These Inhumane Thoughts

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Chapter 4

October 18th, 1986, 12:47 PM.

I huffed in annoyance as I watched my father climb back up the ladder, he was fixing the TV aerial, again. There were wires and sharp wire-cutters lied all over a nearby table, I had heard the recent news.

'24-year old Stephanie Houston was found dead in her Grandmother's backyard. Police assume that her killer was 78-year old Francesca Mills was found inside the house as witnesses say that rat poison was found in the elderly woman's coffee mug. But that's not all, witnesses have to say. It turns out that Stephanie had been accused of murdering her foetus, her husband Diesel Houston had been spotted leaving court with a solemn expression.'

Her husband wanted a family, but Steph was too greedy for that. She had killed her baby boy before he had even had a chance to breathe in the Earthen world. I felt selfish at first for taking my own sister's life, but the monster I had last seen of her was enough to train my thoughts on humanity.

"Can you pass me up those cutters, please?"

My family has taken a heavy toll, having 3 deaths under one year. Sure it was suspicious, but it needed to be done. I was the little girl who thought the world didn't have a flaw in it, but now that my invisible friends have told me everything. I loved how these thoughts would just pop into my mind, they'd keep me safe, if I did the things that they told me to do.


I paced around the ladder my father was standing on. Then it hit me, just a couple of months ago, dad had broken up with one of his secret girlfriends after he had found out that she was pregnant. Mom had not known all of this, but my father bribed me not to tell her.

He said that he'd rape and torture me if my parents ever got divorced. I had never been scared of my own family, I knew all their weaknesses, but they didn't know one thing about me. Not anything at all, my other sister had been in the hospital for daily check ups on that amnesia of hers. It was remarkable how someone could just forget everything.

My dad was still a nice guy, but this was an opportunity, one that had to be timed and angled perfectly, but nobody's perfect.

"Dad, can you die if you fall off a ladder?"

"Um, yes, why?"


"Uh, no reason. Just wanted to make sure that you were safe up there, that's all."

Pass him up the wires, wrap them around his throat, and knock him of the ladder! Simple.

I had my kill planned out, all I need was a way for it to look like an accident but still kill him.

"Dad, do you need anymore wires?"

"Yes Bree."


"Okay, I'll just pass them up to you."

I watched my father leaned down, I smirked, I grabbed the wires. Now, I know how to surprise someone! I leaned up and kissed him, as I quickly wrapped the wires around his throat. Stunned, he pushed me away and stumbled on the ladder. While he was losing balance, I knocked the ladder over while holding the wires with great strength. I heard him gasp and gargle before remaining silent, buried underneath the heavy blue ladder.


I smiled in happiness as I walked over to my father, as stared at the lifeless body of what used to be my greatest protector against such thoughts that made me kill him.


I skipped out of the backyard gate and hopped in my car, I glanced back at the house and smiled as I drove off.

No more torture from you, mister.

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