The Girl with Silver Hair

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'I watched her. I've seen her die right in front of me. How can this be possible?' Arden thought to himself, in the midst of panic, and watched the girl in front of him take such a blow to the head. For Arden Kennedy, he was just a regular high school student. Popular with the ladies and the star quarterback, everyone adored him, but suddenly, feels out of place. Adopted into a rich home, his parents set aspirations for his future and the city of Britannia. Until he stumbled across an anomalous girl. For El, she lived in poverty, until she met a strange man and stripped her away from the outside world. Experimented and trapped, she was just another one of his projects to use. Suddenly, with the plan of escape, she came across a high school student. Taken under Arden's care, he slowly discovers who El is, all while slowly unveiling her darkest past. *** Copyright infringement. All rights reserved.

Drama / Fantasy
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“Dude,” a teenage boy named Chadwick rushed forward to where Arden was standing. His physical stature showed intimidation, but not for Chad. As his best friend, he knew what was behind the reserve, intimidating, boy-next-door façade that Arden portrayed. “did you hear that Callen is now available?”

Typical Chad. Arden thought.

He always had it in him for setting me to date the most available girls in Ashford High. It was dead obvious because I was the star quarterback, but was it really necessary to look for a girlfriend right now?

Arden sighed, “Dude, you’ve been trying to get into Callen’s panties, ever since the eighth grade. Give it up.”

“Dude,” Chad pressed Arden into getting involved with something that shouldn’t be involved. “She had a boob job since the eighth grade, and those double D’s are fine as hell. You know it. You’ll be out of your mind if you don’t go up there and tap that ass.” He winked, promising that Arden should get his chance on hooking up with the school’s slut.

Girlfriends were the last thing that Arden needed. His father wouldn’t approve, even if he started thinking about girls and started lacking in school.

“No,” he said in confidence. This made Chad upset to hear the rejection. Arden was definitely confident in his decision to refuse on dating Callen, the school slut. She was the type of girl, who searched for the ‘it’ guy and then would dump them for another guy. Arden wasn’t dumb to fall for her tricks; he wasn’t even impressed with her appearance.

Chad shrugged, “Pfft, do you know that she totally wants you? She wants you so badly, man. I’m so jealous right now.” In desperation, his testosterone levels increased, showing off the bulge that was pressed against his uniform pants. Arden tried to avoid as much as possible.

“Oh, Arden,” it was Callen’s voice that sang towards their direction. It alerted Chad, and he was the first to flirt back with Callen. To Arden, he dismissed the school harlot. “Hey, babe, how is it going?” she pushed her double D’s together, showing how perky they were. Arden was on the verge of vomiting after seeing her show those fake breasts. Chad was already tranced into her spell. He was doomed for.

I lost him.

“Sup, girl?” he flirted. Callen looked at Chad at disgust.

Arden kept his calm stature.

Real smooth, man.

Coming from a prepubescent teenager, Chad was definitely showing impressions to get her laid.

“Hi Chad,” and then she immediately dismissed the existence of Chad. Her rude attitude made it comical for Arden to witness. “Arden,” she sang his name. “Are you coming to my party that I’m throwing tonight?” she begged with those flirtation eyes. It was more like desperation scribbled across her forehead.

Again, I’m trying not to vomit.

“Dude, you should totally go!” Chad said in excitement. Arden didn’t take any time to ponder. If he wanted to go, he would reconsider, but he really didn’t want to go.

Maybe it was the explicit boner that you’re developing.

“Yeah, we can definitely go, right, Arden?” Chad asked for approval.

Arden shook his head, not wanting to change his mind.

“Sorry, I was only inviting Arden,” Callen told Chad the upsetting news. Chad frowned after he heard the rejection. “I don’t really do plus one.”

“C’mon, man, please just say ‘yes’ to this party. I’ve been wanting to start this school year with a bang!” Chad begged, and in his voice, there was a hint of desperation and aggravation in it.

