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Ryan Tereshchenko has graduated from Ohio University and now has a teaching job in Sendai, Japan. He enjoys his job and his daughter loves living in Japan. Aside from a troublesome coworker his life is going well but his biggest fight for survival blindsides him but it also turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Rylan Sato
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"In the middle of the journey of our life
I found myself astray in a dark wood
where the straight road had been lost."

-Dante’s Inferno

Hondashina Elementary School

Sendai, Japan

September 1, 2009

Ryan walked Yeon Tae to school on her first day before he drove to his own school. As they walked down the street leading up to the school, Ryan inconspicuously glanced at several passing attractive women. He wondered if they had children at his daughter’s school or if they were single and just happened to be passing by. Ever since returning to Japan, he had been on the look out for a woman that could be his future wife. They stopped at a crosswalk. Waiting on the other side was a woman that had caught his eye. He had a hard time looking away. Thankfully, the distance of the crosswalk allowed him to look at her while appearing to look straight. He hoped she didn’t have eagle eye vision where she could distinctly see he was staring at her.

She was dressed in business attire which Ryan assumed meant she was an office worker of some sort. The light changed to allow them to cross. As they got closer her obsidian eyes locked onto his for a brief moment before he quickly looked away. He felt her hold the stare until it was impossible for her not to turn her head.

Shit, she was hot.

He turned his head back to take another glance after he decided a safe amount of time had passed so he wouldn’t get caught. He admired her slender figure and had curves of her chest. The woman’s trench coat went down to the back of her thighs, blocking his view of her ass that was probably nice sized and could fit in his hands.

They reached the gate where other students were entering. They all stared at the pair of foreigners approaching the school. Standing next to the gate was a woman in her fifties. She smiled once she caught sight of Yeon Tae and her father.

“Welcome to Hondashina Elementary School,” she said in English. Her accent was thick but it didn’t stop Ryan from understanding her. It was clear she didn’t use English often. Yeon Tae said goodbye to her father before being escorted inside. Ryan watched her until she disappeared around the corner. Now he had to head to his school for his own first day.

Aoba Higashi Elementary School

Sendai, Japan

Ryan stared out at the sea of black heads from the stage. The students of Aoba Higashi Elementary School stared in wonder at the foreigner before them. His Japanese was weird and his English was even weirder. He was the second English teacher they’ve had this year. The previous one left without warning. A member of Ryan’s company joined him today to apologize for the actions of the previous ALT.

There were no English classes on the first day so there wasn’t much for him to do. Nikko Kusagawa, the Japanese English teacher, was at another school for the first day. She oversaw the English activities of four different schools, three of which had ALTs. The other ALTs had their own school and then combined their efforts for the other school. Ryan didn’t teach at the other school as he was also assigned to a high school near the beach which was on the other side of the city. He spent the latter half of the week there. He had to introduce himself all over again on Thursday.

“I will see you again on Thursday,” Miyu said getting into her car. Miyu was his coordinator that served as a liaison between the school and the company. Helping Ryan adjust to life in Japan and in any other way was also part of her job.

“Yep and we get to do this all over again on Thursday,” Ryan said. Miyu spoke decent English but nuances in Ryan’s speech were lost on her. “I do have one question. Why did the other ALT leave?”

Miyu looked around and stepped closer to Ryan. “Do you remember a question we asked you during your interview? About dealing with a co-worker who gave you trouble?” Ryan nodded. “That ALT and Kusagawa-sensei didn’t get along and she left because of her.”

“Really? She seemed nice enough to me when I first met her. Granted, I haven’t worked with her yet.”

“Just let me know if you have any problems.”

Pacific Sports Center

Sendai, Japan

Ryan entered the small gym while his daughter took swimming lessons downstairs. He hopped onto one of the treadmills to at least warm up while he decided what else he could do. The gym was no where as close to the size of the one at OU but it had enough. He glanced to the woman next to him and he damn near fell off his machine. It was the hot woman he passed the other day while taking Yeon Tae to school. He was able to get a better view of her body. As he assumed earlier, her ass was nice sized and could fit in his hands. While her sports bra did compress her breasts to hold them in place as she ran, he could still tell they were bigger than average for an Asian woman. What impressed him the most was her clearly defined abs. He could probably cut himself on them just as he could with her jawline. He did his best to play off his reaction but he felt it was too late. The woman continued to jog at half speed while Ryan gathered himself. She made no reaction as though she hadn’t noticed him. He casually glanced at her machine monitor to see her level while darting his eyes to her body. Ryan upped his speed to match hers.

What do I do? Just talk to her? Do I talk to her? I don’t want to be a creepy guy at the gym. The fuck should I do?

The woman casually turned her head and finally acknowledged Ryan as if she just realized he was there. She gave him a friendly smile. He smiled and nodded to her.

“You look familiar,” she said.


“I don’t know,” she said. “There’s just something familiar,” she said.

Ryan shrugged. “I’m not sure.”


“Maybe we just passed each other on the street or something,” she said.

“That might be it,” he said. “I’m Ryan.”

“I’m Haruna.”

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