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The Scary Monster

"Next time when I say make me dinner, you better make me dinner! Do you understand!", The monster screamed. His face was burning red with anger, snarling in my face. He was towering over my small frame, making me feel vulnerable.

I whimpered trying to back away from him but he had his hand deep in my hair, gripping my roots.

"Please stop" I whispered to no avail.

Sometimes it's better to just shut up.

The fury in the monsters eyes intensified as he raised his left hand, slapping me across my face. I could feel the stinging sensation as tears pricked my eyes, threatening to fall.

"I said do you understand!" The monster yelled, slamming my face against the cold wooded floor. Automatically blood started running down my nose.

I yelped in pain but quickly quited down. He loves hearing me cry out in pain and I wasn't about to give him any satisfaction.

The monster growled at my lack of affection and his eyes darkened. My heart started beating faster, as a lump formed in my throat. With his free hand, he squeezed my throat cutting off my breathing.

I lashed out at his hands wanting to get oxygen through my lungs.

Don't cry Charlotte. Don't you dare freaking cry.

I stared into his eyes and I felt my self shrink. Black dots starts to dance around my vision.

Those eyes.

Those eyes weren't my step-father eyes. They weren't full of life and love for a Dauther. No, they were dull and full of hate. They belonged to the monster he had become.

"I said do you understand!"

My face was turning purple with each passing second. I didn't know how long I could keep up my strong walls. Merely nodding my head, the monster finally removed his hands from my throat. I gratefully inhaled the oxygen but if felt like it wasn't enough.

You probably look like a dying fish.

I wish this nightmare would end soon. I just wanted him to leave me alone. Right now a hot shower and comfy clothes seemed like a perfect dream, and this monster was preventing that wanted dream.

He brought his face closer to me and leaned into my ear, his minty breath fanning my neck.

"Now be a good girl and make me dinner."

To say I was terrified was an understatement. I know what he is fully capable of if I don't meet up with his expectations. And that alone terrifies me to no end. I've had my fair share of experience.

The monster finally let go of my hair and walked upstairs. As soon as I heard him slam his door shut, the tears that's been building up finally rolls down my cheeks. I furiously wipe my eyes with my sleeves in horror.


I hate crying. It makes me feel weak and thats the last thing I need right now.

As much as I wanted to just stay on the ground and curl up into a tight ball, I still had to make dinner for that monster.

I used to think the pain would subside. That soon all I will feel is numbness. But even that is a possibily beyond my reach.

I could never get used to the pain I endure. Each day the pain is a suprise to my body. After all these years of beatings, I could never get used to the feeling.

Who would Charlotte?

I could already feel a headache starting to form. The back of my head was throbbing from where the monster pulled my hair. Let me just say its the worst feeling ever. Even if I slightly move my head or hair it hurts.

My breathing was still labored and with every breath I took it burned my throat. No doubt there would be a bruise tommorow.

Why was it that he loved seeing me in pain? At this moment any answer seemed unreasonable. The monster is pure evil. Its been going on for years, the abuse, and it never grows old for him. There's just no logical explanation.

I felt disoriented from my body even though the beating wasn't brutal. Just got lucky this time.

My body worked without my brain functioning and within minutes dinner was ready. Our kitchen was filfty. Dirty dishes piled in the sink, beer bottles scattered around the table and cigarettes were all over the place. You'd think pigs owned this house.

I dragged myself upstairs standing outside the monsters door. It was a navy blue color with a bright silver doorknob. The door was barly held up due to the broken hinges. After many years of this door being slammed and kicked open, I could say i was suprised it was still standing.

After taking a deep breath and saying a slient prayer, I knocked on the monsters door. There was a small thud and a weird sound coming from his room.

Not wanting to be his victim.....again, you could say I ran faster then the road runner to my room. My sacred and cleanest place out of this pig syle home.

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