“What’s it going to be, Ardey-poo?” she teased, still flaunting her bosoms towards Arden. The nickname was unnecessary. “Are you coming?”

The feeling of her scaly fingers that ran up and down Arden’s arm made him more uneasy. She had those fake nails, dyed in fuchsia pink. Girls could easily depict the difference in colors, unlike boys, they could only see basic colors.

“No thanks.” He dismissed by rejecting the offer, making sure that he was never asked. Her lips pouted, sadden to hear the rejection from him. “I have a football game after school, and I’ll be tired when I get home. Also, my parents want me to catch a movie with them.” He fibbed, but he hoped that the stupid reason would push her away.

“Oh, it’s okay, Arden, I totally understand.” She batted her eyes, and then pulled out her smartphone, dialing the numbers on her keypad. “Hello? Oh, hi, Mr. Kennedy. This is Callen – Mr. Gilligan’s daughter. Yeah, I’m here talking to your son…” she trailed.

“Fine,” Arden caved. “I’ll attend to your stupid party.”

Callen squealed after she ended the call. It was one of her smart tactics for someone to give Callen what she wanted, and Arden was on her dinner list. She was very infamous for her parties. With her parents practically absent throughout her adolescent years, they weren’t there to teach her any morals in life, but she was still a smart girl.

Albeit from being a slut, she also tried to keep her grades up in order for her to stay in the cheerleading squad. “See you at the party, babe!” she squealed, as she rushed towards the building.

Babe? I’m not even dating you.

They were standing outside of the building, where the students have their lunch and was close to the food court as their cafeteria.

Chad stood there and was utterly lost for words. “Did you see that?”

“What?” asked Arden.

“She invited you to her party.” Chad was breathless; speechless to see that his friend was invited to the most famous parties of the year, and it was Callen’s. Arden wasn’t too impressed by the fact that he was going, because he wasn’t planning on it. He just accepted to go, just for Callen to shut up. “Dude, you have to let me tag along.”

“Why?” he asked, again, but more curiously.

“Because she is totally available for a bang.” Chad wiggled his eyebrows, which made it more awkward. “She wants you.”

Arden rolled his eyes. “I only agreed to go, because she wouldn’t shut up, and she dragged my father into this conversation.”

“Whatever dude,” Chad pressed. “You still got invited, and you have to bring me.”

“Why don’t you go to the party by yourself? You could go for me, and tell me how awesome her party truly is.” Arden was tired of this conversation since it was going nowhere. Arden had more imperative things to do, and having this conversation about a random high school party wasn’t it.

Chad moved quickly towards Arden, “Please? If she doesn’t see you, she’ll know that you ditched and your father will definitely know.”

This girl will go through all lengths to find me.

Saved by the bell, Arden walked away from the prepubescent teenager. “See you later, man.” He waved, trying not to vomit from the image of Callen and her uncontrollable hormones.

Arden continued to walk inside, and through the halls, he spotted a couple of girls who showed interest towards him. Everyone dressed the same, even though this school had a strict dress code: school uniforms. Even with uniforms, everyone was living the same, mundane life. There was no spontaneity in this world.

Where was it, anyway?

He hated the system that was going on in Britannia. He was raised in the Kennedy household. His father held a powerful position in the Britannia counsel. His mother, Cristine Kennedy, was also in the Britannia counsel. She became the Speaker of the House. Both parents were strong independents. However, he felt out of place; felt like he didn’t belong in the family.

There was his baby sister, Mallory. She was only two grades lower than Arden. Mallory didn’t even feel like a sister; more like a chore for Arden. He had his trusty butler, named Sebastian, who was always watchful for Arden and his intentions. He had promised that Arden’s intentions should be good and true to himself.

There were also maids around the house, helping and keeping the house in perfect order.

Arden grimaced. The female population in his school were swarming towards his direction. Every girl wanted Arden because he was an enigma with a rough exterior.

