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The Belt


It causes you heart to beat undeniably fast and makes the hairs on your neck and arms to rise. A feeling of dread that drives you almost insane.

It's a horrible feeling. One that I have to feel every single day.

How could one person cause me to tremble to my core and make my heart thunder against my chest?

Because he isn't human. He's a monster.

The house was still dirty and I haven't even started on dinner. The front door creaked open and I didn't dare turn around. My back was facing the monster, who I knew was standing right behind me.

His heavy boots echoed the kitchen, him whistling.

The footsteps halted and the whistling slowly died down. My breathing increased and I felt frozen in place

"Turn around" the monster voice was deep and rough causing a shiver to run down my spine.

I hold in my tears, not wanting to show him that I feared him. I painfully turn around looking him straight into his eyes. They weren't glazed over and his was standing not stumbling.

He wasn't drunk.

The monster was wearing his suite he wears everyday, his coat over one shoulder.

I could almost hear the satisfaction remark as I intently stared into his eyes and only his eyes. It's called respect. That's what he told me. I never listen to him but right now, I couldn't handle another beating.

I stared into his gray blue eyes that glared straight at me. His jaw was set tight and I could practically feel aversion towards me, yet his face manage to hold an expressionless state.

The monster gently placed the keys on the filthy table and glanced around the place. His mouth twitched to a slight frown and I just stood there afraid to look away for even a slight second.

"You know, I expected this house cleaned epically after a certain phone call from your school" The monster grabbed a dirty cup from the counter and walked over towards the sink. I didn't reply, just starring at the white cream wall. As the monster Walked to the sink, he stood beside me and ran his fingers through my hair. I could feel my body trembling, scared of his touch, but don't move away. His large hand gripped my hair tips and he brought his lips to my forehead.

"Don't ignore me little one" the monster murmured against my head.

"I-I just got home. A-Alex dropped me off. I missed my bus." I fumbled out my words through my dry mouth. I hated feeling so scared of this bastard. He hummed in response and threw the cup in the sink, the glass smashing into tiny pieces. I flinched at the noise and took a step back

He was mad, really mad. Oh god why didn't I just mind my own business.

"I was working on a very important case sweetheart until I got a call saying some boy and you had some..... difficulties." His voice dropped an octave low, causing my knees to shake.

That monster, again, walked towards me and grabbed my chin in between his fingers with a thoughtful look on his face. I wanted to run away from him but my foot was planted on the ground.

A sly smirk appeared on that monsters face and my blood ran cold.

"I have to punish you for being a bad girl. You tried kissing a boy and interfered with my work. Go to my room and get the belt."

My heart froze as a tremor overtook my body, the tears escaping my eyes. Not the belt. Anything but the belt.

A sob made its way up my throat and an overwhelming feeling of tiredness consumed me.

I was tired of being his puppet. I was tired of being his punching bag. I was tired of being his entertainment. But I couldn't do anything.

"No please. I'm so sorry" my voice came out weak and pathetic

His hand tightened around my chin and his forcefully yanked my face toward his.

"I said go.Get.Me.The.Belt" the monster said through gritted teeth, practically growling.

This time I couldn't hold them in. My tears slipped down my pale cheeks and I could feel a heavy weight on my chest. He let go of my chin and walked out of the kitchen into the living room.

How could he do this to me. He is suppose to be a father to me. To protect me from danger not causing it. He should be marching over to Tim's house to give him a piece of his mind, maybe throw a punch or two for trying to kiss me. Instead that monster is punishing.

That monster Knows what happens at school. The bullying, the teasing, everything. He doesn't cares. In fact he actually loves it.

"Now charlotte!"

I quickly ran up the stairs, My vision blurred by my tears. I came to a complete Halt outside the monsters door. It was already open and the room was a mess. Dirty clothes were pilled near his bathroom door and papers were scattered all over his unmade bed. There was a desk in the corner of the room with his suitcase on top, opened.

I've only been inside his room a couple of times. He forbids me from coming in and always has his door locked.

Slowly Entering the room, his suitcase catches my attention.


~twelve years old~

"Charlotte get your ass down here!" the monstet voice boomed.

I huffed out a frustrated breath and sit up on my knees, dropping the sponge I used for scrubbing the floor. I walked down the stairs to the monster

That monster was in the kitchen with his belt in hand. I froze midstep as I saw the open suitcase sitting on the table.

My hands started to tremble, not looking at the monsters angry face.

"Did you look through my damn stuff!" His words rolled of his tongue with so much anger that I took a step back, frightened.

I frantically shook my head and finally glanced at the monster, gasping.

