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What The Hell?


The bell dinged as I walked through the door and smiled brightly at Dove. She's the owner of Carton Ice Cream Parlor. Here you get the best kinds of Ice Creams and gummy bears.

"Hey Dove." She slid the side door of the counter open and wrapped me into a hug. Since I was too small and way to skinny for my liking, she mostly engulfed me. Dove pulled away giving me one of her warm smiles that always make me feel at home.

"How you've been doing girly?"

My smile faltered and I slightly nodded. "Nothing special."

"Well, go ahead and settle yourself. I'll bring out your favorite" her white teeth smiled back at me.

I took my usual seat on a stool near the T.V that was high up on the corner. It was turned on but no sound was heard, only the slight jazz music coming from the radio that was on the counter. Blue booths filled the parlor with a couple of stools surrounding the front counter. The walls were painted a light pink colour that contrasted the blue booths. Portraits of abstract art covered the walls including a picture of the workers. A mini sofa was placed in the corner with magazines on a coffe table beside it.

Only a few people were here and were talking softly amongst each other. Dove was quietly humming to herself as she wipped some sprinkles off the counter with a white rag.

Some news report was on and a little boy caught my attention. "Hey Dove, could you turn up the T.V?"

She nodded and grabbed the control and raised the volume.

"I don't know Andy. We are still following up the investagion of Five year old Zachary who was found dead, killed by his father," I let out a small gasp and gripped my jacket sleeves, "last night Five year old Zachary River was found in his home, brutally beaten. Although we don't have any new information, we know that his father was apart of this horrible role. Zachary was quickly rushed to the hospital and around this Evening he was pronounced dead. His Father Xavier River is in custody and is being charged with murder. Detective Johnson and the police department found a black journal filled with very disturbing things in it. The journal belonged to Zachary River and he wrote about his abusive relationship with his father. I-"

The televison screen suddenly cut off, the jazz music cutting through the air again. My head was pounding and I forgot how to blink, my eyes starting to water. That could've been me. That could've been me.

"Charlotte, you okay honey?"

I jumped out of my seat, the stool making a weird noise. I felt dizzy and all I could see was that young boys face. That could've been me.

A hand was placed on my forehead and on instinct, I flinched and yanked my head out of reach. Dove eyebrows furrowed and she looked at me with concern.

"I'm fine" I assured her. She frowned but nodded anyway.

"Well here's your double chocolate chip cookie ice cream, sweetie"

I took the ice cream from her and gave her a tight side hug. As I went to take out my money to pay, Dove placed her warm hands over my cold ones, stoping me. "Don't worry I'll put it on my tab."

I opened my mouth to argue but she glared at me and I shut my mouth, giving her a lopsided smile . I untached myself from her and she quickly scurries off to the front counter as new customers walked in. My smile immediately drops when Zachary Rivers face pops up in my face. What did he do so wrong for his father, another monster, to kill him. Did he try to get help? Did he not listen? Did he disobey the monster? Could my personal monster be capable of murdering me?

Of course Charlotte..... with the business he runs, he could do anything.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I didnt notice the person walking through the door as I walked out. We both collided and I gasped as I spilled my Ice Cream all over the person shirt. I could feel my face heat up in embarrassment.

"Oh my- I'm so sorry sir I-" my words got caught in my throat when I looked up to see who I bumped into.

Freaking Blake Myers.

His mouth was slightly open, shock written all over his face. If it wasn't me in this situation, I would of definitely laughed. He looked down at me and quickly closed his mouth, swallowing hard. I cringe at the sight of his stained white shirt and nervously crossed my arms over my chest. Just then two boys walked in and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Awesome. This is exactly what I need right now.

In front of me was Blake Myers, Chase Acken, and Drew Wilson.

Blake looked down at his shirt and pursed his lips.

"Blake you idiot, how many times do I have to tell you, ladies first" Drew joked, shaking his head with a bright smile plastered on his face.

Well he sure does seem friendly.

Chase raised his arm and smacked Drew in the back of his head. He glared at him before clearing his throat and facing me.

He opened his mouth probably to say something but stopped as he saw my face. Was he looking at my cheek? I avoided his eyes and stared at my shoes.

"You're Charlotte...... right?" Chase asked.

I quietly cleared my throat and nodded, still a little confused.

"What happened to your cheek! It looks like you got knocked up!" I think Drew pointed out the obvious.

I stayed quiet still not looking up from my shoes. I all of a sudden had this sudden urge to cough but I couldn't bring myself too. My throat closed up feeling a bit weird as I tryed to hold in my coughs.

"Was it Tim?" A deep voice rumbled out and I know the question came from Blake. Before I could even answear Dove came towards us and took in a deep breath when she saw Blakes shirt. She whipped her head to me and slightly glared.

"Charlotte, care to explain?"

I looked up from the ground and into her green eyes. I shrugged ny shoulders sheepishly not answering her question. She let out a deep sigh and gave me 'the look' and turned to Blake.

