The "Sluts" POV

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Ava Montgomery is a woman who does what, and who, she wants whenever she wants. She is often viewed as the "slut" and the "villain" but follow along to view her side of the story and her reasonings behind what she does. Will she find true love? Will she finally settle down? Only time will tell. ~Editing in process~

Drama / Romance
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Every short story, book, and movie have a villain. Or a clingy ex that turns out to be a slut or completely bat shit crazy that tries to do something insane like kill the protagonist to get the guy. The girl that sleeps around with every guy in town and dresses in the skimpiest clothing, typically some sort of high ranking Barbie doll brat that uses her body to get where she wants to be in life.

Now I’m not giving an excuse to sleep around, hell I don’t even have a decent one. But being that I meet all the requirements to be that girl, I would like to defend my image, or at least shine some light on those that could use the knowledge.

In psychology, they say that when someone is acting out, bullying or even being overly sexually active, that it is one of a few things. Either it is a cry for help, an output for their pent-up emotions, or it is a reflection on what has happened to them and how they view themselves. Now, not saying that it is completely off, hell, matter of fact its fucking damn close. But most people think the wrong thing about me. They think I'm some misunderstood girl with no idea how to control my emotions or actions. Well they are wrong.

I’ve been to my fair share of psychologist who has tried and failed to figure me out. I never fully open up to them however, mostly because I don’t have the time or patience or even the need for someone to completely understand me and the reasons behind what I do. It’s simply none of their damn business. I’m merely just a paycheck to them, if I’m going to tell my story it’s going to be on my own time and in my own way.

So that is what I'm intending to do. That is why I, Ava Montgomery, am about to tell you my story. So prepare yourself for the fucked up world that is my life.

***This story does involve graphic sex scenes!***

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