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A widow tries to get over her grief of her husband. When one day a golden haired cat shows up out of the bushes in her back yard and decides to keep him and calls him Angel and she realizes Angel is what she needs in her life but she suddenly noticed that there is something different about Angel but she does not know what all she knows is that she needs him in her life.

Drama / Romance
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Angel comes into my life

I am a widow Louise thought. I still can't believe you passed away George and all Louise thought about was George. All I want is to move on but the pain of missing you is so strong. George was a loving husband he would always care for me and buy me stuff he always would buy me things. He loved me so very much. He would do anything for me. I was everything to him. Louise knew George would want her to move on. It is hard to move on when your spouse dies. Sometimes you get to the point that you do not even know if you can go on.

Believe me i got there and I thought i could not move on. Here i was. A widower at only 25 years old. It is so hard to move on when your spouse passes away. Louise knew she had to move on.

Until one morning she was busy weeding and out of the bushes came this blonde haired beauty of a cat came running out at me and I noticed right away that he had not ate in quite a while. I look at the woods beyond my home and wonder if he had been living there for a while. If he was it was almost impossible for him to still be alive.

I sat beside him and realized he was blind in one eye but the eye was healed as if someone took care of him for a bit until his eye healed. i looked him straight in the eye and asked him how he had made it. He just looked up at me and gave a sad meow. I ran into the house and immediately give him some water and some chicken I had in the fridge. Louise knew there was something different about him. Just did not know what. Maybe you are just suppose to be someone special to someone. Louise decided that day to keep him. I guess you have a home now Louise replies. Angel looks up and gives Louise a happy meow. I think I will call you Angel.

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