The Brothers

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what will happen when 16 year old Kate moves in to a mansion with her step father mark to live with her three step brothers and there mother.

Drama / Romance
Katie Fields
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When I was three years old my biological mother married Mark. But in that short marriage, Mark soon learned about my Mom’s bad habits. He divorced her taking me away from my awful mother making himself my legal guardian. I’m now 16, and today Mark and I will be moving into the Black family home. Two things Mark never told me were that first they very rich and second, the woman Mark married a week ago has three sons.

“Kate, wake up were here,” Mark said shaking me a little. We had to drive 30 minutes from our old house to get here. I looked out the car window at the huge house... no mansion in front of me. At the top of the steps was a woman most likely Mrs. black and three guys, two of them looked around my age maybe a year or two older, her sons probably. Though the third guy looked more like a butler than her son. I stepped out of the car and walked up the steps with Mark to the women, but before we made it to her she ran into marks arms kissing him like that scene from the notebook that one of my old friends made me watch. I quickened my pace to the top of the stairs. When I made it to the top, one of to guys held his hand for me to shake.

hey, I’m Ash and this is Noah” he said pointing a finger to the guy beside him. I then see the third guy from earlier is not there anymore I turn my head to see the guy pulling the suitcases out of the trunk of Mark’s car.

I turn back to them and say; “Hi, I’m Kate... aren’t there suppose to be three of you?” I said. Noah speaks up “Yeah but most likely you won’t see him without his girlfriend Amber. It is best to not hang around them when she is here...” he moves a bit closer to me “between you and me she a bit of a bitch”, “that is a bit of an understatement “Ash chuckled out. they both straighten up and when I turn around there mom and Mark are behind me. ” your Kate right?” asked. “um yes...” I answered unsure of what I did as she looked me like you would to a piece of gum on her shoe. ” you can call me Cora or...” she looked to Mark “Mrs.Harp” Mark smiled a little “I will just call you Cora”. There was no way I was calling her Mrs harp, Harp is Mark’s last name and even though I did not take the name I don’t like the idea of calling her that. “Ash... Noah show... Kate around and to her room” she commanded “Yes ma’am” they say in unison. They both turn and walk inside with me right behind.

“Is she always like that?” I asked trying to match their paces as they turn the corner they stop to look st me “that would be her at her nice” Noah said. Ash follows with:” yeah just do what she says and you will be fine” “What do you mean by that I asked but they did not answer. Ash put his hand on my back to direct me forward to a massive grand staircase. “WOW” I stated and they both stare at me then shared a chuckle. We walked up the stairs and to my right and left are rows of double doors as tall as the ceilings almost, the floor looked to be marble and there was gold scattered around the house on the doorknobs and floor trimming. Ash pointed to the hallway on the right: “the bedrooms are this way”. we skipped two doors down as they were guest rooms and had no interest to me. “Ash’s room is to the right of yours and mine is to the left and across the hall” he pointed to the room behind him “is Liam’s room” and almost on cue a loud thud sounds in Liam room then you can hear a bed start to creak.

Ash turns to me: “OOOKKKK... . so we will head to the study now” ” yep great idea” Noah stated ushering me away from that hallway. Now in the study, Noah takes his hand away from me. “wow... OK.. anything else I should be warned about?” I say, not knowing what else to say ” yeah sorry about that, he kind of a dick some times he knew you were coming today but still let Amber come over” Noah said. wait when you say still let her come, she just strolls in whenever she wants?” I ask with eyebrows raised. Ash responses: “Yes pretty much, are mom loves her so much she even gave her a key to the house.“. “Anyways enough about that you should be going to your school what grade are you?” Ash asks. “sophomore” I state OK “I’m a grade above you and Noah is a senior” I raise a brow and look to the door “OH...and the man whore down the hall in college first-year” Ash laughs out. Noah and I start laughing “did you just call our brother a man whore?” Noah asks still laughing “seems fitting for the fact that Amber practically lives here she comes over so much,” Ash says taking a pause” it will be nice to have a girl here that isn’t so bitchy” Ash Finished say

“I thank you I think,” I say after that, we all start laughing.

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