“Arden,” one girl squealed and waved at him, trying to grasp his attention.

“Arden,” another followed.

“Hey, Arden,” it was a constant attention buzz for Arden, and he hated it. He never knew why he didn’t like it, but the exception of being wanted felt liberating.

Why all of a sudden am I being swarmed by women?

He tried his best to ignore them, but it was too unbearable. More girls waved at Arden after another, and it wouldn’t stop. He was tired of being Arden Kennedy of this school. Just for once, he’d like to be normal and live in its normal glory. However, he had it all: a wealthy family, loving friends, popularity, body figure, and intelligence.

“Arden, boy!” it was Principal Withers who was approaching Arden. It startled him because he was unaware that the principal of this school would speak to him. “Good morning, young man. How is your father?”

Principal Withers and Benjamin Kennedy were best friends, ever since high school. One was the wild type and the other was the serious type. He couldn’t tell which one was which but he didn’t care.

Arden forced a smile, “He’s good, thanks for asking.”

The conversation sounded immediate since Arden was trying to get away from all of these people.

“Sounds wonderful!” he exclaimed, eager to hear the good news. “Tell him that we expect him at our dinner party that will be coming up. I’ll keep him posted for more details.”

Does this look like it's my business?

The conversation ran short, so Principal Withers had more important things to do. Arden tried his very best to stay punctual to get to class. He watched Principal Withers walk down the other direction of the hallway. Immediate relief swarmed through his body. The short time of loneliness was going to be missed, dearly.

Suddenly, Mallory grabbed Arden’s attention.

“Big brother!” it was Mallory, who jumped onto Arden’s body. The little rambunctious sister that was Mallory exclaimed at the sight of seeing her brother. “Big brother, why didn’t you stop for me back at the bus station? I was so scared!” Mallory cried while she held onto her brother. Arden felt suffocated.

He couldn’t remember leaving his sister at any bus station unless it happened a couple of weeks ago. They had to take the bus, so they could take the subway. It was better transportation between the two, because Arden had a motorcycle, and he wasn’t taking his sister with his bike.

“Mom will be so mad at you!”

“What do you want, Mallory?” he asked annoyed.

“Do me a favor, and I’ll dismiss the bus incident.” Mallory knew how to play her cards. Devious as she was, her brother could be immediately in trouble.

He sighed, “What favor?” he sounded very agitated.

“I told Haley’s mom that she’ll be staying with me at our place, and she told my mom that I’ll be over at their house.” Mallory’s problem instantly became Arden’s problem.

“Why do you always include me into your shenanigans?” he asked, still annoyed by his sister.

“If I tell Mom that you ditched me back at the bus station, she’ll be furious!”

This was a trap, Arden. Don’t listen to her.

Arden rolled his eyes, “Fine, what do you want me to do?”

Mallory smiled, happily, that her brother finally conceded on her end of the deal. “I’m so happy that you’ve decided to be a trooper! I need you to take me and Haley to a party that Lucas Graham is attending. He invited me, and he is totally hot.”

“You’re not supposed to attend high school parties, especially when boys are involved,” Arden warned. This made Mallory upset.

“I know,” she huffed, crossed her arms across her chest. “I know, but please, can you just take us. I promise Mom and Dad won’t notice.”

Great, my whole teenage life is ruined by my sister.

“Please,” Mallory continued begging, and batted her eyes, pretended that there was nothing wrong in attending an innocent party. “I will do whatever you want after you do this.”

“Fine,” he grunted. “I’ll take you.”

Mallory’s blue eyes sparkled. She looked like she won the lottery and was going to the casino, as she was going to spend all the money on stupid stuff. Arden wasn’t really pleased with himself, agreeing to take his sister to a party that could end up badly.

“Great,” she squealed and then gave her brother a squeezed hug. “You’re the greatest!”

What did I do?

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