"I'm sorry sir. Is there anything I could do? Would you like some napkins? Of course you want some napkins what kind of a question is that. Stupid stupid Dove. I'll be right back" Dove rambled out her words and quickly walked to a near by table that had blue napkins. She grapped a handful of them and rushed back too us, handing the napkins to Blake. He took them and just held them, his eyes still on my cheek. Chase squinted at him, shaking his head and leading the boys to a near by booth. As Drew walked by, he gave me a wink and patted my shoulder.

Dove grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the counter. She glanced out the window and scrathed her left leg.

"Stay here" and with that she walked off towards the trio.

I layed my head against the wall and took in a deep breath. I placed my hand over my cheek and winced. I can't believe this is happening to me. Dove came back with their orders and she also made me a new chocolate chip cookie ice. I pulled out three dollars and handed it to her. It was my turn too pay. Instead of leaving, I just sat on the stool and devored my Ice Cream. Through out the whole time I couldn't help but glance at the boys, only to quickly look away when I find that they were already looking at me. After twenty minutes I decided to head out.

"Dove I should really get going."

I should have been at home by now, cleaning the house. Dove came over to me and crossed her arms.

"Charlotte it's too dark outside for you to be walking home by yourself"

There were only a few people in the parlor and I'm pretty sure our conversation was loud enough for everyone to hear since it was so quite.

I shook my head and took out my wallet.

"Don't worry. I'll catch a train."

She pulled her bottom lip in between her teeth, contemplating her descion.

"Really I'll be fine" I said giving one last push which worked. She sighed in defeat and gestured her hands towards the door.

"All right but be safe honey."

With one final glance towards the trio, I walked out of the parlor. I felt bad lying to Dove but I didn't want to worry her. I wasn't taking the bus home and I didn't have any money left. Those three dollars I used to pay for the Ice Cream was for a bus ticket, but I couldn't let Dove pay for me again. She does it all the time and as much as I appreciate it, I'm sick of relying on people. It's embarrassing that I can't even pay for a damn Ice Cream.

As soon as I stepped out of the parlor, I almost ran back inside. The wind had picked up speed and it was freezing cold. Rain drizzled down onto the side walk, sprinkling on my face, my hair whipping around wildly. The wind felt like tiny knifes piearcing through my skin.


Quickly tying my shoes with a tighter knot and pulling up my hoodie, I stuffed my hands into the huge pockets and walked along the pavement starting my long walk.


It was pitch black outside by the time I reached home and I'm pretty sure my fingers were frozen. The monster car wasn't here and relief washed over me. I got the key from it's hidding spot and entered in the house, greeting the all to familiar mess. I squinted my eyes at the digital clock that was on the coffee table, almost tripping over some trash.


Might as well clean up. Who knows when that monster would come back. I walked over to the hallway rubbing my hands together to try and keep them warm. The heater was broken and I had no clue how to fix it. I slipped my shoes off and tossed them against the landry door where we keep our cleaning supplies. A yawn escaped my mouth causing my eyes to water a little. There was no way of making it throught the night. I'm just really glad that it's friday.

I grabbed the trash bags and broom deciding I'll just start with the living room. The monster chose to get white couches which I thought was totally stupid since they could get easily stained. Of course he picked these out to make me work even more. I scowled at the couches silently wishing them to hell. Not wanting to be bothered by the stained cushions, I flipped them over showing its once again white glory.

Another yawn escaped my lips and I lightly pinched myself to stay awake. I picked up the beer bottles and broomed the broken glass, dumping them into the trash bag. The glass clanked against each other as I carelessly threw them in the bag. I purposefully stomped into the kitchen and started to throw the beer bottles into the bag that were on the table. Each time the glass made contact with each other, it would make a loud noise causing me to nearly jump out of my skin. I hate being so jumpy when I'm around noise. It just reminds me what that monster does to me.

What I let him do to me

But as much as I hated it, I continued to make sure I clashed the bottles against each other. Whether it was because I didn't like the quietness or because I was trying my best to not flinch at every noise, I really don't know. I placed a bucket of water on the floor beside me and scrubbed the floor boards to get rid of the stench of alcohol. Just as I was about done cleaning the kitchen, there was a knock on the door.

I quickly stood up knocking over the bucket of water all over the floor, water seeping onto the carpet.

The monster is back.

No, he wouldn't knock and I would have heard the car. Just as I was about to go on full panic mode, the house went completely quiet. Maybe it was just my imagination. I let out a breathless laugh, thinking how much of an idiot I'am. Then I heard the knock again.

So It wasn't my imagination.

The knocking continued much louder after each time. I slowly approached the door and looked through the peep hole. I almost screamed when I saw who was stranding outside my door.

What the hell?

Why on earth is the trio here?

It's more like how in the hell do they know where I live?

I was to shock to comprehend what was going on and me being me, I slightly opened the door.

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