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He's Here

"Everybody have a nice weekend and remember stay safe" and with that the final bell rang, signalling the end of school. I slowly took my time putting up my books and homework not at all eager to get back home.

The hall was buzzing with excited kids as they talked about what they were going to do over the weekend. I paid not attention to them, trying to find my get out of jail for free card.

"Charl!" I whipped my head around to find Grant leaning against some post. I glanced around looking for Alex Aka my get out of jail for free card but I couldn't find him.

"What's up?" I asked walking over to him, scratching a scab on my left arm.

"Just wanted to know if you're okay" concern was evident in his voice and I couldn't help but let a small smile slip on my face.

"I'm doing fine G" I said quietly using his nickname. He worries to much about me and I love him for that. A warm smile made it's was on his face before his phone went off.

"It's Tracey. She's already here."

I nodded my head smiling. Tracey is Grants Mom who I love so much. She's basically my second Mom and if it was possible I'm sure she'll adopt me.

If only.

When my mother passed away Tracey was there for me. Her and Grant would stay over and watch over me while that monster would go out and get himself knocked out. Of course none of them knew that. That monster always told her he was working double shifts and as soon as they left his true colors would show. But I couldn't tell Grant or anyone for that matter. If only it was easy. From the books and movies I've seen and read, the victim never said a word to anyone because they were scared or nobody cared enough. Hell they were worried about themselves and the threats their abusers held.

My situation was completely different. My broken family, if you could even call it that, held dangerous secrets. And what that monster does..... If any one found out what goes on under that roof...... The things he's capable of doing.....

A hand was waving across my face, bringing me out of my thoughts

"Hello Charlotte?" I squeezed my eyes shut for half a second, then plastered a fake smile.

"I have to go or I'll miss my bus"

Grant wrapped me up in his arms one last time. I let out a sigh and leaned into his chest. He placed a kiss on my temple before letting me go and walking away in the opposite direction.

"I'll see you tommorow Charly"

"Same too you!" By the time I replied, he was already turing the corner.

Now where is Alex?

I walked out of the school and searched the parking lot looking for his car. It was still packed with lingering students, which I couldn't understand why. Isn't being forced to got to school for eight hour's for five days enough already?

A loud engine cut through the air and I looked toward the buses. They were leaving one by one slowly exciting the school, causing panic to rise within me as I now frantically searched for Alex car. With the buses gone, he was my only ticket out of this hell hole.

I sat down on one of the old benches. Pulling my hood up, I leaned my left cheek into my left hand, with my other hand tracing hearts and initials that were carved into the bench.

My mind slowly drifts to what happened earlier. Did Mr.Alder really call that monster, and if he did was I going to get punished for it?

Of course you will idiot.

"Charlotte?" My hood was yanked off my head and the blazing sun immediately burned the top of my hair.

I snapped my head up and relief washed over me.

"Alex! I thought you already left"

He chuckles and sits next to me.

"What are you still doing here didnt the buses already leave"

I quietly mumbled a 'yeah' and watched him closely as he scracted his eyebrow.

He took out a cigarette from his front shirt pocket and rolled it in between his thumb and pointer finger before popping it into the corner of his mouth and lighting it up.

The smell of smoke hit my nostrils, almost causing me to choke. I held my breath for as long as I could before exhaling loudly.

"So um.... are you going to stick around today" I asked playing with a loose thread from my shirt.

Alex looked down at me and frowned slightly. My heart just about dropped, knowing the next words that was going to come out of his mouth.

"No I cant. My father needs my help today with Some business ." He said, a dark look crossing over his face but it quickly disappeared. "But I wish I could. I really want Samuel to do something about those jerks", he continued.

I avoide eye contact and shift uncomfortably. With a sigh, I stood up and gave Alex a small grin. "Yeah I wish so too."

He looked up from where he was sitting and squinted at me. Leaning forward, he switched the cigarette to the other corner of his mouth, his eyes never straying from mines.

I held his gaze, praying he doesn't read me. But who am I kidding, this is Alex we're talking about.

"You're hiding something" he grunts out, his piercing green eyes staring straight into my soul.

I awkwardly laugh trying to ease the tension.

"No I'm not" I run my hands through my hair but slightly wince when I touched my scalp.

