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Oh Fluffy Cakes

"Starting tommorow you all will be getting assigned seats."

Everyone groaned including me.

"You never know maybe she'll let us off the hook" Grant said.

I looked over at him and smirked.

"I highly doubt that. She hates our guts."

"It's not like we didn't warn her. I specifically said 'do NOT open the last cabinet.' "

I rolled my eyes and faced forward. Ms. Karson was writing down equations on the chalk bored with a pink chalk. She was always old fashioned saying something about how white boards weren't any fun.

"That's like telling someone not to push a red button"

"True true."

Smiling, I began to copy the equations.

It was last year when that incident happened. Me and Grant were always like the class crowns. You'd be stupid if you left us alone for even five minutes. Although i was the smartest clown, Grant was the funniest.

Ms. Karson had given us lunch detention because we sprayed paint her chair. Apparently she needs better glasses. How could you not notice a once brown chair magically turn pink within seconds? Beats me. She ended up sitting on the chair and had to walk around the school with a pink butt for the rest of the day.

Grant and I have always been bestfriends since dinosaurs walked on this earth.


He has always been there for me when I needed him and vise versa. He is like a brother to me. We tell each other our secrets and I care about him alot.

The bell rang cutting me off from my thoughts.

"You know Charl you could be such a nerd sometimes. I mean you already did all the equations and I havent even started on mines."

"Not my fault you're a stupid monkey" I laughed.

He rolled his eyes at me and playfully shoved me with his shoulders. We were walking down the hall when we saw a small crowd forming around a locker.

I heard shouting and a scream. What the heck?

Grant kept walking forward but I stopped him.

"Wait I want to see."

He gave me an unsure glance. I didnt let him say anything else as I reversed back into the crowd.

Pushing away the giants compared to my 5'1 height and with a couple of hits to my side, I was at the head of the crowd.

What I saw almost made me throw up yesterdays lunch. Tim Adler, all star football player and apart of the second group of bad boys, had boody knuckles and on the floor laid his victim.

"Hey!" I yelled catching Tim and his dogs attention.

I stood in front of the boy and clenched my fist together.

"What are you doing?! Leave you'll only make it worse!" I ignored the boy and glared at the jerk in front of me.

A smirk made its way across Tims face and he bend down to my height.

"Listen loser as much as I enjoy making sure you life is a living hell, right now I'm dealing with Derek. Wait your turn"

Usually I would back down, but just looking into his eyes reminds me so much of that monster. Which bought back memories of yesterdays beating.

"Listen hear you selfish jerk, just because you didn't get laid last night doesnt mean you could just-"

He cut me off by slamming me into the lockers. I gasped in pain slightly cringing away from his face.

He inched his face towards me and his cologne filled my senses. It was getting hard to breathe when his smell was clogging up my nose.

"You really are trying to push my buttons huh?" Tim snarled.

Whatever confidence I had left as quick as it came. Yet I still glared into this idiot green eyes.

"Dude let her go." Grant finally got through the still forming crowd. He had a scowl on his face as he put a hand on Tims broad shoulders.

"Move it Tylerson."

One of Tim friends, Oscar,stepped forward and faced Grant.

"I said leave her alone"

"Or what?" Oscar said, amusement clear in his voice.

"Grant don't" I pleaded

"Dont worry Charl I got this."

In the corner of my eye I saw the group. The number one group of bad boys. I don't know the full history of the rivalry between them and Tims group, but I just know they hate each others guts.

They are the number one "Bad Boys" at our school. The trio. Blake Myers the leader, Chase Acken the smart one, and last but not least Drew Wilson the funny guy.

All three of them were leaned up against the locker ignoring the commotion that was happening a few feet away from them.

Let me just say the rumors about Blake Myers and his friends were not pretty.

At this point the boy that Tim was beating up had stood from the ground and made a run for it, blood driping from his probably mist likely broken nose.

"Listen man we don't want trouble just let her go."

I turn my attention back to Grant and bit my bottom lip, a habbit of mines when I'm nervous.

Tim notice the sudden movement and moved closer to me with a hint of a smirk. Glancing down at my bottom lip that was trapped between my teeth, his eyes darkened.

I could feel the panic rise within me, spreading all over my chest. I recognized that look. Its the look that monster would give me when he's had one to many drinks.


He leaned in closer towards my lips. I just stood frozen in fear. All I could think about was that monster.

My ears started to ring and all I could hear was the fast beating of my heart.

Oh fluffy cakes.

But before his gross lips could connect with me mines, in a split second his body was yanked from mines.

A shiver went down my spine and relief washed over me. Grant ran over to me and crushed me into a bone crushing hug.

"Shhh I got you. Stop crying"


I lift my hand to my cheeks and sure enough they were wet. I quicky wiped my eyes.

Will it always be like this? Am I always going to cry at situations like this even after having to go through it for years.

No one could ever gets use to stuff like this idiot.

I stared at the scene in front of me wanting to know he pulled Tim off. There standing over him was Alex. A small smile took over my face as I saw him.

Me and him were great friends. For some unknown reason he was friends with that monster but was nothing like him. Not one time has he ever laid his hands on me. Instead he protects me and cares for me.

If only he knew what his "friend" has been doing to me

But right now if looks could kill Tim would be dead.

"What the hell were you about to do?" Alex voice came out low but demanding..... and scary.

This won't turn out pretty.

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