The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 9

Sean and I have just finished having mind blowing sex for the first time in years and I’m not positive what exactly it is that I’m feeling. I wanted to think I’d just get another little taste of him and be done with it all, but I just want to keep doing it over and over again.

Lost in thought over it all, Sean kissed my head and squeezed me to his chest. “You have no idea how many times I’ve pictured you back in my bed, Ava.” Biting my lip, I think I had an idea because he has constantly been on my mind over the years.

I remained silent until he tilted my head up to look at him, stroking my jaw with his thumb. “Ava baby, what is going on in that mind of yours?” I sighed. “Honestly, I’ve thought about you a lot too, Sean.” He smiled at me. Not a cocky smile, not a teasing smile, but a real genuine fucking smile and it made butterflies erupt in my tummy.

He is so good looking I don’t even think he understands the effect he has on me. Well maybe he does because he did just have me screaming out his name a few minutes ago. But still. Even I’m at a loss at the way I react to him. “Good. That will make what I want to do a lot easier."

Tilting my head, "And what exactly do you want to do?" I asked. He smirked, rolling back on top of me, pressing his hardening cock against my thigh. Nibbling on my collarbone, his hands traced the curves of my body down to my thighs where he hiked my legs over his waist and entered me in one swift motion. Moaning out, I tangled my hands in his hair, and moved in sync with him.

"I want to fuck you over and over again. I want you to scream out my name, so you don't forget it. And I want you to remember that only I can make you feel this good." Moaning into his ear, he picked up his pace, lifting my leg up over his shoulder and bending forward, slamming into me at a different angle. I was losing control and I could feel that he was too. "Oh, Sean! FUCK!"

"Ava baby, yes!" He groaned. At this point I was clawing his back, I'm sure leaving marks, but it felt so damn good, I couldn't care. Grabbing behind his neck, I pulled his face down so I could claim his lips and moan into his mouth as we both reached our climax.

The morning came quickly with Sean and I spending the majority of the night having sex. Waking up beside him, gave me deja vu. He looked so cute with his hair tousled and his mouth slightly ajar. Sneaking quietly out of bed without waking him was a challenge. Sometime during the night, we tangled our legs together like a pretzel and he was half laying on me. Nevertheless, I managed to get up without waking him.

In the bathroom I did my morning business, and walked out picking up Sean's discarded shirt and pulling it on. Heading out of the bedroom, I searched for the kitchen. Now normally I would have been searching for my clothes and heading out the door but the fact that this guy happens to be someone I'm working for now, I didn't think that would be too smart. So I'm settling on making breakfast and thinking up what I'm going to say to him.

I pull pancake mix out of the cabinet and get to work. I guess I could tell him something along the lines of 'Hey, thanks for the dick down, it was great, but we should keep this professional from now on.' No that doesn't sound right. Maybe something like, ' I really enjoyed our time together but....' But what Ava. Damn it. I can't say I don't want to keep fucking him because I do. He is so good with his hands... His mouth... His dick.

Focus. Maybe I could just act like it never happened. That could possibly work. I mentally roll my eyes at myself. Great. Im getting really good at just avoiding my problems. First with Evan and him asking me if I want more, and now with this. Sleeping with Sean and not knowing what to do or say next. I think I need to talk to Liam. He normally has really good advice.

Finishing up breakfast and turning the stove off, I let out a yelp when I felt a pair of hands on my waist. Spinning around I put a hand over my heart. "You about gave me a heart attack, Sean." He chuckled pulling me up against him. "I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd still be here so I got excited seeing you, in my shirt no less."

His eyes scanned over my body appreciatively before he bends to kiss my lips lightly. I decided to clarify why I really stayed. "I just didn't think it was smart to just disappear the morning after since we are working together now." A smile played on his lips as he responded playfully. "Ava baby, you don't have to lie. I know why you stayed."

Lifting me up, he placed me gently on the counter, stepping in between my legs. I couldn't stop the giggles that left my lips as he started tickling my sides. "S-Stop. P-Please!" I tried to worm my way out of his grasp but it wasn't working. Feeling myself start to get dizzy I wrapped my legs around him and brought him to me, to grab ahold of his manhood gently but firmly. His fingers immediately stopped their torture and he just stared at me with lust filled eyes. His dick twitching under my hold.

Finding the small part of my brain that was trying to tell me sleeping with him anymore would be stupid, I let him go and pushed him back. "Breakfast is ready." Grabbing the plates I set them down at the table while he went and grabbed a bottle of syrup and the butter out of the fridge.

We found ourselves in small talk during breakfast. I learned that he has a degree in business and management and also finance. He also owns about a dozen other hotels around all the major vacation spots. I told him about my degree and how Liam and I came to living here together. When I asked where he was residing he told me that wherever he is building a new hotel he finds an apartment that is fully referbished to rent nearby. So he isn't really staying anywhere permanent.

After breakfast I get dressed back into my own clothes and head for the door. "Hey, let me drive you home." Sean called out, coming down the hall throwing a shirt on. "No, that's okay. I can call for an uber." Grabbing my hand dragging me behind him, he picked up his keys from the table by the door, and walked out of the apartment. "Nonsense. I can drive you."

Giving in, I let him pull me along with him down to his very nice black car. Once inside, I gave him directions to my place that actually wasn't to far away from his. Besides the directions, we were both quiet and in our own thoughts. I really hope the fact we spent the night together won't make work awkward. I'm sure it won't, Sean seems like a pretty easy guy to get along with. He also doesn't seem like the type of guy that lets his personal life effect his work, so that will be good.

Noticing we were outside my place, I unbuckled my seatbelt. "Thank you for the ride." I smiled at him. He gave a breathtaking smile back and grabbed my hand. "Ava, I want to assure you that whatever this is will not effect our work together. With that being said, I want to see you again." Biting my lip, what the hell am I suppose to say to that. He basically squashed all my worries with that sentence and asked me out again.

Clearing my throat, I said the first thing that came to mind. "Okay. Text me sometime." Before hopping out of the car and into my apartment. Getting to my room, I quickly changed out of what I was wearing and laid down on my bed. Thinking about everything that has happened in the last 24 hours, when a thought occurred to me.

Shit, Sean doesn't have my number.

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