now, I'm gardening with my little sister in our Grandmother's backyard. She smiles and waves at me as I roll up in the drive way. My sister says that she is planting some poppies for our Grandmother, because they are her favourite.

Want to know why I like poppies? Well, they represent the blood-stained flowers from our past wars. My sister likes them because they are vibrant red, not the shade of blood exactly.

"Great, she'll love those."

Our Grandmother had lost her brother to war and was hoping to see him when she departed, but I hope that she wouldn't leave too soon.

I sat down next to my hard-working sister, as I did, I noticed the small-hooked spade lying next to us. I eyed my sister warily, she seemed to be humming a lullaby of some sort.

"What's up with you and Diesel? You guys finally having kids yet?"

My sister giggled, it seemed forced rather than happy. I didn't have a family of my own, but I do look forward toe raising my own kids and having someone I love beside me every night. My sister was so lucky, you'd never find a man like Diesel.


The shy tone of voice hid my sister's rage, I knew when she acted like this that something was usually wrong. I grew up with her, of course I should know what's wrong with my little sister.

Kill her, a slowly picked up the spade and watched my sister out of the corner of my eye, she did something horrible. My sister was busy, she pounded the grass and ripped the weeds out of the ground, like she was thinking of ripping something a part in her mind.

Do it now!

I looked at my little sister one last time and smiled, my white teeth shone in the sunlight as I tackled my sister to the ground. She screamed but it was cut off shortly, I shoved some dirt into her mouth and started stabbing her head and chest with the spade. Her blood ran across my body as her form rested underneath me, she choked out few last bits of dust before closing her eyes and resting at peace.

There were no words for what I just did, then I had a plan. Hide your murder, I knew exactly who would cover my kill. I ran up to the house with a poppy in my hand, I had already placed one of my sister's chest after I made sure that she was dead.


I called sweetly, my Grandmother was sipping her coffee quietly while watching some of the kids play out on the street.

"Yes dear?"

"Can I get you anything?"

She noticed the poppy I had in my hand, I smiled as I handed it to her and snatched her coffee mug, noticing that it was empty.

"Let me get you a refill."

She nodded as I sped off, I didn't have much time, someone would know if my sister was dead by now.

I walked into the kitchen and got the coffee, I was done with the coffee, now I had to find that 'special' ingredient. I spotted the rat poison in the top cupboard, I got it and giggled to myself like a child who found the secret candy. But this coffee wasn't for me, no, it was for someone special.

"Its ready, Gran, I just got to bring it in a second."

"Alright, Brianna."

Old people were so easy and naïve, just like children. I put the rat poison away after putting a few pellets into the warm coffee. I dashed back to my Grandmother and handed her the coffee.

"Here you go, enjoy it."

I smiled innocently as I handed her the coffee mug, she took a sip of it and smiled. "Mmm."

She took another whole sip, I watched her gasp and leaned forward, I chuckled at her surprise.

"Hmm? Does it taste well? Would you like another sip?"

I forced her to drink the rest of the coffee and the pellets as she was choking for her life. I laughed as I watched her gurgle and then fall silently back into her chair. I shook my head with a plain smile stained on my features, I rested the poppy in her coffee mug as I placed the coffee mug in her room. I found an old photograph of her and her brother, I smiled and kissed it.

"Rest in peace, I'll see you soon."

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