To sensitive from yesterday I suppose.

Alex stood up and being the giant he his, looked down at me.

"Yeah you are. You gonna tell me?"

Blinking, I took a deep breath preparing a lie.

"And don't lie to me. Remember I could easily read you. Your like an open book" he teased.

I scowled at him but don't respond. My heart started to hammer into my chest, knowing I'm wasting time and probably fueling that monsters anger. This gets me to quickly confess.

"I uh.... haven't told my D-D-Dad about the uh bullying." I stammered out dropping my gaze. I mentally cringed and almost snorted out loud.

As if that monster will ever be my Father.

Alex eyes widened at what I just said and harshly glared at me

"What the hell Charlotte! You mean you haven't told him anything thats been happening here. Does he not see the damn bruises!"

Alex was fumming and yelling out in anger but I knew it wasn't directed at me.

Oh but he's the one causing the bruises.

I sheepishly shrug, not wanting to make it a big deal, earning a disapproving look from Alex.

"I just don't want to worry him"


"I don't want him to worry about me"


"And that's why makeup was invented."

Alex sighs deeply, clenching his fist aginst his sides.

"I'm sorry" I whispered. It's one thing when Alex is mad and it's a whole other story when he's mad at you.


I didn't look up at him and instead stared at the ground. His warm hand touched my chin, tilting my head up.

He held open his arms and I quickly jumped into them and inhaled his scent. There's the faint smell of nicotine and some type of cologne.

"It's alright. I won't tell him anything because thats your job."

I nodded my head against his chest. After a couple of seconds I begrudgingly pulled away from him.

"Do you mind taking me home?"

"Come on." I followed behind him, walking towards his car.

Looks like my get out of jail for free card has expired. Alex isn't going to be able to be there, to at least postpone my punishment.

The car ride was silent. But it was a comfortable silence. All to fast Alex parked in front of my house. My hands started to sweat as I stared at my pale blue door up ahead, not at all wanting to leave the car. We lived in a rich neighborhood, all thanks to that monsters job, where the trees here grew way to tall for my liking and bikes were thrown in drive ways.

Our house was a two story with squared windows on each side. To the left was the garage where that monster car was missing.

I smiled, satisfied with the situation. All I had to do was clean and cook than lock myself in my room. Maybe then, he'll forget about the phone call.

I have to start as soon as possible. His car could pull up at any second. I quickly jumped out of the car and slammed the car door shut, running to the front door.

"See you tommorow Charlotte!" Crap. I completely forgot about Alex. Turning around to thank him, my words dying down. He had already left, speeding down the road.

Huh, I guess his father really did need his help. Alex dad is great friends with the monster and I have a feeling something is going on between the two, not relationship wise. They sre business partners and I'm pretty sure Alex dad knows what my father does as far as business goes.

Ever since I was little and when the abuse had started, I could never bring my self to calling Samuel my stepfather anymore. So instead I came up with monster because he is a monster.

The worst thing in all of this is that..... he does it willing. That monster does it willing. He doesn't come home drunk and beat me. No those are on rare occasions. When he beats me his is very much sober, which hurts the most.

His main job is working as a lawyer which benefits on my part because that means he is hardly home. Just like now. Only he does things illegaly when he is off lawyer duty. Things that I wish I never knew.

I lift up the mat that read 'WELCOME HOME' and took out the bright painted green key from underneath.

I placed to key in the lock and slowly turned it, pushing open the door with more force than necessary. The warm air hit my face as I walked in slamming the door shut behind with my foot.

For a rich neighborhood, our house was filfty. In the outside it may seen like a verg tidy place but its far from clean.

Yesterday was one of those days when that monster came home drunk which is why the beer bottles are still scattered around all over the place. The dishes were still packed in the sink, only a clean spoon left.

Usually when we have visitors, like Alex, the house would be cleaned by none other than me, but it's been a while since we've had company.

The T.V was still on, killing the silence that I've always hated. It was always quite before my screams were herd from the pain that monster inflicted on me.

I turned of the television, making my way back to the kitchen lightly humming to myself. Just as I was about to turn on the faucet, a car engine roared. Headlights shown through the window, making me freeze in place.

He's here. That monster is here.

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