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I Think This Belongs To You

You know how you do something really stupid and you don't notice until a few seconds later? Well that's how I'm feeling right now when I decided to twist to door knob and pull the door open.

The trio were bunched up at my door step shoving each other trying to make room for their broad shoulders. They stopped abruptly when my small figure appeared at the door and all they did was...... stare. I tapped my chipped fingernails against the door frame, bitting my bottom lip hard. Tims smirk flashed across my mind and I quickly released my lip. I waited for one of them to speak but they stayed silent. Maybe they wanted to hurt me for ruining Blakes shirt. I knew they wouldn't let me off the hook that easily. Drew shoved Blake forwards and I flinched at the sudden movement.

I could feel the nerves kicking in and the silence was killing me.

What if that monster comes?

My eyes widened in fear and I whipped my head towards the road, anxious about seeing that monsters car. Everything I do is like a ticking bomb and I can never be relaxed without thinking about that monster.

"I think this belongs to you" a voice mumbled. I stared dumbfounded at the out stretched hand that held my wallet. What the hell? I slowly retrived my wallet from Blakes giant hands and threw it inside the house. There was nothing in it anyway.

"So.... you're not here to hurt me" I asked, looking towards the road again. Drew let out a goofy smile and raised his arm and wrapped it around Chase neck. I shrinked back into the door, not in control of my reactions. If they noticed they didn't say anything.

"Now why would we do such a thing?" Chase questioned. Again, I stared at them dumbfounded. This wasn't weird at all.

"I uh...... Blakes shirt?" My answer came out more like a question and I mentally slapped myself. Blake looked down at me and frowned.

"It's just a damn shirt" he mummered. I didn't know what to say and If I did I wouldn't have said anything. Instead I slowly nodded my head backing up into the house to close the door and end the conversation.

"These guys are to chicken to ask but I'm honestly curious", Drew started, "what happened to your face?"

I froze mid step and glared at him. I could feel my hands clam up and my face heat up. I pulled my hair over my ears, an anxious feeling washing over. Can't they just leave me alone? I cleared my throat hoping to get rid of the quiverness.

"That's none of your business. If you don't mind me asking, how did you know where I live?" My voice came out harsher than I wanted it too but I was to distracted to even care. How much longer do I have before that monster comes back home?

Blake took a step back, the guys following his lead. It wasn't until now that I finally took in my surroundings. Their car was parked into our driveway and they were still wearing what they had on from the the parlor, only it looks like Blake just threw on a jacket, probably to cover up the stain.

"Your address was in your wallet." He told me still looking at my cheek.

My face automatically heated up again out of embarrassment. I guess my wallet wasn't empty. I then remembered what he asked me about Tim in the parlor. letting out a small sigh and looking at Blake, I shook my head. He raised an eyebrow probably in confusion.

"It wasn't Tim-" before I could finish my sentence, I saw a car pulling up towards the side of the house. Oh fuck.

"Guys you need to get inside" I panicked.

Chase glanced at the car then back to me.


It was only a matter of seconds before whoever was here will come walking up the steps. I know it's not the monsters car beacase we don't own a truck.

Wait a truck?

I watched as the truck pulled over and I immediately knew who it was.


Of all times to come why now?

"Guys seriously please just get inside. He'll kill me if he found out you were here!" I quickly shut my jaw shut as the words sunked in. That wasn't suppose to come out. I wasn't referring to Alex, but to that monster. If Alex sees anyone here, he will surely tell the monster. And if that monster finds out......

Drew and Chase both looked over to Blake who was staring at me. All of a sudden I felt very very stupid. Who the hell was I, a stranger, to be asking them to waltz into my home. But I was desperate and Blake didn't make any move to coming inside. I let out a shaky breathe and yanked my sleeves over my hands. I watched in horror as Alex walked towards us, sending a questioning gaze towards me. The guys backed off from the porch and stood at the pavement. My heart felt like it was about to rip out of my chest and I suddenly had the urge to pee.

"What are they doing here?" Alex voice came out scratchy and I could only imagine he had a smoke before coming here.

He stared at the guys, no doubt knowing who they are, and stood in front of me. Alex hardly ever goes to school these days. It wasn't until a couple of months ago did his attendance start to drop. I repeatedly reminded him how important it was for him to show up considering this was his last year of highschool, but it was no use. Apparently the trio just moved here at the beginning of the year yet already everybody knows them and the trouble they've caused.

Of course Alex didn't use to know about the trio since he always missed school, but Grant has said a huge amount of things about the trio to Alex, so he has an idea of them. Although this is his first time actually facing the guys, even if Grant has pointed them out the many few times Alex showed up for school.

I gently tugged at his arm not wanting this to go on any further. I just wanted the guys to leave. Blake eyed him almost daring him to say anything else. I didn't want shit happening right now so I quickly intervene the stare down between Alex and Blake.

"They were just leaving. They uh, were returning a book from school" I lied. Alex siffly nodded, returning his attention back towards me. I knew that he knew that I was lying. I could never keep anything from him. I picked at my nails and waited for something to happen.

"Where's Samuel. I have these papers he wanted me to drop off." It wasn't until then that I noticed the yellow folder he was holding in his hands.

"He's not here."

He glanced down at his wrist watch and raised an eyebrow. My nerves were kicking in again but I still managed to keep a straight face.

"Isn't it a little late for you to be staying home alone this late?"

I ran my tongue across my lips feeling the small bump from biting on it to hard earlier. Clearing my throat, not trusting my voice, I quietly answered

"It was an emergency. Something about the case he's working on, but he'll be home soon. I'll take those." I reached for the folder in his hands but he pulled his arm back giving me a hard look. I swallowed hard reaching for them again only to have him pull them away again.

"It's fine I'll just tell him you came by" I pressed. He couldn't come inside the house. It still needed some cleaning to do, more shards of glass to be cleaned up.

"I have no problem waiting for Samuel to get home."

I suddenly felt self-conscious knowing the guys were still here, especially with Blakes eyes never leaving me face, and I wasn't the only person who noticed. Alex slightly glared at Blake and Chase got the hint.

"Well, don't leave your wall- uh book in class next time. We should get going."

Drew and Chase started to walk away when Blake finally spoke up.

"Was it him? Did he do that to your face." His question was directed to me and he gestured his hands towards Alex. I froze in my spot and stared at him with wide eyes.


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