A Child's Worst Nightmare

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Family Drama

"Why do I have to get a job?" Kamryn asked

"Because I am a hard-working mother pregnant with your brother! If you don't want to help then just leave me to raise him by myself." Her mother said in anger

Kamryn was 14 at the moment and did not think that any job would just hire a middle schooler randomly. It was just the beginning of summer break,and Kamryn didn't want to have to spend her entire summer break to help somebody she didn't care about.

"I don't even care about him anways,all you wanted was something more than dad. All because 1 isn't enough for you." Kamryn said yelling.

When Kamryn's dad,Dallas, found out that Kamryn's mom,Claire, was pregnant, Dallas and Claire got divorced soon after. Kamyrn had just turned 14 when they divorced, so they left the decision up to her over which parent she wanted to stay with. Kamryn wanted to stay with her dad because her mom was in the wrong for cheating on her dad. But Claire wasn't having it and forced Kamryn to help her raise the baby.

"I hope you go to hell when you die!" Kamryn said shouting.

"That is no way to talk to your mother!" Claire shouted back

As the arguing continued back and forth between the two,Claire then noticed what happened.

"I think my water just broke." Claire announced while shaking.

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