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No You're Not

My confidence went down the drain, making me notice the crowd around us. Sure it didn't bother me a couple of minutes ago but now it did.

Grant noticed my discomfort and tightened his hold on me. With no emotion at all, his eyes never left Tims face.

I didn't dare utter a word. Even if I could I wouldn't be able too due to the large lump in my throat.

I wasn't use to this. Every time that monster....... tried to do something to me, like Tim, I wasn't strong enough to make him stop and there was never anyone there to help me.

Yet here was Alex helping me. And boy was he mad. His nose was scrunched up and his knuckles were turning white from how hard we was gripping the jerk shirt.

"What the hell were you about to do?" Alex repeated through gritted teeth.

"None of your business Stone" Tim spat out. He stood taller trying to intimidate him but failed miserably.

Alex let out a humorless laugh before giving Tim an icy stare.

"You see Tim, I don't give a fuck about what you do but how old are you, fifteen?

"Eighteen asshole"

Alex smirked and continued

"Right so my first guess was right. Now this became my business when a Eighteen year old was trying to kiss a girl against her will...... especially when she's alot younger than you. A fucking minor."

The anger was evident in his voice but he spoke with a calmness that was unsettling.

Tim belted out laughing like some crazy man.

"Against her will? This bitch didn't even tell me to stop or move. Hell she was practically asking for it"

This time I scrunched up my nose in disgust, sick of this jerk.

Grant went rigid with rage. I tried to hold him back but he gently shoved me to the side and stalked over to Tim.

"There must be seriously something wrong with you. Did you see her tears or the frightened look on her face. Thats my bestfriend jackass."

Grant was fuming with steam practically coming off of him.

"Watch it boy. If I wanted to I could also make your life a living hell like your useless friend." Tim snarled.


You see me and Tim are ancient history. For some reason when I entered in this school he decided to pick on me. And from that day till now, he still won't leave me alone.

Since he's a "jock" his buddys decided to mess with me to. Then the cheerleaders, followed by most of the student body. Some luck I have.

Every day they remind me how useless and worthless I am and they won't let me have a normal day. But I don't let there words get to me. Sure they hurt but who are they to tell me who I am?

None of them know what I'm going through or what I've been through.

Before Grant could say anything the bell rang, cutting through the thick atmosphere. Nobody moved.

I looked around and my eyes fell on the trio again, only to find them already staring at us. Chase and Drew were glaring at Blake while he just stared at me.

Even when I looked away I could feel his eyes burning holes in the back of my head. I was so caught up in my little world I didn't see the punch Grant threw.

"Grant!" I yelled quickly running up and between them.

"Move Charl, let me show this ass-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence because Tim roughly shoved me into a locker causing a loud bang. I whimpered in pain, gritting my teeth.

What is it with not letting Grant finishing his sentences?

Alex yanked Grant behind him and stood face to face with a now bloody nosed Tim. His jaw was clenched tightly shut as his shoulders shook, trying to restrain himself from beating The jerk to a pulp.

"What is going on here!" A voice shouted from outside of the still formed crowd. Tim's face slightly paled as he backed away from Alex


Principle Adler pushed his way through the crowd, a scowl forming on his narrow face.

Tim's father.

Pretty ironic how he never heard of his own son bullying a freshman. Me.

Tims father..... well principal Adler was a well bulit man and only in his mid thirties. He had broad shoulders and always had on a button down long sleeved shirt to cover his tattoos on his forearms. There was a bandage on the crown of his head too. My guess is either there is a really nasty scar or just another tattoo.

Even through his shirt you could see how muscular this principle was.

He looked at the other kids that were still gawking at us and let out a frustrated sigh when he saw Tims nose.

"Okay everyone get back to class now! Whoever I see wondering the halls will get after school detention!" His voice was husky and firm as he glared at us. Even his voice was scary.

Everyone quickly left just leaving Me, Grant, Alex, and Tim.

Principle Adler directed his attention back to us before looking over my shoulder.

"The same goes to you too boys. Get to class." Probably addressing the trio. He turned back to us and the icy stare was back. "And as for all if you, in my office right this second."

"Sir please let me explain. Tim was harassing a young boy and this girl, Charlotte, was helping the young boy. This dumbass tried to kiss her so I punched him"

Principle Adler glared at Alex choice of words but let it slide.

"Thanks" Grant muttered since Alex just took the blame for the punch.

"Is this true Mr. Adler?" Principle Adler set his piearcing gaze on Tim, who was visibly trembling, shifting his weight to his other foot. He knew better not lie

"Y-yes s-sir" He stuttered avoiding eye contact.

A vein popped up in the side of Principle Adler head and neck.

"My office now!" He shouted, with a little bit of spit flying out of his mouth. Tim nodded silently and slowly stalked off to his father's office.

Mr. Adler turned to me and his eyes immediately softened.

"Im so sorry......"

"Charlotte" I said.

He nodded his head "Right right. Im sorry about Tims behavior. I'll be sure to call your father to address the situation.

At the mention of that monster I completely stiffened, my blood running cold. No no no no. Bad idea bad bad idea. My heart rate increased, suddenly feeling my mouth go dry.

"No your not" I stated

"Excuse me?" He asked with raised eyebrows.

"No your not. Your not calling my D-Da-" I couldn't say the word so I quickly changed direction " you don't need to call him. Nothing happened. Alex was there to stop it and nothing happened. Oh my god nothing happened so stop. It wasnt even serious. I-" I was cut off by my ranting when Alex pulled me in against his chest.

I took in a shaky breathe and pushed him away.

Principle Adler shook his head and firmly responsed.

"Don't worry Charlotte. I dont tolerate such things in my school. I have to inform you father."

"No please don't" I pleaded. He couldn't say anything. That monster wouldn't care. He would only hurt me. Only hurt me.

"Thank you sir" It was Grant who replied. I hung my head in defeat. There was no way out of this one.

"Now all of you get to class. And don't worry I'll talk to Tim" Principle Adler voice was thick with disappointment as he mentioned his sons name.

Inside I was terrified. I didn't want that phone call to go through.

Grant put his arms around me for comfort. As we walked back to class I couldn't help but notice the trio. They were still there wearing their signature black leather jackets and black tight shirts that defined their muscular chest. Chase and Blake had on Denim fitting jeans while Drew had on white jeans. All three of them had on black combat boots.

I'm over here wearing baggy clothes and tattered up shoes.

A frown was etched on Drews face which was quite unsual since he was always smiling. Chase looked like he was deep in thought, with his tongue slightly sticking out from the corner of his mouth. Blake.....Blake face was expressionless and his eyes never left my retreating form.

In less than two hours I will be going home to face that monster. A shiver went down my spine. I should be thinking what my fate will be when I get home or I should be feeling scared. But all I could think about for the rest of the day was the guys faces.

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