He was fummung. His lips were curved into a sneer while his eyes were partially closed glaring at me. The knuckles wrapped around the belt tightened, turning white.

"Don't lie to me little girl!" His voice came out rough and I whimpered in fear.

Where are you Mommy. Please don't let him hurt me. You promised me you'll protect me.

The monster gave me a wide eyed murderous look and stumbled towards me at a fast pace with the belt raised, ready to strike.

He was drunk. More vicious.

I screamed loudly and ran to the front door. His foot steps thundered close behind me and I heard him curse under his breath. I didn't stop screaming, running as fast as I could to the door. The tears feel down my ashen cheeks, my throat starting to burn.

"Shut the hell up!" He screamed.

I reached the front door and fumbled with the locks. Finally, I managed to undo the locks and went to open the door when all of a sudden I was yanked back from my hair.

No no no no no no no

I kept on screaming as the monster dragged me by my hair back into the kitchen.

"No please please!" I sobbed out.

A stinging sensation spread through out my right cheek and I cried out in pain, the force knocking me onto my stomach.

The monster straddled me from behind pinning my arms down in the process and roughly yanked my shirt up. The belt striked my back and I screamed out in pain. He stuffed something into my mouth muffiling my screams. The monster continued to repeatedly hit me over and over again, the pain increasing after each strike

His hits get more sloppy until he finally stops. I layed my tear stained cheeks on the cold floor, my body shaking uncontrollably. The monster wiped at his eyebrow and squatted down with the belt on his lap.

"Don't you ever look through my stuff, espically my suitcase."

*End of flashback*

I never did once ever touch that stupid suitcase, but curiosity still struck me. What was so important inside it. It was very tempting too look inside and-

"You really are asking for it aren't you?"

I jumped at the sound of the monsters voice and my throat automatically went dry, fear taking over once again.

He loosened his tie, rolling up his white button down sleeves.

"Go sit down"

I looked around his room once more and found an office chair in the corner of the room. My legs shook as I sat down, pulling my knees to my chest.

The monster stared at me for a second longer before going to his locked closet. He lifted up the rug and took out a key.

His closet is where he keeps all his......stuff. sticking the key in the lock, the door opened revealing more of his suits. It was a walk in closet and the monster walked in dissapering into the closet.

My bottom lip quivered and tears spilled over from the sides of my eyes. I wanted to scream. Sucking in a deep breath, I unsuccessful tried to calm my self down.

The monster came out of the closet with a black shinny case with silver swirls covering it in a mishaped patteren.

He set down the case on his bed, pushing some paper aside. A smile overtook his face when the case opened revealing the black belt he used on me so many times.

I shut my eyes tightly, awaiting for the punishment that was about to come.


Everything hurts. I felt like my body was on fire and I was in so much pain. The tears wouldn't stop falling ever since the belt hit my cheek. The sun was barley setting and it was starting to get dark. I could hear the television on from downstairs, that monsters laughter echoing in my ears.

Its been three hours since my beating but I could still feel the belt against my skin. I havent left my room and I was just lying on my bed, on my stomach. I've already took a painful bath to wash away the blood from my back.

It hurts alot. My back, my head, everything. I just want my Mom to be here, for everything to go back to normal.

I slowly sat up wincing as my shirt rubbed against my back and opened my night stand drawer. Inside was a picture of only me, that monster, and my Mom. I was only five in the picture, my small arms wrapped around Moms leg, buring my face into her side. That monster had his arms wrapped around her and he was smiling down at me with on of his hands ruffiling my hair. My Mom had her head thrown back and it looked as if she was laughing.

"I miss you Mom" I quietly whispered. The t.v. downstairs turned off and I could hear heavy footsteps coming upstairs. I quickly placed a small kiss on the picture and tossed it under my bed just in time before my door was swung open.

The monster came into my room with his suitcase in hand.

"I'm leaving. My case just got new information and they need me."

I glanced at the clock


I nodded my head and very slowly, I turned around with my back facing the monster.

His footsteps got closer and my shoulders tensed up. He gently placed a kiss on the back of my hair then walked out.

I clenched my eye's shut waiting for the car to roar to life. After a minute the car finally turned on and the tires screeched against the gravel. As soon as I couldn't hear the car anymore, I eased my self off the bed running my hand through my messy hair.

I can't stay here another second, its to suffocating. Grabbing a dark blue hoodie I stole from Grant and gently putting on my dirty white shoes, I left the house and walked along the dark streets knowing exactly where I wanted to be right now.

A place where I go when I need an escape.

Carton Ice Cream Parlor.

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